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Comment: Re:Wrong question (Score 5, Insightful) 634

by Rhys (#46964091) Attached to: Why Scientists Are Still Using FORTRAN in 2014

There's actually significant upside.

Ever debugged a memory error in C? Ever done it when it is timing dependent? How about on 1024 nodes at once? Good luck opening that many gdb windows.

I TA'd the parallel programming class. I told the students (largely engineers & science, not CS) -- use fortran. Lack of pointers is actually a feature here.

Comment: Re:or 2 competing providers before an area loses P (Score 1) 449

by Rhys (#46614725) Attached to: WSJ: Prepare To Hang Up the Phone — Forever

Even though I'm in town I'm not sure I buy cell over POTS. I have this thing called a basement (actually, under the front porch, concrete coverage 90-95% on all 6 sides -- small wooden ceiling/floor at one end), and I live in the midwest, where hiding in it from tornadoes is a thing that we do. I also have a buried landline (won't get snapped by falling trees). As soon as the cell companies can get me signal in the bunker, then we can being the conversation about removal of the POTS line.

Barring that we can talk about other technologies that would substitute and fill a similar feature set. Buried FTTP would be an acceptable substitute. Sure, there's the power loss issue for signaling in a disaster event from my end (though that's a signal in and of itself), but I'm willing to take that burden and USPes aren't really that complex a technology nor that high a cost. For the sort of trouble expected here (tornado/wind damage), FTTP should be about as reliable as POTS.

Comment: Re:And at only 78,000 USD, it's a steal! (Score 4, Interesting) 110

Even if it wasn't 78k (and it isn't, they listed it at 3k if you RTFA) that is a steal if your compute load can actually extract the 8 Tflop from it -- assuming that's the 64-bit flop, not the 32-bit flop.

I mean, slightly under 10 years ago I know a big-10 university that paid 3000k for a cluster with less Tflops (around 7, but not all in one computation/network).

I guess I shouldn't be surprised, another few years that should be in laptops or phones.

Comment: Re:I'd rather donate to Child's Play (Score 1) 50

by Rhys (#45796351) Attached to: Video Games Charity Raises Over $10 Million

You must be talking about this random charity, since many child's play dontaions go straight to the hospital?

Or maybe you're too RTFA to catch FAQ #1 which says historically under 6% overhead? A couple quick web searches, hitting both the Washington Sec of State and one of the various charity rating places both point to similarly good numbers.

Comment: Re:Why (Score 2) 83

by Rhys (#43681859) Attached to: Ubuntu Touch Developers Aim for Daily Phone Usability Before June

I actually had it on my phone back in Feb. It wasn't awful. The lack of 3G data was all that got it removed and android put back on... for now, but I'll probably go back to it once I can get 3G data. I might miss my exchange calendar support, but I doubt that'll be long in appearing (who knows, I might even do that).

But I'm not a big app'er. I need a phone dialer, a tiny bit of sms, a web browser, gchat client, and preferably my corp exchange calendar (email optional). Gmail would be nice too but the browser version would fake it.

Comment: They'll get the job done... (Score 4, Interesting) 79

by Rhys (#43114683) Attached to: FTC Goes After Scammers Who Blasted Millions of Text Messages

Just like the did for lowering my credit card rates with Rachiel. Or the asshat foghorn cruise captain. Or how my vehicle warranty is expiring.

This isn't a hard problem to solve. Mandate the phone companies build in a star-spam sequence you can fire during (or right after) a call to have that caller marked as spamming, just like gmail. Get so many complaints, phone company hands you over to FTC for investigation. Phone company doesn't hand them over and then when the FTC does get them, the fine is double (triple? 10x? Whatever factor needed to make it hurt) whatever the revenue from the scam was.

Not rocket science. But as long as the phone companies profit from the scammers, you better believe this will continue to be a problem.

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