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by awol (#46710887) Attached to: Australia Declares Homeopathy Nonsense, Urges Doctors to Inform Patients

Not a bad doctor. Go and ask an anaesthetist how anaesthetic works. They don't know. The action is still an area of intensive research and my moderately well informed understanding is that there is no accepted model for "how" they work.

I find it completely plausible that the same can be true for other medications whilst still having great efficacy.


Facebook Revealed As Behind $1.5B "Catapult" Data Center In Iowa 82

Posted by timothy
from the not-the-drug-flinging-kind dept.
Earlier this month, an article raised the question of who owns the giant data center being built in Altoona, Iowa. Today, the Des Moines Register has an answer, gleaned from "legislative sources." The giant facility, estimated to cost $1.5 billion when construction is complete, is to house a data center for Facebook. The article lists various attributes the site has to make it attractive for all that data, including access to transportation, extensive network infrastructure, and relatively low risk from natural disasters.

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by awol (#43327435) Attached to: Fighting TSA Harassment of Disabled Travelers

regarding your experience with immigration controls, my theory is that the more strict the immigration check point the easier it is to exist in that country illegally. For example, Switzerland, you can't rent a video without the right government papers; and at these checkpoints, they look at your passport and if it looks like it might be one, they let you in. Whereas in the uk or usa, once you're in you could live there forever, so very suspicious checkpoints there. as for the guns and body armor, well that's the Americans for you :-)

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by awol (#43258033) Attached to: Adobe To Australians: Fly To US For Cheaper Software

Whilst I accept that the car thing is true. One needs to be careful about just how "the same" these cars actually are. I discovered that there are often some very subtle difference between exactly the same model of car in two different markets. Not just equipment levels, but engineered elements as well. The one example that sticks in my mind was a Mazda 2 or Corolla or something where there was an entire cross member at the rear of the chassis (to the extent that there is even a chassis in these cars) that was just not included in the cars exported into some market. this had implications for their "safety rating" and the cost of repair for 0kph accidents where the cross member would protect the rest of the chassis from requiring repair in such impacts. So the line price of the car was 5% less but a tiny bingle was many times more expensive to repair. Likewise airbags etc are very rapidly dropped out of cars to hit a target price in a given market

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by Phaid (#43062509) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Monitor Setup For Programmers

I hate typing on laptops. Unless I am working at a customer site, I plug my laptop into the network and use it as a file server, and do my actual work on a workstation. I use two 24" ViewSonic monitors running at 1920x1080, and a Filco Majestouch 2 keyboard. I have almost the exact same setup in my home office as I do at work; the difference is that at home I use a keyboard with Cherry MX Blue switches that are super loud, while work I use the version with Cherry MX Brown switches that don't have the loud "click" so it won't bother my office mate. $150 may seem excessive for a keyboard, but I've had them for several years and they're the best productivity investment I ever made.


+ - Google Apps not longer offering free accounts->

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Rob from RPI
Rob from RPI writes "As a bit of a shock announcement, if you didn't already have your free Google Apps domain hosted with google before now, it's too late. I just received an email saying — basically — 'if you want to create more domains, then it's too late. Pay up'. Reading the google help page gives you a good overview.

If you wish to use Google Apps, you now have to pay $50/user/year. Otherwise you're stuck with a gmail address for all your users.

This comes after Google shrunk the free number of users from 50 to 10 in 2010. I know that I was convinced to move our email to the paid version by messing around with it, but I doubt many more people will be done this in the future.

So, Google — what WERE you thinking?"

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by Rob from RPI (#40823157) Attached to: Company Claims 80% of Facebook Ad Clicks Are From Bots

Facebook is a TERRIBLE advertising platform. I've tried it, and had nothing but rubbish. In fact, I read an article about it not long after I tried it, saying that Facebook Advertising just doesn't work, and the only way they keep it up is by new people going 'Well, all these other people are advertising, I'm sure I can try that too'. Then they give it up as a bad job, but not before someone ELSE sees it and goes 'Hmm. FB Advertising'...

So, basically, I wasted $50, and learned that trying to appeal to the facebook crowd with something they have to pay for just doesn't work.

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Because Bitcoins @ $5 is the same as Bitcoins @ $10,000?

You don't seriously think that were bitcoin to be successful, the Internet trolls posting a message would have the same effect as that same message would have now?

You're correct there is risk trading with Bitcoin right now; but as the market grows that risk reduces. As the risk reduces it becomes a more attractive currency. It remains to be seen of course, but "never legit" is just hyperbole.

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by awol (#38183944) Attached to: Why Everyone Hates the IT Department

Yeah, this is a great idea because we all know how a company mandated monopoly supplier has such a great track record of providing cost effective services!!!

The real reason I Hated our IT people was that when I asked for something to help me meet my clients needs. I would be told "can't be done". Half a day of my own research later and I would posit a solution that was acceptable. That's not my fucking job it's theirs. And then they charge me criminal amounts of money for their "services". Morons!

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by cribb (#38149896) Attached to: Water Pump Destruction Not Due To SCADA Hack

They trendsourced it.

As MrEricSir once wrote: (

Def. trendsource
-verb: to solve problems using popular buzzwords

("The water utility trendsourced the cyberhack by integrating crowdsourcing with Agile methodologies automated with a SOAP communication layer.")

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