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Comment: Re: And it's not even an election year (Score 1) 407

Interesting perspective..

I work on a government contract that requires all workers to be US nationals so I don't see that side of it.

Now at my last job they decided to outsource IT to WiPro and laid off everyone below management nationally.. everyone! They were replaced with H1B workers.

From what I've heard management is regretting that decision but now they lost all their staff that had experience with they systems.

Comment: Re:Doubtful (Score 4, Interesting) 328

by Pontiac (#49246031) Attached to: New Crop of LED Filament Bulbs Look Almost Exactly Like Incandescents

I've only killed 1 LED bulb so far.. Well wounded is more like it...

It spent 6 months in a sealed shower light fixture before it started to flicker after it was on for 10-20 minutes.

I moved it to a desk lamp and it's happy there.. Another LED is in the torture box and doing fine.

Comment: Re:So far... why? (Score 1) 230

by Pontiac (#49244615) Attached to: Man 3D Prints a Working 5-Speed Transmission For Toyota Engines

There are folks in the RC car world that are 3D printing parts for vintage RC Cars that are not supported by the manufacturer anymore.

All kinds of things like transmission cases, suspension mounts, control arms, steering arms.

There was one project that built a replica of the 1991 World champion RC10 that was never released to the public. It's made from a mix of 3D parts, stock parts and milled carbon fiber plate.

As for useful 3d printed items.. How about a rocket engine using a sintered metal process.

You can also 3d print wax for investment casting a metal final product. (you can do this at home)

Lots of ways to use a 3D printer if you use your imagination.

Comment: Re:Nothing New for Sony... (Score 3, Informative) 391

by Pontiac (#48745481) Attached to: Sony Thinks You'll Pay $1200 For a Digital Walkman

As another bonus Sony made their blu-ray players stream netflix through Sony's own proxy servers. So rather then use the caching servers netflix places all over the country they are forced through a single bottle neck.. Streaming on that thing sucked ass while every other device in the house was streaming fine. I got a Roku and never had another problem.

Comment: Catholic Health (Score 5, Interesting) 398

by Pontiac (#48547093) Attached to: Displaced IT Workers Being Silenced

I left before it happened but my former company outsourced all of IT to Wipro.
This was on a system with 60,000 users.
Everyone but management was replaced with H1B- workers from India.
Outgoing staff was asked to stay and train their replacements with no severance packages.
Very few stayed and turnover documents were not made (hmm I wonder why) so the incoming Wipro workers had to discover and document the systems themselves.
I hear it was a real nightmare with lots of $$ spent on contractors to help figure things out.

Comment: Re:Single Player Creative Mode (Score 2) 174

by Pontiac (#47950599) Attached to: The Minecraft Parent

5. Daddy builds a Minecraft server PC and throws it on the LAN. 4 kids play together or alone in a server you control.
6. Daddy bought a relm subscription.. performance was way better then the 7 year old desktop plus they can now access it from grandpas house or on vacation and let their cousin & school friends join in. I still have control as it's a whitelisted server done by invite form me.

The kids now play on some of the public servers but I always play on them first to get a feel for the user base before handing over the url to the kid.

Comment: Re:I look forward to Minecraft with my son (Score 1) 174

by Pontiac (#47946593) Attached to: The Minecraft Parent

My son is 8 and has been playing Minecraft for 2 years. I've seen him go from just throwing stuff together to really putting thought into design and ascetics.

We started him out on Minecraft Pocket edition.. He can play with friends on the same lan but internet play is not all there yet so you don't have to worry about online strangers. We bought the PC version for him last year and started playing on the Reddit servers. Overall it's a good community.

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