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Comment Re:Salomonic solution (Score 1) 740

I use Firefox despite critical components being designed and written by Brandon Eich, who's a contemptible homophobic jackass (and would have continued to use it even if he hadn't resigned.) I use OpenSSL despite the jackwagon who wrote it being some anti-GNU zealot. Those are two examples, and I'm sure I can find a thousand more utilities written by people I'd never go to a party with.

You're unwilling to work with systemd simply because you don't like the author, and are willing to throw the baby out with the bathwater because you are afraid to deal with your animosity against the author. OK, we get it.

But perhaps you need to reconsider your priorities if your approach to life is to decide what technologies to use on the basis of personality quibbles with people you'll never ever meet.

systemd's great. I can't comment on Poettering because, quite honestly, I've never really followed the guy. He could be as bad as Eric Raymond. He could be as nice as Bruce Perens. I'll bitch about him if I find out something that makes me think he's giving the F/OSS communit(ies) a bad name or is behaving in an exclusionary manner, but I'm not going to reject a long needed technological upgrade that's exactly what we need right now on that basis.

Comment Re:The treaty says no such thing. (Score 4, Interesting) 68

It does not prohibit colonization, it just prohibits exclusive territorial claims.

Right, which does not necessarily prevent claiming materials found as private property.

That said, this is all a tempest in a teapot. At this stage of technology asteroid mining is about the worst imaginable investment anyone could make. It's a purely emotional investment, driven by enthusiasm, and it doesn't stand up to critical scrutiny. We don't even go after the valuable on the sea floor because the cost of finding and raising them makes that unprofitable. If there were hundred pound chunks of refinery-pure platinum floating around in the asteroid belt it would cost more to fetch and return them than they'd fetch on the market.

The economics of space travel is dominated by the cost of moving mass in and out of gravity wells and imparting the necessary acceleration to match position and velocity with targets. It follows that we're looking for stuff with the highest value/mass, and until costs drop by a couple of orders of magnitude there's only one commodity worth returning from space: knowledge. The first physical substances worth mining will be things useful in the pursuit of knowledge -- e.g. water that can be converted to rocket fuel without tankering to the outer solar system.

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 237

No batteries needed if it connects via the Lightning (or micro-USB for generic phones - let's be honest, if Apple goes there others will to) port. DAC and headphone amp will probably add about 25c to the cost of the device.

The only serious issue really is that nobody has these headphones. I don't mind us moving to digital audio transmission, but I'd like all the manufacturers to agree upon a common standard first. Apple unilaterally deciding to go Lightning is about the worst possible outcome.

Comment Re:Why do you insist on misquoting me? (Score 1) 114

. . .I should abandon the high road and start trashing you regularly and writing snarky JEs about you. No thank you.

I'm not supposed to feel trashed every time you erroneously throw around possessives ("your party"), then?

No. You should not feel trashed when I say it, because you are a proud cheerleader of the GOP. You repeatedly tell us how great and infinitely awesome they are (even when their proposals are no different from what has been signed into law by the current POTUS who just happens to carry the letter of a different party). I'm not demonizing you by associating you with those who you choose to associate with.

Comment Re:Why do you insist on misquoting me? (Score 1) 114

Our federal largess is pretty much a return to a debtor's prison.

No, it is not. A federal debt does not land individuals in actual, physical prison. You can claim to be "imprisoned" by the federal debt all you want, but in the end you are free to leave the country and go live somewhere else without concern for it ever following you. It is not at all the same as actual debtor's prison.

Yet there are those of both ends of the Progressive Party clamoring for more spending.

You are not paying attention to the calls from non-conservatives for more spending. The overwhelming majority of these calls are accompanied by how they will be paid for as to be - at worst - budget neutral with regards to the federal debt. This is in dramatic contrast to the majority of proposals from your side of the aisle.

It is worth noting here that the ones conscripting armies are not the socialists, though.

And even if they explicitly claim to be

There are none. Can you show me even one? No, of course you cannot. The ones building - or aspiring to build - conscripted armies are all on the conservative side of the aisle. Every. Single. One.

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