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Comment D) None of the above (Score 1) 165

None of them can hit the tolerances. The only place I could see it being workable would be printing out track for a large lego layout, because the track parts are expensive and fairly limited (the curve radii is great for a kids playset, not so great for a real model), but don't need to integrate so tightly with the rest of the system. Don't say use the Lego flextrack, I've got that and find it a huge disappointment. It is useful as an official 1/2 length straight, and not much else.

PS: This is news for nerds. +1 for the new overlords.

Comment The way off this rock... (Score 1) 366

is powered by nukes. We could potentially get to Mars or maybe the asteroid belt without them, but much beyond that we're going to need them. All the probes we've slung away have been nukes (RTGs, but still atomic not chemical nor solar). Getting to another star system is going to absolutely mandate nukes.

Comment Re:Someone gave them the wrong email address (Score 4, Insightful) 213

The magic word is 'fraud' or 'fraudulent'. Add those to your request and they tend to get to eyes who give a damn.

For sites with email as an option to complain, those magic works make it always work for me. They usually even realize I can't login to the account to change the email without me pointing it out to them.

Comment Re:Dedicated, highly trained staff (Score 1) 67

Its cute but you're going to get failures. I hope they did some really amazing burn-in tests before immersing. We had 5% defective on arrival ram (ECC issues -- cuts a nodes gflops to 2/3 to 1/2 original) from a certain fruit vendor, using their gear in a supercomputer I ran. Most of the lifetime issues were just drives dieing, but we regularly also lost CPUs, myrinet boards, fan units, and even the occasional motherboard (the NICs tended to die). There was always something new dead every week or two while we ran that thing for ~5 years (too long in the HPC world; should have been replaced at 3-4 years).

I can't imagine how much (more) not-fun that would have been had the whole thing been in an oil bath.

Comment Re:This plan has holes (Score 1) 352

Look and see if you have local Montessori schools. We're big fans of our local preschool + K classroom, and hope he can get into the school proper (but its new, and small relative to the preschool -- the headmaster though is awesome to talk to and seems to really know his stuff and have good but kind control of the class.)

Comment Re:Why not hire in "Flyover Land" before India? (Score 2) 442

Those from Flyover Land may not be interested in moving to CA. Maybe its more, "we can't find native qualified workers we can convince to come live in our overpopulated active fault and wildfire zone arid-and-drying-further climate, but if someone is already crossing an ocean, they don't much care where they land."

I get inquiries weekly, and its always big names, and its always the big coastal cities (read: SF metro, Seattle, NYC).


Comment Re:From another article... (Score 1) 341

Remember it doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to be better than the bottom 50% of drivers. The bar here is not high. How do the bottom 50% of drivers handle random system failures? Say ice on the road. If he doesn't implement 'panic' as an option, its probably already above a good chunk of those folks, judging by accident rates in winter storms.

Comment That was a review? (Score 2) 177

I expected comments from someone who has, you know, maybe touched the device at least once.

I'm not enamored with the phablet trend. I like my Galaxy Nexus, its about the idea size to me. Something smaller with touch could be exciting. I don't need a billion pixels on the phone, but it needs to have some grunt and a good way to get a big keyboard, mouse, and monitor attached.

Comment Re:The Fix: Buy good Chocolate! (Score 1) 323

Had our local bean-to-bar chocolate maker not passed away, I'd be happy to pay that much for his. They were amazingly good. Then again I've paid $100/(std-size) bottle for ice wine (we had a taste on a vineyard tour and knew we had to take a bottle home). My dad mocked me until he tried it and decided he must have done right as a parent, since he raised a very wise son.

Some things are costly to make, rare, or both. Some things are also worth paying for because they are costly to make, rare, or both. These sets make a nice Venn diagram. The key is finding the overlap and buying that stuff.

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