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Comment Re:Perhaps if their ads were not so intrusive. (Score 2) 653

Seriously. I turned off ad block to see how their main page looked, and I get two versions of the autoplaying, rapidly animated banner ad. Out of curiosity, I cropped and measured the screen area used by ads and content: 36% ads, 30% headlines/graphics, 34% header/whitespace. That's not really winning me over.

Then again, this commenting page is no better when it loads...

Sources: http://imgur.com/a/8fto4

Comment Hearing aids (Score 4, Interesting) 311

For something that is starting to border on consumer electronics, the hearing aid industry is very frustrating for a young person with hearing loss. Not just the $7000/pair cost every few years, but the closed system of hearing aid companies and resellers/servicers. Having to schedule an appointment in a week, because this week's tweak made certain frequencies sound terrible, and the bluetooth dongles for adjusting settings are only available to authorized resellers or occasionally on the grey market. If it wouldn't completely disrupt the audiology business, there would have been phone apps with the same functionality years ago. I don't see that changing any time soon, since it's an industry built completely around servicing the elderly who are much less likely to engage with such technology.

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