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by khallow (#47962147) Attached to: SpaceX Launches Supplies to ISS, Including Its First 3D Printer

What's the point of restarting the human race? Like GP said, the universe will get along just fine without humans.

So let me get this right, the universe will get along fine with humans and without humans. So therefore without humans is the obvious right choice?

I suppose that it doesn't matter to me whether or not you're surgically attached to a toilet bowl or not, so clearly that's an argument for the toilet bowl.

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Your state's governor was one of the ones that worked to sabotage the implementation of the ACA.

No, my state's governor is a major liberal Democrat, and was a serious cheerleader for ACA. He promised that our state would be a shining example of the law's implementation, and swore that he would use our local tax dollars to make a better web-facing exchange experience than the federal site could ever be. Then he made his deputy governor more or less a full-time ACA guy. He then spent over $200 million to completely botch the whole thing, and it had to be scrapped.

You've identified changes the law needs, but nothing like that has even been discussed since the only ACA votes that Congress will try are about repealing the whole thing.

No, these issues were discussed loudly and often BEFORE the law was completed. The Republicans pointed out these and many more baked-in flaws, but were of course ignored. The president keeps saying this is now all a matter of "settled law," and has said he will not accept changes to it. Same thing that Pelosi and Reid say, obviously.

Yet you're still unable to find any blame that should be directed at the Republicans.

Right. Because their input was refused, they were not allowed in the writing of the law, and they DID NOT VOTE FOR IT. This resulting mess was created and rammed through entirely by the Democrats. It's theirs and their mess. They are why I'm out thousands of dollars more this year than last for inferior results.

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by khallow (#47960777) Attached to: SpaceX Launches Supplies to ISS, Including Its First 3D Printer

Here's a serious question. What is the point of launching a few people off into deep space if the Earth has been destroyed? It won't help the people left behind., and the Universe will get along just fine without humans.

What party did you not consider? The people who got off of Earth. It helps them quite a bit to not be dead.

Further, I think it would be of great comfort to the people about to die, that someone would survive and remember them. So I think a scheme to save some people by moving them off of Earth would help the ones who didn't get that chance.

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by Jane Q. Public (#47960759) Attached to: 3 Short Walking Breaks Can Reverse Harm From 3 Hours of Sitting

power in = electrical heating power + radiative power in from the chamber walls

NONSENSE. The power output is not dependent on the chamber walls, therefore the power input is not dependent on the chamber walls. You're contradicting yourself, trying to have it both ways.

Radiation from the cooler walls has no effect on the heat source whatsoever. This is a basic requirement of thermodynamics!

That's ridiculous, Jane. I'm just noting that the chamber walls are hotter than 0K, so they emit radiation into a boundary around the heat source. Therefore Jane's wrong to ignore that radiation when applying the principle of conservation of energy:

What's ridiculous is your constant repetition of this bullshit idea. Yes, the cooler walls radiate inward but they have no effect whatsoever on the heat source. ALL of that radiation is reflected or scattered by the heat source. (It is not transmitted because we're dealing with diffuse gray bodies of significant mass.)

If you're being honest, then it's really too bad that you still don't understand the clear implications of the Stefan-Boltzmann radiation law. But at the same time, it makes me wonder how you got your degree.

I'm done. If all you're going to do is keep repeating these incorrect assertions, after why they are incorrect has been clearly explained to you many times, this is indeed just a waste of my time. I set out to have a scientific discussion, not to argue about your religion.

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Are you talking about the War in Iraq, which Obama boasted continuously about ending, despite loud criticism at the time that he was creating the conditions for what's going on right now with ISIS?

I wouldn't be boasting about that anymore, his related words are now one of those things his opponents publish on Twitter so as to illustrate how incompetent he is.

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by _Sharp'r_ (#47960093) Attached to: Mark Zuckerberg Throws Pal Joe Green Under the Tech Immigration Bus

"His [Schulte's] prior experience as Chief-of-Staff at Priorities USA, the Super PAC supporting President Obama's re-election," assured Zuckerberg in a letter to contributors, "will ensure continues its momentum for reform."

But, how is this possible? I thought Obama banned his team from becoming lobbyists after they left him???

I guess that rule doesn't apply to everyone. Good thing we have the most transparent administration ever and these lobbying efforts won't influence anyone...

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And, that's a problem with our laws that should be fixed. If a competent PCP would not have referred the person to an ER, the ER doctor/PA/NP should be able to tell the person that their condition is not a medical emergency and advise them to see their primary care provider and the ER should suffer no more risk than the PCP would have. It should also be a crime to misrepresent your medical condition at an ER in order to get preferred or priority treatment (yes, this would rarely be prosecuted, but the occasional prosecution would deter people from doing it).

There is a good social reason for NOT completing treatment and diagnosis after evaluation determines the problem not to be an emergency -- the next time that person (and their friends and family) probably will not clog up the ER with what is obviously a cold or minor sprain that can be dealt with during normal business hours by their primary care provider.

The system, expectations, and culture is broken -- requiring ERs to act as PCPs is not the answer and the liability laws should reflect that.

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This is rare. However, if that's a concern for enough women in the market for insurance, insurance companies could offer, if it were not for PPACA rules, pregnancy coverage for women who have had a (potentially unsuccessful) tubal litigation at a vastly reduced rate (a few dollars a year would cover it given how rare such pregnancies are).

This is not unlike, for some strange reason, PPACA rules allow charging a additional premium for smokers - or put another way, a discount for not smoking. Why can't insurance companies offer similar discounts for those who take steps to avoid other conditions such as pregnancy by having a tubal litigation? Note that non-smokers still get lung cancer (much more likely I suspect than women who have undergone a tubal litigation getting pregnant).

Why not allow insurance companies to charge more for people who engage in "extreme" sports - their odds of getting expensive injuries at a young age are much higher than someone who doesn't engage in them.

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by ScentCone (#47958609) Attached to: Secret Service Critics Pounce After White House Breach

There was a time that a citizen could walk right up to the white house. What has changed with our society that our president needs to live in a castle with a moat and defense force?

A lot more people willing and often eager to die for the [insert crazy, often religion-based or partisan cause here] movement.

Regardless, you're making it sound like this is a recent development. This has been the case going back well over a hundred years.

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He said "[T]he people on the hotline are very helpful. I would call them up and ask about private insurance plans are in your area.

And I pointed out that nobody on the hotline is going to be able to point out an insurance plan that doesn't exist. The state regulators don't allow for magic hidden policies that are cheaper than what's been priced for the exchanges. In other words, it was a BS, fantasy suggestion.

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