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The Courts

+ - UK copyright blackmailer Andrew Crossley loses lic->

Submitted by saddlark
saddlark writes: BBC News writes: "Andrew Crossley, the controversial solicitor who sent thousands of letters to alleged illegal file-sharers, has been suspended from the profession for two years."

Andrews Crossley and his law firm ACS: Law have had problems with the UK Courts before. In January, the firm claimed to halt sending copyright infringement letters to alleged file-sharers.

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Comment: No. (Score 0) 213

by Reyendo (#36925998) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Do We Need Pseudonymous Social Networking?
No, we need unindexed social networking, so my pictures and data aren't one google search away from being discovered by an employer or curious passerby. Social networking is, nearly by definition, for the purpose of communicating clearly with people one is formally acquainted with. There are other forums for anonymous communication.
Wireless Networking

+ - What's killing your Wi-Fi?->

Submitted by
Barence writes: "PC Pro has taken an in-depth look at Wi-Fi and the factors that can cause connections to crumble. It dispels some common myths about Wi-Fi problems — such as that neighbouring Wi-Fi hotspots are the most common cause of problems, instead of other RF interference from devices such as analogue video senders, microwave ovens and even fish tanks. The feature also highlights free and paid-for tools that can diagnose Wi-Fi issues, such as inSSIDer and Heatmapper, the latter of which maps provides a heatmap of Wi-Fi hotspots in your home or office."
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+ - Researchers invent inkjet that prints out skin->

Submitted by shougyin
shougyin writes: If you’ve ever seen the lesser-known Sam Raimi movie Darkman, you probably remember that the plot involved the main character, Dr. Westlake, trying to figure out a way to “print” liquid skin to help burn victims. Westlake never did figure out how to keep the synthetic skin from destabilizing past the 98 minute mark, but luckily, Wake Forest Instititute for Regenerative Medicine researchers seem to have mastered it, showing off their amazing skin printer that uses living cells instead of ink.
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