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by RailGunner (#46805245) Attached to: It's just hard to take Justice Stevens seriously
Actually, Brass Fetcher uses 20% gelatin, whereas FBI requires only 10% gelatin for penetration testing. So Brass Fetcher's youtube page is a terrific resource.

I actually started loading Remington Golden Sabers instead of Hornady Critical Max in my Glock based on the ballistics tests on Brass Fetcher's channel.

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by RailGunner (#46758139) Attached to: It's just hard to take Justice Stevens seriously
If stupidity hurt, Stevens would require a morphine drip.

As far as why the AR-15 is so popular... everyone who ones one has their reasons that they like it, so I'll give you mine:

+ Accuracy. The hole in the paper is typically *exactly* where I wanted to put it, and if it isn't, it was my fault.
+ Recoil. The .223 Rem / 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge in an AR-15 has very little recoil. Women and some children can fire this weapon standing up. (Though our idiot VP says "Get a shotgun", I've seen too many women who were unable to handle a 12 gauge... but the AR-15? No problem.)
+ Rail system. The AR platform is very customizable with scopes, lights... some day, I'll trick mine out, but in the mean time I can still shoot a tick off a dog's ass at 100 yards with it with the iron sights. ;)

+ The .223 Rem / 5.56x45mm NATO round. Simply put, against a human target, this round is devastating. For self/home defense, the 30 round magazine allows for you to miss a few times and still put a hurting on the bad guy, and the round itself tumbles and fragments causing intense damage to internal organs despite being a comparably small projectile to even the often maligned 9mm round. This round will also take down smaller animals -- deer, wild hogs -- while some states will not let you hunt with the .223 cartridge, the .223 round WILL drop a deer.

(Not as reliably as that .30-06 rifle I'm hoping to get for my birthday, but it's still effective.)

Consider this:

And compare to my choice of handgun caliber, the mighty .45 ACP:

See the difference? It's breathtaking.

Of course, for pure devastation you need a .50 caliber rifle round:

So why do the gun grabbers hate it?

1. It's black, and most liberals are secretly racist
2. It's "scary" looking

In summation: accurate, low recoil, customizable, effective cartridge against both human and deer. AR-15's are AWESOME.

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