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Comment Yes, but the amount stated is too high. (Score 1) 1291

The UBI should be enough to survive, but not enough to really live.
So enough for 2000 calories a day, 2 changes of clothes a year, and a bed in a dorm.
So no one starves or freezes to death, but everyone would definitely want to do at least _some_ work, and most will want to do more.

I'm thinking closer to $USD7000 a year.

Comment Re:Ungreatful Cunt (Score 1) 214

Really? You think you'd be allowed to destroy a multibillion dollar cancer treatment industry with your cure? Especially if it was a cheap cure?
You don't think they'd kidnap/kill you, torture the formula out of you, and then only offer the cure to the very rich/powerful in secret?
(Okay, not realistic - cancer has so many forms that a cure for one type isn't going to work for most of the other types, but the sentiment remains.)

Comment Needs animal testing/experimentation, not a ban. (Score 3, Informative) 299

My ethical problem would be that in the short-medium term, we don't understand what we're doing and will hurt more than we heal.
So need a few more decades with animal testing.

After that? Open the floodgates. Not everyone will want the 6'2" white blonde blueeyed children. I can see a market for catpeople, dogpeople, merpeople (colonise the oceans!); I'm sure there'll be one or two who want to incarnate Cthulu; wings capable of unaided flight might be difficult.
Never worry about being the wrong skin colour as everyone will be any colour of the rainbow - or even rainbow coloured!
Nightvision - eyeshine a reality!
Solar powered - get a lot of your daily calories just by standing naked in the sun.
Turn hair-growth on and off. Never have to shave again.

People who worry about eugenics are just lacking in imagination.

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