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Comment: Re:Single Player Creative Mode (Score 2) 174

by Pontiac (#47950599) Attached to: The Minecraft Parent

5. Daddy builds a Minecraft server PC and throws it on the LAN. 4 kids play together or alone in a server you control.
6. Daddy bought a relm subscription.. performance was way better then the 7 year old desktop plus they can now access it from grandpas house or on vacation and let their cousin & school friends join in. I still have control as it's a whitelisted server done by invite form me.

The kids now play on some of the public servers but I always play on them first to get a feel for the user base before handing over the url to the kid.

Comment: Re:I look forward to Minecraft with my son (Score 1) 174

by Pontiac (#47946593) Attached to: The Minecraft Parent

My son is 8 and has been playing Minecraft for 2 years. I've seen him go from just throwing stuff together to really putting thought into design and ascetics.

We started him out on Minecraft Pocket edition.. He can play with friends on the same lan but internet play is not all there yet so you don't have to worry about online strangers. We bought the PC version for him last year and started playing on the Reddit servers. Overall it's a good community.

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The best description of Micecraft I've heard is Digital Lego.

In creative you can build anything.. My son and I built the Great Pyramid of Geza to scale on the Reddit creative server.

Play with redstone.. lean the basic electronic circuits with switches and logic gates.

Then switch to survival, join a community.. work with others as a team.. So many things you can do in one little game..

Well not to call it little.. the map can have more land than 9 million earths.

Comment: Great for work. Not so much at home. (Score 0) 379

by Pontiac (#47068317) Attached to: With the Surface Pro, Microsoft Is Trying To Recreate the PC Market

I have a Dell Venue 8 pro.

Great little tablet powered by an Atom processor and Windows 8.1
Call it a baby surface pro if you like that costs $250

Now for work surface is a great tool. very portable with full windows desktop available when needed. You can't ask for better integration and portability when working in a windows dominated office setting.

At home not so much and it's not the tablets fault.. It's the applications. Overall Android and iOS apps just work better. That is jut my opinion anyway.

If MS could get some better entertainment/social apps out there that match the functionality of its competition it could gain some ground.

Sadly since I can't attach my personal computer to the company network I can't use it there so it just sits at home collecting dust.

What would make me use it more? hmm maybe touch screen controls and on screen keyboards that freaking work in minecraft on windows 8.1 .. You hear me Mojang? I want this!

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by Pontiac (#46922911) Attached to: Did the Ignition Key Just Die?

there are about two times a year where I want to start my car, leave it running, lock it and run into a building for a couple of minutes. I can take my RF key out of the car, but with the car running it won't let me lock the door.

I would only consider doing this someplace in the dead of winter, like when leaving some small hotel in the middle of nowhere. Start car, carry down bags/check out, drive off.

My Nisan will let me start then lock it up and go back inside with the key.

Now I did find one downside.. Once it's started there is nothing stopping you from putting it in drive and taking off.. Someone could easily bust the window, hop in and drive off if I left it running. Yes I tested this . Well not breaking the windows but driving off without the key.

Comment: Re:No, thank you. (Score 4, Informative) 865

by Pontiac (#46922407) Attached to: Did the Ignition Key Just Die?

Clearly you have never owned a "keyless" vehicle.

I say "keyless" because my Nissan has a physical key hidden inside the key less remote fob to open the door if the car battery is dead.

If the fob battery is low the car will warn you. It's hard to ignore.

If you are a dumb ass and keep ignoring the low battery warnings there is a slot under the dash for the fob to work when the fob battery is too low to transmit.

For what it's worth nearly every car made today has some kind of chipped smart key that costs $50-$100 to replace plus a remote that will cost you $100 or more if you wash it. Key less or not dropping your keys in a puddle will cost you.

Funny thing about keyless.. I never drop my keys trying to get into the car or start it.. They never leave my pocket.
I can't even lock the doors if the key is inside.. the car won't let it happen.

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