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Comment Re:BitCoin will never be legit (Score 1) 430

Because Bitcoins @ $5 is the same as Bitcoins @ $10,000?

You don't seriously think that were bitcoin to be successful, the Internet trolls posting a message would have the same effect as that same message would have now?

You're correct there is risk trading with Bitcoin right now; but as the market grows that risk reduces. As the risk reduces it becomes a more attractive currency. It remains to be seen of course, but "never legit" is just hyperbole.

Comment Re:It's not just Bitcoin. (Score 1) 535

You can exchange bitcoins for legal tender at any one of the exchanges.

You can use bitcoins to buy amazon products (there is a bitcoin trader who will make the order for you).

The grocery thing is not common yet, but there are food stores for bitcoin and one of the most famous early transactions in Bitcoin was someone bought a pizza for 10,000 BTC. If the pizza guy kept those coins, he would now be worth $300,000.

Comment Surely this can't continue forever? (Score 4, Informative) 296

I stumbled across this website last year. It is a very small (at present) political party. As far as I know, the only one who actively states they will scrap this state monitoring nonsense.

Hopefully, some of the other parties will realise that people don't want to be monitored, and there are votes to be had out of it.

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