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Comment Re:Not the whole story (Score 1) 225

AMD lost my interest when they started their new naming schemes; before you have semprom operaon phenom, etc. then they went to A series, C Series and E series - trying to make heads or tails of which chip was better was not as easy anymore.

The second thing was AMD buying ATI and more frequency of bundling them with their CPUs - and that was a problem only because ATI just generally sucks under Linux.

So it became way easier to spec out an Intel i series and also find one bundled with nVidia GPU.

Wasn't my choice they just made it too hard for me.

Comment Differing perspectives (Score 1) 96

To paraphrase a popular programming axiom:

"There's more than one way to think of it"

Math physics, etc. is our own physically limited observation and description of how math and the universe functions, doesn’t mean it's the correct way or able to get achieve all the answers, Kind of like Einstein, Tesla, and many other discoverers, its not always thinking the ways everyone else has been taught to think but coming at it from a wholly different perspective... and not always by such seemingly brilliant individuals.

Comment Re:They have it backwards... (Score 1) 616

And as you get better at programming your math skills will improve.

I wasn’t a great math person either but I love programming, a lot of my math skills were developed trying to solve problems. Base conversion binary, etc. are key parts of programming as you get more involved in programming you learn these skills come in handy to create better programs,m adn as you create better programs you see new ways math could help improve what you create and now have the idea on how to apply it so learning it makes a whole lot more sense.

I feel for some learning to program will encourage them also become better at learning math.

Comment He needs someone with "people skills!" (Score 1) 87


Seriously he needs a systems annalist - someone who has a better understanding of the technology and that can take time to understand the needs of the accountant and be able to offer suggestions on how to implement on the web, knowing what limitations as well as opportunities that can be had. Many developers aren’t the best designers, unless you give someone significant insight and time to see how the big picture works you are going to get only exactly what you ask for (or at least the developer's interpretation of what you asked for.)

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