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Comment Re:This article is not biased at all. (Score 1) 131

"eight times as many as we thought a decade ago"

Yes of course however, they still need to blame humans for something by making up the bull crap stat that there are now half as many as there were before humans arrived. What a load.

So the solution is... to kill all the humans?

Comment Re:So sick of this shit (Score 1) 131

Every day, another 'how horrible human beings are' story. Look, humans are the pinnacle of this planet's long slog towards producing intelligence and of course we're going to modify our environment if we can. Any organism that has the ability to alter its environment does it to make it more habitable. Is this a bad thing? I say no. Do you want us to live in trees? Not reproduce? Keep to a nice, uncomfortable stone age existence? Yup, we cut trees. Yup, there are fewer of them. Big fucking deal. Trees are a renewable resource, and they can replenish themselves quickly. Frankly I think most of the people writing these stories have absolutely nothing useful to do with their time. The planet is changing. Deal with it. Or not, I don't care. Just shut the fuck up.

^ Shame you posted AC, that deserves to have a name put to it...

While you were harsh in your post, your feelings are fair. The "humans are evil" articles are getting old.

Comment Re:Regeneration (Score 1) 131

more humans lived in more dense environments (cities)

What if I don't want to live in a city?

Or did someone die and make you King? :)

A better solution might be to stop encouraging people to have so many kids. We pay people to have kids. Between increased welfare checks, more food stamps, and higher child tax credits, we subsidize people having kids who can't afford them.

Reverse the process. Give everyone $3,000 a year, but subtract $500 for each kid you have. You want 6 kids? Sure, go for it, but you're paying for them.

Comment Re:Does Sony also provide... (Score 1) 111

Every time something like this comes out, someone like you posts what you did.

I am 40 years old, my eyes aren't special in any way.

I sit 3 feet from a trio of Dell 30" monitors at 2560x1600 and I can see the pixels. Playing games, you have to turn on the AA or the jaggies are crazy.

I sit 10 feet from a Sony 70" 1080p TV, and I can see the pixels. Doesn't matter the content, they are there. Of course, when relaxing and watching a movie, you just ignore them after awhile, but they are there.

At 10 feet, a 70" 4k screen is just about perfect. I can kinda, sorta, almost see the pixels, just... as I age, I'm sure I won't be able to.

I haven't upgraded to a 4k screen because there is nothing to watch at that resolution, and it appears that will be the case for some time.

I do plan to upgrade my EyeFinity setup on my desk to a trio of 32" 4K IPS displays sometime soon, but that also will probably be all I need since my eyes will get worse over time.

I can see the value in 8k screens for some applications, but I suspect we're largely done at that point for anything within reason.

Comment Re:What I read: (Score 1) 242

W10 breaks parental controls. I now cannot automatically limit how long my kids play or use the computer anymore unless I get all my kids M$ accounts. Sorry, but that's none of M$'s business. Go to hell you stinkin' *$@#$!!.

Also, I don't know what's going on with the Internet safety stuff under W10. I'm very upset with W10.

Be upset all you like, but you're swimming against the flow of water...

Let it go, MS does a good job with kids accounts, they are blocked from many things and you have control over them.

For example, Cortana doesn't work for kids, a nice touch...

Comment Re:Windows 10 (Score 1) 219

I really want to like Windows 10. It seems to have a lot of nice features, was a smooth upgrade from 7, and probably the single most painless OS upgrade I've had on any MS platform

Amen, it really has been painless. They put a lot of effort into making this super easy. So far I've upgraded more than a dozen machines, ranging from a Core2Quad from 2008 to a recent high end Haswell machine, down to an ultraportable that only came with 32GB of SSD storage and didn't have enough space to install, but it used a USB Flash stick and did it anyway.

No problems. None, zero, ziltch, everything worked perfectly at the first reboot, and that included 5 year old Windows 7 installs that had a million things on them.

Comment Re: Epix was one reason they were forced to stream (Score 3, Insightful) 291

You are very lucky. I live in a suburb of Phoenix that is only served by Centurylink (no cable TV available). On a good day I can see 1.2 meg down speed and it's costing me over $60/month. Centurylink has been promising to upgrade soon (within 2 months) for the last five years.

Why would they upgrade? They are your only choice of provider, they have you by the short and curlies.

Time to move...

Comment Re:People limited to 10 GB/mo (Score 1) 191

Same here. Problem is that selling a house with this kind of pre-2000 net connection is not going to be easy.

I never really understood such comments, but perhaps there are situations I don't know about.

I have friends who have had trouble selling their houses in the past, comments like, "ugg, we've been on the market for 5 months, no serious offers..."

Nonsense, what has REALLY happened is, "you've been on the market 5 months OVERPRICED and no one is even asking you to dance, much less make a deal."

If a house is listed for sale for 30 days and it hasn't sold, then generally the price is too high for the existing conditions. Either improve the conditions or lower the price.

Note: The above applies to locations that generally have houses on them already, not to vacant land, which is another beast.

Example house:

That house has been on the market for 811 days. It is a beautiful house, but it is also overpriced and won't sell at that price. It probably won't appraise either, so even if it sold, you couldn't get a mortgage on it without a massive downpayment.

Drop the price to 1.99m and you'll get people to dance, and probably sell at 1.85m to 1.9m. At 2.3m no one is coming to the party.

Comment Re:"...need to be prepared..." (Score 1) 382

And you are?

The comments being offered about this or that solution are equally useless...

So check a mirror, you might find your comments apply to you as well...

At least I'm being realistic about things, most of the people offering up "solutions" are just dreaming fantasy.

Comment Re:People limited to 10 GB/mo (Score 1) 191

Probably because it is even more cost-prohibitive to move somewhere with a higher cost of living.

I live in the DFW Metroplex, the cost of living here is quite low, compared to many other places, and we have gigabit to the home for $105 a month, or 300 meg for $85 a month.

What more do you want?

Comment Re:People limited to 10 GB/mo (Score 1) 191

Because when I bought the house I was promised there would be fiber in the ground by the end of 2012. Yeah, that didn't happen. :-/

That sucks... but their "promise" worked, you bought the house, they have their money, and your lack of fiber is not their problem...

I would only move somewhere that had high speed today, right now, that I can hook up before I even move in. I don't believe the "promises" by anyone, too many plans change.

Comment Re:People limited to 10 GB/mo (Score 1) 191

With respect... if you surf Slashdot, how can you live somewhere that has such poor Internet? That would drive me insane.

When I look for a new house, what type of Internet it gets is high on my list of requirements. My wife wants to move further into the countryside, and I'm ok with this, so long as we can still get some type of reliable high speed Internet (50+ megabit would be the bare min)

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