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Comment Re:Monkey Island on a satnav (Score 1) 210

A friend of mine at work traded in his minivan, and somehow in the process ended up with a Toyota GPS unit that he didn't need for his new ride. This was way back around 1994/5— the olden days when GPS was still fairly new, expensive and exotic and hadn't been unlocked to its current precision.

I managed to hook up the Toyota GPS unit to the cigarette lighter in my Probe for power, and used a bunch of cable adapters to interface it to the serial port of the cradle for a 512K U.S. Robotics Palm III for display.

I used an old Logitec parallel port hand-held roller scanner to scan long black-and-white stripes of maps, then stitched them together on my computer. Then the stitched maps were loaded into the Palm as graphic files. With some software I found God knows where, I could drive to a known location near one corner of the map and mark it on the Palm III, then drive to another known location at the opposite corner of the map and mark it on the Palm III. Then the software would scale the map image and scroll it so the map would follow me as I drove around.

Each map file covered about 50x50 miles, which was plenty for getting around the medium-sized metro I lived in.

It was a free GPS. No directions. But if I got lost I could pop the Palm out of its cradle and look to see what was around me.

Comment Re:History of the Egg (Score 0) 290

The 555 Easter Egg has been known for years. I first saw it demonstrated at least two years ago.

I just Googled the first YouTube video that came up. I'm not going to wade through several thousand search results to find the very first one. Just because a bunch of kiddies who have never held a breadboard say something isn't true in the comments doesn't mean they're right.

Comment Re:Mamangement (Score 1) 290

Put yourself in the marketing directors shoes.


I am a highly-trained, creative, abstract, thinking individual. It's what makes my work superior to so many others in my field. If you want a robot who can't put together code fast enough or well enough to also include an Easter Egg, then the country code for India is +91. Happy dialing.

Comment Re:Mamangement (Score 4, Interesting) 290

Painting the walls is an obvious change. Pretty much the opposite of an Easter Egg.

An Easter Egg, in the construction sense that you describe, would be more like the time a construction crew opened up the wall in my apartment to fix a leak in a pipe and found a lunchbox that someone left behind when the building was built in 1928 with a note inside reading "Hello."

Harmless. Amusing. And it generally makes the world a better and more interesting place to live and work.

Comment Re:Fuck You (Score 1) 222

I know a company that recently completed a three-year project replacing about 20,000 Dells with Macs at about two dozen locations nationwide. And not just for visual things. For accounting, management, general office, etc... EVERYBODY is on a Mac now. And for the very few hyper-specific applications that don't have a Mac equivalent (things like transmitter monitoring, satellite aiming, etc...), they use Macs running BootCamp.

All you've done is show the world that you have very limited experience. You really shouldn't brag about it.

Comment Re:Over $300 per year (Score 1) 118

1) If you're pissing, moaning, and groaning about $28/mo such that it's REALLY that sort of a problem, you've got more problems than having SMS search will fix.

Damned straight. Poor people smell funny and shouldn't be allowed to use the internet. Single moms -- Screw 'em. Old folks on a fixed income -- Too damned bad, granny. War vets -- What did they ever do for us?

If you're more interested in putting $300 into healthcare or rent or food or your kids' education, then you don't deserve the internet. There's nothing on there for you anyway.

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