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Comment Re:Still nothing new (Score 1) 346

It seems his real talent is to convince people to go back to old ideas that didn't take off before. That's neither good nor bad, but stop overhyping them.

Why is that not good?

I don't think anyone's claiming that he invented an electric car, but he's certainly the first to make a viable company out of building them. So, he took an old idea that didn't work and made it work. That's not "neither good nor bad", that's simply good.

Comment Re:More and slower can do much (Score 1) 337

Just remember that a real neuron is nothing like the "neurons" in neural networks. Each one is really computing a fairly complex set of functions. A single real neuron would be best represented by a decent-sized recurrent neural network all by itself.

Which is, more-or-less, just a more complex neural network, no? There was a paper very recently on some setup like that, where each "neuron" is a small multi-layer network instead of a simple relu, and it performed very well. I couldn't find it through casual googling, unfortunately.

Comment Re:TL;DR (Score 4, Informative) 189

Armstrong said they only had a 50% chance of returning to Earth alive.

That was clearly an exaggeration. 9 manned missions got to the moon, 6 landed, and all 9 came back, with only one running into some problems.

If each had only 50% chance of survival, they had 0.2% chance of having no casualties in 9 flights. Even if you look at just 6 that landed, that's 1.6% chance of flying 6 times successfully.

I think their odds were likely quite a bit higher than 50%.

Comment Re:AMD settled (Score 4, Interesting) 225

A bunch of fucking MBAs decided they didn't really need to pay a bunch of expensive chip designers to make chips, and that it would be a better idea financially to sell of the fab so their remaining development team could be isolated away from the fabrication process. Brilliant plan.

While, yes, AMD management totally did destroy the company, the bit about selling the fab happened later, after the Barcelona disaster, and after they threw away all their money on ATI.

The fab was not competitive (as GlobalFoundries performance showed for the next few years), and they absolutely had to get rid of it to survive. Not having the cost of maintaining that thing is the reason they are not bankrupt (yet).

Comment Re:A Lot Of Questions (Score 1) 174

If the camera supports RAW, USE IT! You can use it in conjunction with JPEG (the RAW+JPEG setting). Why? It's a lot easier to adjust image color, saturation, exposure, etc. after the fact in an image editing app (that also supports RAW, very important) with a RAW format image. Again, this gets important if you want to print the images or ever want to do any pro photography.

Another great reason is that you can go back to them many years later and "re-develop" them using improved RAW processing technologies, and by applying what you've learned since.

I've gone back to my 6 or 7 year old photos a few times and turned some "ok" photos into really nice portraits that way.

Comment Re:Fast Lens (1.8 or 1.4) + Offsite Backup (Score 1) 174

I don't know what photography class you took, but the aperture number of a lens has nothing to do with speed.

It is very common, at least in North America, and in North American English, to call a lens with a large aperture "fast". Since, as you said, large aperture allows more light in, so it takes less time to expose the sensor/film, therefore the lens is "fast".

Googling "fast lens" will come up with many examples such as this one:

Maybe you're from another part of the world that doesn't use this expression?

Comment Re:Nasal rinsing ... use some care (Score 3, Informative) 151

I guess that means that you shouldn't go swimming in fresh water? Even a chlorinated pool could contain this parasite for 24 hours if there is that same film inside the pool's plumbing.

The pools are chlorinated to a much higher level, because you don't need to keep the water drinkable.

Comment Re:what!? (Score 1) 394

LibreOffice is available from the Ubuntu package manager. Skype is also available for Linux. There're also a plethora of text editors available for Linux, including but not limited to emacs, vi, nano and Sublime Sheeeesh!!!!

Not unless you have root access. If their admin didn't install these, they are stuck without them.

Comment Re:If I were still into gaming... (Score 1) 113

at least it "feels" a bit like that 1980's Games Workshop game I had on ZX Spectrum.

Ha, I grew up on ZX Spectrum, too... learned how to program on its rubber keys :).

That's why I haven't heard of Dishonored, most likely. 2012 release? It's just starting to come into my "look it up, see if it was actually any good, set aside a few quid on Steam" considerations. Wouldn't be able to play it without thinking of Shadow Warrior, most likely, or even Thief.

I don't know, that argument doesn't work for me. It's like saying that you can't play Quake without thinking of Wolfenstein?

Dishonored mechanics will obviously be very much based on previous first-person games, but with its own twists and additions, and has a very interesting story. That makes it a good game -- it doesn't have to be a groundbreaking original work that has never been seen before. There hasn't been anything like that since.... well, Wolfenstein, probably.

You can say that pretty much every first-person game that's got a story and character development reminds you of Ultima Underworld, and miss out on a lot of really good stuff. Just because modern game designers churn out a lot of worthless crap, it doesn't mean that there aren't a lot of really good things available, too. It's just like movie, TV, and music industries.

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