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Comment Re:Upscaling is BS (Score 1) 115

Are you basically saying to make pixels by averaging the color of the adjacent ones?

No, he isn't.

If its surprising to you that its possible to do better prediction of the missing information between the pixels of images than various kinds of interpolations (such as bilinear (aka "averaging" for 2x), bicubic, etc..), then its because you are wholly ignorant on the subject. Amazing that you jumped in to discuss a subject that you are wholly ignorant on.

If it were purely random data then your from-ignorance consideration of the subject would have some weight, but it isn't arbitrary data. Nobody spends their time looking at images of random data. The images we capture with photographic equipment have high degrees of coherence between neighboring scales (because thats the way the universe is,) and that necessarily includes the scales just above the Nyquist frequency.

Nobody is suggesting red dwarfs "enhance!" is possible, but a bit of upscaling can be done a lot better than simple interpolations.

Comment Re:TFA: "For the first time in recorded history... (Score 2) 292

Except ships at sea. And the Cat 4 storms probably sank them before they could get the word out.

Ships at see tried really hard not to be close enough to any storm to get any sort of grasp of the wind speed within. The captain didnt say "That storm on the horizon doesn't look that bad from here. Lets sail towards it." That sort of captain gets thrown overboard.

Even today our largest military ships sail directly away from major storms.

Comment Re:Blamestorming (Score 1) 292

Last night I had a conversation with someone about kitchen knives, and then just this afternoon I had ANOTHER conversation with a different person about kitchen knives. Two conversations on kitchen knives within 24 hours! That has never happened before. Sure climate change is to blame for it.

There was a report in 1850 about a man who had a conversation about kitchen knives. Clearly we have detailed records of kitchen knife conversations going back hundreds of years!

Comment Re:Editors suck at their jobs (Score -1, Troll) 292

Bad assumption. There is storm data (and damn good data) going back to the 1850s.

Could be 2% of the storms. Could be 50% of the storms. Could be 98% of the storms.

Ok, now use your mighty math powers to compare storm frequency and intensity in 1850 with 2010.

You know what sailors did when there was a storm on the horizon in 1850? They sailed in the opposite fucking direction and sometimes outran the storm, and if they couldnt outrun the storm and it actually was a hurricane they fucking died right there in the ocean.

You know what sailors do today when there is a storm on the horizon in 2015? They still sail the opposite fucking direction.

No you ignorant twat, there really isnt fucking records. Scientists admit it. Why wont you?

Comment Re:Possible scenario. (Score 3, Funny) 292

We can easily compare frequencies and energy levels of events like storms to past measurements in order to see trends over time

80 years ago the only records for hurricanes was when they made landfall, and then only in the heavily populated areas of 1st world countries. If you were in a god damned ship you either sailed the opposite direction as the storm on the horizon or you fucking sank. "Captain, was it a hurricane?" .. "I don't know. I sailed away from it. I'm not fucking retarded."

We only started getting a respectable count of these storms after we started sending satellites up, about 50 years in total, and we still only get detailed reports (wind speeds, etc) on the ones that might hit populated areas.

Using your ignorant strategy, the spike in the number of hurricanes on record that began about 50 years ago is evidence of global warming instead of evidence of satellites.

Use your brain. Imagine it. 80 years ago most ships are still made of wood and are driven by sails. Even the largest ship ever built by that time was tiny by todays standards and would capsize in a hurricane with near certainty. And planes were still made of wood and driven by propellers. Even today our largest military warships, entire carrier battle groups, get the fuck out of the way of hurricanes because they dont want to fucking die. But seemingly in your fucking world detailed records of hurricanes go way back.

Ignorant fuck.

Comment Re:Yes, you've increased the precision (Score 1) 89

The precision isnt even all that much greater either.

In a 3D model, 8x resolution is just 2x along each axis. The summary (and possibly the article) makes it seem like they used to be very block but now its ultra sharp when in reality if it used to be 1km resolution now its 0.46km resolution.

Comment Re:No such thing as a free education (Score 1) 274

You largely misinterpret my words and you know that.

Maybe if you would say what you mean, instead of trying to leverage the dishonest ambiguity that only others of your kind keep insisting is normal, then people wouldnt "misinterpret" (as you call it) what you say so much.

Words have meaning.

What are your motives for ignoring the meaning of words? Are you just a lazy undisciplined communicator, or are you intentions less honest than being a lazy fuck?

Comment Re:Colleges are not for education (Score 2) 274

An educated populace is a social good. It doesn't have infinite value but the value is much more than zero which is what you seem to be proposing.

The conservatives are insanely focused on the value of specific education (see this discussion, hell see ANY discussion.) It is the liberals that actively want to just cast the concerns of value aside, waving their hands insisting that somehow obviously the value is greater than whats already spent and not surprisingly no matter how large the increases in education spending by the State, it is still somehow obvious to them that they should continue to ignore costs completely.

You are doing it right now. You admit that the value of any education is not infinite, but thats so damaging to your method of argument that you accuse the other side that they believe the value of any education is zero as if your accusations are a logical argument, and yet you have continued to not actually discuss what the value of any specific education actually is.

Society cannot feel its way to prosperity.

If you have to generalize to make your argument because specifics always seem to hurt it, its because its full of feels rather than thinks.

Comment Re:BMI/BMI2 (Score 3, Interesting) 53

Sure looks like it

From the errata:

Executing CPUID with EAX = 7 and ECX = 0 may return EBX with bits [3] and [8] set, incorrectly indicating the presence of BMI1 and BMI2 instruction set extensions.

Attempting to use instructions from the BMI1 or BMI2 instruction set extensions will result in a #UD exception.

and in the errata summary, its currently labeled NO FIX so they dont even have a fix that will trap the exception and emulate the instructions (which would perform terribly anyways... but hey, working is better than not working.)