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by damn_registrars (#48219487) Attached to: The Kevlar Kandidate Gets Some Help

- the individual income tax were the sole means of funding the government

Considering how much corporate welfare the government hands out, and the trajectory that said corporate welfare is taking, we are not far from the individual income tax being the sole fiscal source for the federal budget.

- government were run deficit-free, via proper budgets submitted in a timely way, and not endless borrowing

What does that matter in this case? I'm only comparing where money comes from to where it goes - geographically. Hell if Texas would finally just secede from the union the federal budget would get a whole lot better right away as they take a lot more money than they contribute (although then the new US would have a different immigration problem to deal with as people would be leaving Texas to come to a first-world country).

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by hey! (#48218699) Attached to: NY Doctor Recently Back From West Africa Tests Positive For Ebola

That's because you use ridiculously vaguye language like "easy to transmit". You need to specify the conditions under which the potential transmission takes place. What peoiple don't realize is just how primitive conditions are in Africa, and what a difference it makes. These are countries where medical providers re-use latex gloves, sometimes even hypodermic needles. Granted, this guy was part a medical mission that probably had all the protective equipment, but you have to keep in mind that the primitive conditions that preceded them meant that there have been some TEN THOUSAND cases in the region.

It's immensely labor intensive to take care of an Ebola patient, especially with the precautions required by close contact., but the overwhelming numbers introduces yet another deadly risk factor: fatigue.

So yes, I suppose you could say the medical personnel who contracted Ebola are stupid because they made a mistake under pressure. But what about the rest of us? This epidemic should never have got big enough to pose a global concern. It was our choice to cut the CDC's emergency preparedness budget to a billion dollars below the FY 2002 mark.

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by damn_registrars (#48217583) Attached to: The Kevlar Kandidate Gets Some Help

Wealth of Congress Jumps $150 Million.

What does the wealth of congress-critters have to do with what I said? Yeah, they're all for sale, we've known that for a long time - that is how we end up with all these shitty pro-corporate laws because the people can't pool up enough money to outbid the large corporations.

This link substantially refutes your assertion about the South =>

No, that argument is completely tangential. Money going to a state is not inherently welfare nor is it inherently based on the wealth of the people who live there. I'm pointing out if you compare the money the state contributes to the federal budget (by way of individual income tax) to the money they get back (by way of projects their congress-critters push through), you'll find those ratios are higher in the south.

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by damn_registrars (#48217335) Attached to: Leaked Documents Reveal Behind-the-Scenes Ebola Vaccine Issues

It's kind of hilarious that a bunch of self-styled libertarians need to have a leader cult, isn't it?

Almost as hilarious as the fact that the leader who wants to bring about the greatest (in scope) fascist revolution in this country is pretending to do it in the name of "liberty".

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by damn_registrars (#48216017) Attached to: Leaked Documents Reveal Behind-the-Scenes Ebola Vaccine Issues

That sounds suspiciously like an ad-hominem argument. "Most average" Ob/Gyn? What does that even mean, other than to convey dark undertones?

I am using that because his followers make a huge deal about the number of babies he has delivered. However considering how long he was a practicing Ob/Gyn, that number is actually not particularly impressive - particularly if he was the main or only practicing Ob for a moderately populated area.

Shouldn't we be considering the merits of his argument, rather than his background?

From what I have seen, so far all he has been saying is that we're doing it wrong. I haven't seen anything from him about how to do it right. Naturally, his followers jump all over it as gospel.

Obama's Ebola czar (Ron Klain) is a lawyer and former chief-of-staff. Do you think *he's* qualified to tell us what we're doing wrong?

The Ebola czar is supposed to help manage the response. Just as the Surgeon General does not perform surgeries while a member of the cabinet, the Ebola czar is just a manager.

What the heck are you getting at? What's your purpose in posting this?

My point is that there are a lot of people - including one particular cult leader / politician / retired physician - telling us that we're doing it wrong. I have not seen any of these people do anything other than bitch and moan about it being done wrong; I most certainly have not seen them propose anything other than what we are doing.

Hell any proposal for the government to do anything would be automatically rejected as "the wrong thing" by Ron Paul as he is against all forms of government spending, regardless of how many lives are at stake (excluding, of course, his own).

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by bill_mcgonigle (#48215969) Attached to: Leaked Documents Reveal Behind-the-Scenes Ebola Vaccine Issues

There's a rapid diagnostic test that is developed and can be at West African airport departure gates in less than three months if the FDA gets out of the way. I know, it's only nutters like the NPR health sciences correspondent going on about this - was Dr. Paul also saying crazy things like the government is making the situation worse? Instead, they should totally go ahead and implement a travel ban so people sneak into the country with ebola instead of coming through the airports.

Meanwhile nobody in the US is infected with ebola and cattle are still far more dangerous, right? Wait - fear, fear, fear! Give us power and ... fear! Talk about cult leaders.

Comment: The Cult Leader will solve the problem! (Score 1, Troll) 93

by damn_registrars (#48215877) Attached to: Leaked Documents Reveal Behind-the-Scenes Ebola Vaccine Issues
I keep seeing bits on google news about Ron Paul telling us how everything we are doing is wrong in this matter. I'm sure the world's most average Ob/Gyn - and most successful living American cult leader - is also a highly qualified expert on Ebola.

And yes, I know I will be moderated straight down to hell for this one.

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by squiggleslash (#48215447) Attached to: German Publishers Capitulate, Let Google Post News Snippets

20 years ago, you woke up in the morning, heard a "phhhpmp" at the front door, went over, saw the newspaper that you pay to get delivered every morning on your carpet under the letterbox, would grab it, take it to the table, make yourself breakfast, and then read. You'd read news from that newsppaer. That newspaper would take on the honored (or not so honored in some paper's cases) role and responsibility of guiding you through what's happening in the world. To that paper, that position was a relationship to be developed, nurtured, built upon. Your loyal readers would come back day after day, they'd actually subscribe.

Today, you visit a website on your tablet, phone, or PC, usually multiple times a day. Britney Spears' nosejob is a click away from your Twitter stream to the CNN website. An email comes in, and you, on the recommendation of your friend, reading a Huffington Post article about cats. Then you get another email from your mother, and you're on reading about the seven fruits that might stop you getting cancer. Oh, and a person walks by your desk, and says "Did you hear? OMG you didn't? It's everywhere, terrorists just attacked the Dallas book depository, hundreds dead!", and where do you go?

Well, Google, You go to Google. You enter "dallas", and you already have a choice of articles to read, but you click on "More news about Dallas" and there are 50,000 breaking news articles about the incident at the book depository, including articles from news organizations you've never heard of, that are local to Dallas, whose views and coverage you'll respect for this one story... and then never visit again.

At no point have you ever said "You know, I'm going to get my news from the St Olaf Bugle, I'm looking forward to reading it tomorrow."

That is what they're afraid of. That's why several publishers are getting out of the newspaper business altogether, it's why Rupert Murdoch keeps doing stupid things like buying social media networks and starting enewspapers for tablets, and it's why German newspapers are not overly enthusiastic about having their work featured on Google News.

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p.s. And I don't mean to imply anything like I think it's like Lefties' stupid idea of a "hate crime", where somehow the crime is worse if there's something more sinister going on behind it. The damage is the damage, so the crime is the crime. Being primarily motivated by trashing the system versus primarily by empowering oneself doesn't make the crime any worse. It just means there's something additional the voters ought to be watching out for from that "representative".

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