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Comment Re:Not only am I bothred by the phone-home, (Score 1) 124

MS in has recently shown interest in listening to the community

They've been paying lip service to the community for years, have taken half-hearted steps to open source, etc, but at the end of the day they always act like corporate assholes.

it's important we keep prying them for that information so that we can eventually feel at ease about what's happening

Or you can just not run their shit since they are such aggressive assholes.

Comment Re:The Intel 10GHz prediction (Score 1) 84

AMD showed them a better way, intel followed and ~ 4G has been the peak since.

If CPU speeds had kept on doubling along the lines of Moore's Law like they used to, it would have been much preferred and a glorious thing. Alas, the party came to an end, and both Intel and AMD were forced to go down the multicore path.

Comment Re:shocked, shocked i say! (Score 1) 130

Just to be sure: were you or someone in your home perhaps watching foreign films on the web before this happened?

No, and I'm the only person who runs any kind of Linux in the house. It was clearly too people speaking conversationally, coming through loud and clear on my PC speakers, with background home noises. I wish I had recorded some of the conversation before shutting it down, but I freaked out.

Comment Re:So what I get from TFA... (Score 1) 130

There is no way that this malware is going to be in usr or opt without having a root priv install so and it cannot access or modify etc unless you installed it as root.

People routinely install stuff with sudo, so if it's a trojan it was probably installed as root. Furthermore, privilege escalation bugs are quite common. I just did a search for: linux privilege escalation bug, and the top hit was a news item less than a day old:

Tens of millions of Linux PCs and servers and 66% of all Android devices are impacted by a vulnerability in the Linux kernel that allows privilege escalation from local to root via a use-after-free attack, according to the research team at Perception Point.

Although no exploits for the bug have been seen in the wild yet, the vulnerability is far-reaching. According to Yevgeny Pats, co-founder and CEO of Perception Point, the bug affects all Linux kernels from release 3.8 and later, both 32-bit and 64-bit, operating on desktop, server, mobile, and embedded devices.

The vulnerability, CVE-2016-0728, is a reference leak in the keyrings facility, where security data like encryption keys and authentication keys are stored.

Comment Re:shocked, shocked i say! (Score 5, Interesting) 130

Personal experience is that the applications shipped by the distro to do these tasks crash a lot, hang the desktop, fight with pulseaudio or require extensive configuration (hello ~/.alsasoundrc and 2005!)

About a month ago my Debian desktop was compromised, and I figured this out because the desktop was hung. In an attempt to recover the hang, I tried to restart Gnome Shell... and I started getting audio in a foreign language of people speaking. I freaked out, shutdown my computer, and reinstalled.

I'm generally careful about not installing fishy stuff, and I saved a copy of the hard drive after I shut it down, so if somebody wants to help see what it was I'd be willing to work with them.

Comment Re:Dear SJW morons (Score 1) 781

The suite of arguments characterized as 'SJW' is quite wide, and a lot of them do have serious merit - for example, the 'damsel in distress' is overused in computer games.

And Hollywood too. Do you know why? Because the audiences like and respond to tropes, and there's only so many new ideas under the sun.

The problem with the SJW crowd is that they use overwhelmingly poor arguments, ridiculous arguments, and do so in a most obnoxious manner.

Like the person who most famously complained about damsels in distress is in video games is... a damsel in distress in real life. That's her schtick.

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