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Comment: Re:Easier to learn != easier to use (Score 1) 382 382

Type erasure, on the other hand, is pure evil - to me, it's the representation of what happens when a pragmatic language ends up into the hands of computer scientists.

Type erasure was the pragmatic way to add generics to Java by ensuring backwards compatibility in the byte code. You'll find that computer language academics almost universally despise type erasure.

Comment: Re:Remember Hypatia (Score 1) 494 494

There are countless more recent examples I could have written about.

So go ahead then, because I think it's really silly whenever a new Muslim atrocity occurs, especially when it comes to women, that some apologist comes along and talks about things Christians did centuries ago.

Comment: Re:Who? (Score 1) 467 467

More specifically for Slashdot, a Republican right-winger who cost the taxpayers of Rhode Island millions when he got a sweetheart loan to move his company, 38 Studios, there, at the urging of the then Republican governor:

Fucking hypocrites.

Comment: Re:git blame (Score 1) 309 309

Most people don't care about encryption but the ones that do, do.

I'm willing to bet if you polled all the people that use email, a significant majority would prefer that their email couldn't be spied on by governments or other snoops. If it was an easy default hardly anybody would turn it off. The problem is that while people care, they don't care enough to make an effort, especially when it requires effort on the people you are communicating with.

Comment: Re:Slashdot stance on #gamergate (Score 1) 693 693

It isn't gaming culture as a whole, which is 50% female these days.

Same old bullshit. Including in those stats are people who's extent into gaming is buying Angry Birds on their smartphone or playing Farmville. Those women in general don't play shooters, don't buy the next gaming console, don't update their PC to play games, and don't read gaming journals. Anita is critiquing games that are catered to men, because that's their demographic. And she does so in completely unequal fashion, having no qualms when men are portrayed in sexists ways.

She is, of course, just a con artist riding the wave of feminism and video games while reading scripts for McIntosh. That was Jack Thompson's biggest mistake, not getting a female spokesperson.

Of course it doesn't have to be - look at games like The Last of Us.

Uses the zombie trope. Uses the young-girl-in-distress trope. Uses the poor, innocent daughter gunned down trope. Wow, I'm so glad we have you and Anita to save us from all these horrible, gritty, sexist tropes.

I'm all for computer dating, but I wouldn't want one to marry my sister.