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Comment: Just Nintendo? (Score 1) 146

Yeah, such a hack this game is. Now Halo of Duty: Vice City Brotherhood 17 -- that's where the REAL innovation is. I think Nintendo just gets the most crap for this because they've been the most successful for the longest period of time. Their major franchises actually see less frequent iterations than those for many other developers. And yes, some of those iterations even come with the occasional revolution in gameplay.

Comment: Re:DOS! (Score 1) 429

by RocketGuy3 (#37618224) Attached to: As a target for malware, my main computer is ...
Windows has its advantages (mostly all the software that's available for it), but I don't think anyone can deny that, generally speaking, it's a more vulnerable OS than Linux, Mac OS, etc. It's not even just that those latter alternatives have a smaller user base (although that's a very big consideration), but also that many of them have open-source kernels with some of the best programmers the world over patching them frequently. Besides which, the poll may have had some loaded options, but I think it was pretty tongue-in-cheek. No need to get all riled up and start fabricating hate for OSS.

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