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Comment: Re:Because obviously.. (Score 1) 122

by bill_mcgonigle (#49369331) Attached to: Europol Chief Warns About Computer Encryption

Both are equally likely to produce useful counter-terrorism results.

The most effective thing to do for counter-terrorism is to keep blowing up families in the Middle East and occupying "holy lands". Keep bombing villages until democracy emerges.

To do so, we need ever-stronger Nation States, and giving them the ability to monitor all of their subjects' domestic communications is a good rung up on that ladder.

Also, Facebook is the real danger to world peace - so be very upset about their ad network and don't bother encrypting your traffic.

Comment: Re:My message to SJW (Score 1) 59

by Bill Dog (#49368583) Attached to: SJWs 15 minutes of fame is almost over.

Living in a society that is just before the total breaking point is not something I would like to be in.

I have to wonder why. That's the environment that fosters the maximum in human diversity, where everyone is the most free to find and do what is their own thing.

So you like an existence of more uniformity and degree of being controlled. I don't. I think even HOA's are frickin' nazis. As if the squeezing every last dollar of resale value is The One True Goal that everyone should have. Fuck that, I bought a home as a place to live, not something to flip, I want to customize it. If someone wants to paint their place Pepto Bismol pink, they ought to be able to.

My problem is I'm a city boy (or rather a suburbs boy) so I wouldn't be content to go live in some remote place just to be let be. That's why I wish the U.S. was split up geographically, for the two political sides.

Comment: Re:Yes. It is called "land subsidence" (Score 2) 318

by hey! (#49366771) Attached to: Experts: Aim of 2 Degrees Climate Goal Insufficient

Which makes sense. Sea level rise in the last 50 years has amounted to about 4 inches, probably not enough to make drains run backwards.

The way sea level rise will make itself known isn't through changes in day to day phenomena, but in exceptional phenomena like storm surge flooding. This is a place where inches may well matter. People plan around concepts like a "ten year flood" or a "hundred year flood", and this creates a sharp line on the map where there is no sharp line in reality. Depending where on the domain of the bell curve their chosen planning horizon is, a few inches could turn a ten year flood into a five year flood, which has immense practical implications.

When people way that there is nothing intrinsically worse about a globe that's four degrees hotter they're right. But *change* that undermines human plans represents a big challenge. Change also represents a big challenge to species populations that can't relocate on the timescale of change.

Comment: Why do they need to come back to Earth? (Score 1) 105

by Catbeller (#49366331) Attached to: SpaceX's New Combustion Technologies

Go to Mars. *Stay there*. Don't return the Presbyterian astronauts back home to Ohio. Keep lobbing supplies at the colonists until they can sustain themselves. Why on earth do we keep trying to re-enact the Apollo fiasco? Colonize, or don't go. Plenty of older folk such as myself who would be glad of a few years of low G before we die while we build up the place for later arrivals. Dying there? The horror! Um, of course you'd die if you stay on Earth anyway. Dying on Mars would be more scenic, and your knees wouldn't hurt when you stand up.

Of course, Mars won't pay for itself as far as Earth is concerned, the way orbiting terraria and factories would. Less room, less opportunity, and yet another gravity trap on any planet. Mars is a place to colonize. It can't produce wealth for the old country. And colonies don't care about the old world much, so we're building a suburb that will home-rule faster than a town next door to a impoverished city.

Well, limited vision, but at least we'd have two baskets to put our eggs in.

Comment: Re:Maybe she'd have luck as an independent? (Score 2) 309

by damn_registrars (#49366023) Attached to: Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina Near Launching Presidential Bid

The rest of the GOP pack is a bunch of people who have been politicians for most of their life.

We could still see the godfather's pizza guy, and Trump keeps teasing us about planning to run as well. We also have Rand Paul, who is definitely running and was busy doing non-government stuff before running for senate. And don't forget that the last president from the GOP - as much as they encourage us to forget him - had more years of experience in business than in government.

Fiorina does kind of stand out as someone who has led a large company. Which would be better for her if her leadership wasn't absolutely terrible.

Don't forget, though, terrible leadership in business generally ends up ranking as "above average". HP does still exist as a company, so she did vastly better than a lot of other CEOs who drove their companies straight into the ground. Also remember that both of those strategies generally warrant multi-million dollar bonuses.

Comment: Of course I do! (Score 1) 25

by damn_registrars (#49365977) Attached to: Does #OccupyResoluteDesk Read Slashdot?
I thought I'd go ahead and cut you off at the pass for your next conspiracy. Clearly, the only logical conclusion left is that I must myself be Barack Hussein "Lawnchair" Obama. And much as you know that I am a time-traveling Martian who orchestrated Benghazi to bring about irrevocable fascist anarchist communist socialist islamist atheist rule in this country, you also know that I am a fervent reader of slashdot because I have free time (thanks to time travel!) to do such things.

So yes, I am the POTUS. I read slashdot regularly. And I am looking forward to collapsing - like a lawnchair - repeatedly to GOP pressures over the next 2 years.

Comment: Re:QuikClot and Celox (Score 3, Insightful) 74

If this technology becomes common place, I expect those with crustacean allergies will be required to wear a red tag same as those with pencilin allergies.

It might even become practice to use it anyway and follow up with a treatment for the anaphylaxis, if the bleeding is severe enough. People can survive shellfish reactions with management - severe internal bleeding, not so much.

"Life sucks, but it's better than the alternative." -- Peter da Silva