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Comment: Re:Wearing it to sleep (Score 1) 158

by RealErmine (#34141402) Attached to: Skin-Tight Bodysuits Could Protect Astronauts From Bone Loss

The article mentions wearing it in your sleep, but is that really necessary?

Wearing the suit to sleep is solely to curb the opportunity for adolescent pranks like swapping the Captain's suit to one with a higher elastic coefficient and watching his limbs collapse like a dead bug.

Comment: Re:GPS in a jam (Score 2, Interesting) 851

by RealErmine (#33837040) Attached to: College Student Finds GPS On Car, FBI Retrieves It

someone want to comment on the effectiveness of GPS jammers?

Most likely prohibited by the FCC.

These are definitely prohibited by the FCC / FAA. Even a GPS re-radiation system (for bringing GPS indoors) must be registered with the authorities. I have personally been witness to this situation when a company that makes re-rad devices was not checking that its customers were authorized to use the equipment. The FCC / FAA tracked them down and made them contact all their customers to register their equipment.

Comment: Re:Penalty: Intentional Grounding. (Score 1) 246

by RealErmine (#32676984) Attached to: David X. Cohen Talks About Futurama's New Season

Or how about "Knowing", a friend of mine called it the best new sci-fi movie in ages, I watched it and concluded they went with the much-overused "Alien horror" genre which then turned into some sort of "Jesus as an alien (who just seemed bad because we're idiots who wanted to make a cool trailer) saves the innocent and righteous and brings them all to a new garden of eden while everyone else dies horribly".

The worst part about "Knowing" was that, after the halfway point, I began to suspect that the writers had worked themselves into a corner. Either it had to end with a disjointed Deus Ex Machina moment or with complete failure to save the planet. They chose both which turned out just as lazy and unsatisfying.

Comment: Re:$240 for them, but not for me (Score 1) 118

by RealErmine (#32613430) Attached to: DIY Synthetic Aperture Radar

That total cost of 240$ is based on them acquiring used material at a radio swap meet, not scavenging it from old stuff I could find in my attic, and definitely no buying from some online supplier. That is, w/o a lot of luck, time, and knowledge- there is no way I could duplicate this effort with ease.

Agreed. This is $240 only if you happen to have thousands of dollars worth of the right junk and test equipment lying around.

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