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Comment: Only Microsoft? (Score 2) 90

by PrimeNumber (#45611857) Attached to: Microsoft's NSA 'Transparency' Push Remains Pretty Opaque

Replace "Microsoft" with the name of any company that suddenly got religion and is now working so hard to protect our privacy. How long did it take Google to finally get around using https and secure logins? A long fucking time, but we can't say anything about Google - because they do nifty shit like flying WiFi balloons in Africa. Meanwhile, Bill Gates is on the ground giving billions to eradicate disease -- something that actually improves peoples' lives in a meaningful way. But we still have to slam Microsoft, because Billy boy and his minions are so evil.

None of the major IT companies gave a rats ass about user privacy until Snowden leaked his information. FFS -- enough with the slamming Microsoft shit already, the 90's have been over for a long time now. Go back to trolling on The Verge or Apple Insider.

Comment: Re:They do (Score 1) 168

by PrimeNumber (#45160505) Attached to: Should Google Get Aggressive About Monetizing Android?

Sure now. But as we have seen countless times in the past, all it takes is changing the TOS and you are screwed. When times get harder for Google as it will, because it eventually happens to every tech company, see how long that policy lasts.
This is the same Google that tried to monetize everyones photos less than a week ago, and backed down (this time) because it pissed off so many people.
Google is great at promoting the rainbows and unicorn bullshit, I am just surprised so many still fall for it.

Comment: That is what G+ is for... (Score 2, Insightful) 168

by PrimeNumber (#45159713) Attached to: Should Google Get Aggressive About Monetizing Android?

This is the ultimate objective of Google+, reducing the number of independant blogs and websites with G+ blogs and pages so keep margins high. With less independent bloggers and websites, ad revenue for these pages will shrink, and Google makes more money.
It is also why people like Mike Elgan and Robert Scoble shill the fuck out of everything Google does, because they know which way the wind is blowing. They are both full of shit, but they didn't get to where they are by not playing well with the big dogs. In return they get free shit from people, web hits and paid speaking gigs, and get to pretend like they are important.
I liked Google much more before they became scumbags like Facebook. Now you can't login to Gmail without it wanting you to create a Google plus account, want your phone number and other contact details. This behaviour along with sharing the email and contact lists to the NSA, getting caught lying about it, now trying to act like a good guy and lobby congress to protect privacy. If Google cared so much about users' privacy they would have lobbied before the Snowden leak.

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