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Comment As with everything... (Score 1) 36

Blame it on the Germans. Apparently some Germans took what had already been common in factories since the industrial revolution and perfected it for office environments during the 1950s. PHBs everywhere have been frothing from the neck ever since.

Interestingly, the 'advantages' section of the Wikipedia page for open plan offices simply states "This section requires expansion". That's it? Nothing? The collective intellect of the entire internet population, after so many years, can't even think of with one little advantage? I pity the fool who tries to put me into an open plan office.

Comment Re:Immaterial (Score 1) 46

Lucky bastard. I nearly got fired/redundant/pushed out last month. Unfortunately three big contracts came in simultaneously and they must have mistakenly thought I desperately wanted to put up with more of my managers crap, so they kept me. I was looking forward to a long holiday, seeing family, fixing things around the house, doing some gardening, bit of coding... actual meaningful stuff. Instead I have meetings, checking boxes, and office politics. Oh well, gives me time to save more money into my "fuck you too" fund for next time. Enjoy your free time. Any tips?

Comment Don't give anyone funny ideas (Score 1) 65

It's a polite way of saying "stop putting crap in your resumes". Don't encourage people to do more of it ;-)

In all seriousness though, have you ever tried to analyse unstructured text? It's hard. How would you realistically improve it? Do you start with a preconceived list of technology key words and count them in the resumes? People misspell words. Words have multiple meanings depending on context. Technologies change and you might miss key words. Or you could count recent Stack Exchange topic tags, but that only shows the latest fads people are struggling with, not what they are being hired for. Survey a bunch of people about what they do at work? Too expensive. I think this is a really good start in spite of the limitations.

Comment Re:Depression subtypes (Score 1) 184

Being poor sucks, but being poor != depression. Depression doesn't discriminate based on wealth. Rich people have have problems too, just like the rest of us (family feuds, marriage problems, bills, poor health...). Having no job could lead to depression, but depression could just as likely make it hard to find or maintain a job. And you might find that having bucket loads of money doesn't solve all your problems the way you hope it will. It just pays off your old problems and buys you a new set of problems.

Comment Re:Why not nursing (Score 1) 490

I am aware of societal pressure, but I wonder if it's credited with more influence than it deserves. When I was a boy I wanted to be a steward working on aeroplanes. Everyone told me it was a women's job and I should become a pilot or something. I didn't care. Somehow I became a programmer when I grew up. I don't know why. Maybe it was subconsciously societal pressure that subverted my choice, or maybe it was the bad wages, long hours, frequent redundancies, and lack of career progress that did it. I have since seen many men working as stewards, so other men had the same idea I had, and have forged careers in a classically female dominated field. I admire them for it. In spite of that I won't become a steward, for now. I don't want to become a pilot either for similar reasons, and that is a stereotypical male job in the same industry. If I ever change my mind though, I doubt I would let stereotypes stop me.

Comment Why not nursing (Score 4, Interesting) 490

You could equally ask why men aren't flocking to careers in nursing, early childhood care, or beauty therapy. I suspect it has less to do with discrimination, and more to do with men just don't give a shit about those careers. Be it money, status, working conditions, whatever. Men don't want it. Same probably goes for women in technology, construction, and trades. I don't even care if there is a gender imbalance in nursing, early childhood care, or beauty therapy. I don't know any women who care either. But if I did care, I might find that balancing the male side of the equation in female dominated careers already half solves the female side if things in male dominated careers. Men are welcome to join female dominated careers, if they want. Women are welcome to join male dominated careers, if they want. If people don't want, then they don't want.

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