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+ - Man Saves Wife's Sight by 3D Printing Her Tumor->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Michael Balzer, a former software engineer and Air Force technical instructor, found himself unsatisfied with a doctor's diagnosis of a small tumor behind his wife's left eye. Balzer had recently become proficient at creating 3D models, so he asked the doctor for the raw medical imaging data and took a look himself. In addition to correcting a later misdiagnosis, Balzer 3D printed models of his wife's cranium and helped neurosurgeons plan a procedure to remove the tumor, instead of waiting to see how it developed, like previous doctors had recommended. During the procedure, surgeons found the tumor was beginning to entangle her optic nerve, and even a six-month wait would have had dire consequences for her eyesight.

Medical researchers like Dr. Michael Patton believe this sort of prototyping will become "the new normal" in a very short time. "What you can now do through 3D printing is like what you’re able to do in the software world: Rapid iteration, fail fast, get something to market quickly. You can print the prototypes, and then you can print out model organs on which to test the products. You can potentially obviate the need for some animal studies, and you can do this proof of concept before extensive patient trials are conducted."

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Comment: Re:Obama: please stop helping us! (Score 1) 417

by JoeCommodore (#48811187) Attached to: Obama Unveils Plan To Bring About Faster Internet In the US

I think part of that is the rural areas have virtually nothing, so as they are just getting broadband they are getting a newer infrastructure as a starting point.

Then agin in rural areas where only cable and sattelite or just only satellite is feasable those guys get gouged pretty good.

+ - Google Launches its GoDaddy Killer

Submitted by (3830033) writes "Kieren McCarthy reports at The Register that Google has finally launched a domain-name shop, providing a clean and simple management interface that will put Google in direct competition with market leader GoDaddy. Google became an ICANN-accredited registrar back in 2005, and it first told of its Google Domains plans in June 2014. Domains will cost between $12 to $30 to register, and $12 a year to renew. Google's offering will include support for a number of standard features, like free private registration, free email forwarding to your Gmail inbox, free domain forwarding, support for up to 100 sub-domains, and support for the growing number of new domain endings (like .guru and .club) that are now emerging.

There had been speculation that Google would offer domains from its own registry (.google) for free. That, combined with free hosting, email, cloud storage, chat services and domain management, could see the company up-end the registrar market in a similar way to what it did with Gmail and the hosted email world. For its part, GoDaddy has been a target of ire for many in the tech community since GoDaddy officially voiced its support for the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) Bill in 2012. Although GoDaddy later recanted its position, thousands of domain owners switched registrars in protest."

+ - Is 'SimCity' Homelessness a Bug or a Feature?->

Submitted by sarahnaomi
sarahnaomi (3948215) writes "SimCity players have discussed a variety of creative strategies for their virtual homelessness problem. They’ve suggested waiting for natural disasters like tornadoes to blow the vagrants away, bulldozing parks where they congregate, or creating such a woefully insufficient city infrastructure that the homeless would leave on their own.

You can read all of these proposed final solutions in Matteo Bittanti's How to Get Rid of Homelessness, "a 600-page epic split in two volumes documenting the so-called 'homeless scandal' that affected 2013's SimCity." Bittanti collected, selected, and transcribed thousands of these messages exchanged by players on publisher Electronic Arts' official forums, Reddit, and the largest online SimCity community Simtropolis, who experienced and then tried to "eradicate" the phenomenon of homelessness that "plagued" SimCity."

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Comment: Re:It's been going on for years (Score 1) 388

by JoeCommodore (#48807397) Attached to: UK Computing Teachers Concerned That Pupils Know More Than Them

Same here, my teachers were a bit smarter, giving us challenges - (this was early 80s) Write a TicTac Toe game, do a demo, heres a schools' competition to write a water conversation program,etc. We wrote some programs for the schools as well my brother was doing some list programs like library overdue list, I did some simple CAD extensions, etc.

Comment: How about hypersonic drones (Score 1) 290

by JoeCommodore (#48704893) Attached to: War Tech the US, Russia, China and India All Want: Hypersonic Weapons

Combine the technology hypersonic deployment with drone capabilities at the destination, could be pretty powerful,

I was just thinking if we had a hypersonic drone to quickly go on-site and do searches in emergencies like that recent asian air disaster, that could possibly save lives a lot faster than current methods.

Comment: More productive with less people (Score 2) 82

by JoeCommodore (#48704843) Attached to: Pew Survey: Tech Increases Productivity, But Also Time Spent Working

Those surveyed were folks who still had thier jobs, and they are more productuive doing the work of multiple people thanks to computers. Let's get a little more balanced and see how email affected the folks who had jobs.

If you are in the tech sector, useful technology will usually make you more productive.

Comment: Google Docs (Score 2) 193

by JoeCommodore (#48506603) Attached to: Chromebooks Overtake iPads In US Education Market

I talked to a primary teacher this Thanksgiving (IIRC, 6th grade) about chromebooks in her class.. She loves it, kids do thier stuff in Google Docs can turn it in electronically, etc. Reports are done as presentations, so in part it is reducing a lot of paper...

Though I wonder what the long term cost for society will be. Possible dependency on on-line services?

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