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Comment: Re:Bad quality compared to existing lowcost soluti (Score 1, Flamebait) 55

by PrimeNumber (#47084105) Attached to: Google Rumored To Be Making 3D-Scanning Tablets

But its Google, so all of its fanboys in the tech press will shill the hell out it. Kind of like when Google announced it created its groundbreaking contact lenses -- they were actually developed at Microsoft, yet only a few journalists bothered to report that fact. Far easier to be a Google cheerleader.

Google is getting too fucking invasive and creepy. Larry Page stated he wanted access to everybody's health records. Screw that.

Hell I trust Microsoft far more than I do Google now, and that says something. This from an old-school Linux guy whose been around long enough to remember the days you had to check NIC chipsets before buying 'em because they needed to be compatible with Linux's tulip drivers. Google is the new Microsoft, but with a far better PR department.

Comment: Re:Printer Ink (Score 1) 288

by PrimeNumber (#47083925) Attached to: HP Makes More Money, Cuts 16,000 Jobs

That was the first company Carly screwed up Lucent (Bell labs), the second was HP. Meg Whitman has a similar story, and has Marissa Mayer: They are overrated female "tech" CEO's getting press because they happened to start their careers by being lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time.

Meanwhile, all of the real technical women that crank out good code everyday get ignored.

Comment: Only Microsoft? (Score 2) 90

by PrimeNumber (#45611857) Attached to: Microsoft's NSA 'Transparency' Push Remains Pretty Opaque

Replace "Microsoft" with the name of any company that suddenly got religion and is now working so hard to protect our privacy. How long did it take Google to finally get around using https and secure logins? A long fucking time, but we can't say anything about Google - because they do nifty shit like flying WiFi balloons in Africa. Meanwhile, Bill Gates is on the ground giving billions to eradicate disease -- something that actually improves peoples' lives in a meaningful way. But we still have to slam Microsoft, because Billy boy and his minions are so evil.

None of the major IT companies gave a rats ass about user privacy until Snowden leaked his information. FFS -- enough with the slamming Microsoft shit already, the 90's have been over for a long time now. Go back to trolling on The Verge or Apple Insider.

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