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Comment Re:All bullshit (Score 4, Informative) 238

Danmell Ndonye, 18, who had accused five men of gang rape, admitted the truth only when prosecutors confronted her after learning of a cellphone video that captured the whole sordid episode and showed she had willingly participated, officials said.

She created her outlandish tale when her boyfriend, a Hofstra student whoâ(TM)s been dating her since the semester began a few weeks ago, demanded to know where she had disappeared after a wild frat party early Sunday.

On advice from his lawyer, Banks had pleaded no contest to raping his childhood friend on campus 10 years ago, reports the Associated Press. He served five years in prison for a rape he didn't commit, and then spent the next five years on parole.

To his surprise, Banks received a Facebook friend request from Gibson after he got out of prison. During their first meet-up, Gibson confessed that she faked the rape accusation and expressed a desire to help him. It was music to Banks' ears -- except for the fact that she didn't want to face prosecutors with the truth for fear she would have to return settlement money her mother had won from the school.

Comment Re:Backup camera (Score 1) 400

Yes, the backup camera is amazingly useful in a lot of scenarios. Probably the best new car tech since they added blinker lights to the mirrors.

What I'd find even more useful would be cameras on the front sides so that I could see around corners blocked by bushes or whatever. I have having to blindly stick my front out to do that.

Comment Re:There are good reasons for gvt bureaucracy, rem (Score 1) 275

There are, however, good reasons for bureaucracy in government. If government officials can just do whatever they think makes sense, without any accountability to the people, you end up with North Korea. Efficient, but at a cost.

Using North Korea as an anti-bureaucratic example is bizarre. It's the ultimate bureaucracy. It's just that they are accountable to government higher-ups and ultimately a dictator that can have you killed on a whim.

Comment Re:Lovely summary. (Score 1, Informative) 1030

The reason several categories ended up with no award is because the nominations made by the Puppies were shit. They forced the good ones out because they wanted to make sure that a white male won by excluding all other options.

Some of the people they nominated declined to be part of an identity politics culture war, so they withdrew. One of those who withdrew was even given an award by RR Martin at his "losers" party -- Annie Bellet, who is a woman. Damn those MRAs, nominating women writers! And this is all from the Wired article, which is heavily biased against "Puppies" -- or the "MRA" boogeymen you like to invoke who think only white males should write science fiction... or maybe they just think garbage isn't award worthy just because it features an identity politics trope.

Comment Re:But this is California, so of course it's stupi (Score 1) 135

So, not only are you suggesting that people who through no fault of their own develop an allergy should accept an economic punishment they did nothing to deserve

The alternative is that you force an economic punishment on the 99% that they did nothing to deserve. Life isn't fair.

but then you add insult to economic injury by suggesting that businessmen should exploit those people and their handicap for personal gain, doubling the economic burden they face

Oh no, you're "exploiting" somebody by selling something they need. Damn you free market! If only the wise government, who totally wouldn't screw up allocation of resources, decided who should be able to purchase what and for what price in a completely "fair" manner: "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need." Somebody should really try that system.

This is what's wrong with the world today; instead of helping each other succeed, we seek out the weak to bleed them out

What's wrong is that when it comes to somebody else's money, there's no shortage of people deciding that it should be taken for somebody else in need. Yet when it comes to their own personal finances, they don't give away the bulk of it to alleviate somebody worse off than them. Then you end up with situations like Greece.

Comment Re:But this is California, so of course it's stupi (Score 1) 135

This is why Godwinning a thread is stupid unless it's a spot-on analogy. I'm not advocating shoving 15 million people into an oven. Rather, I'm advocating that the less than 1% "seek out services that cater to them" -- you know, take personal responsibility for their special needs instead of asking the rest of the world adapt to their needs. If anything, your 15 million number shows a business opportunity.

Comment Re:But this is California, so of course it's stupi (Score 1) 135

Yes, just yes. Just how much does the rest of the world have to adapt to the needs of the tiniest few? When does it end? Is it really so much to ask that the tiny few seek out services that cater to them? It's "heartless" in the same manner you don't give all your money to charity and live on a subsistence income.

Comment Re:Won't do a thing. (Score 1) 167

Except I don't really think that's the game. In the case of copyright, they're just politicians trying to please their corporate overlords. When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

Now it's true that enforcement tends to be abused in the manner she describes, but that doesn't mean it was the intent.

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