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Comment: Re: "Swap out" - LOL (Score 1) 122

Cool. Forgot about the filters. The BSOD screensaver project sounds fun. What I like about the Pi and these other one-board projects is that they are not "buy something and turn it on." You have to really think and learn about Arduino scripting (???) I read a bit more about the project - so the scripting by Arduino controls the stations that the radio can play - plus, it is limited to Google Play. The same guy built an interactive coffee table with LCD screens - hopefully coffee proof - so I am leaning towards the internet radio due to time constraints.

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Been away for some time now from /. A.C. swoops in and uses such respectful terms like "retard?," and knocks President Obama? You are SO not brave. I would suggest minimizing or eliminating the A.C.. Bring back real moderation. Most commenters here are very smart, but stuff like this brings down the level of discussion. Btw, so as not to veer to far off-topic, I have a PI yet to be used. Saw a nice internet radio project recently. The cabinet was beautiful (his dad built that) and the son set up the PI.

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by PoconoPCDoctor (#47390779) Attached to: NASA Approves Production of Most Powerful Rocket Ever
Cool. Had tickets for one of the last STS missions. We had a there day window but the launch was scrubbed past the time we had. Still had a great tour of the facility. Yes, Mars is a dead planet. But as Neil DeGrasse Tyson says, we need to have some planB. The dinosaurs can't be blamed for not knowing about asteroids - what's our excuse?

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Yup. They have one where I work. But since I focus on closing out tickets, not too much time is left for this. Unless they force me to use it. I used to be able to call or IM another team about an issue. They stopped responding and said "post this on our community." So instead of actually answering my question, the "solution" is to ask it in a different place? Alrighty then.....

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by PoconoPCDoctor (#45317739) Attached to: What Went Wrong?
Well, I became involved with the Obama campaign in 2007, and after that, spent more time on Daily Kos. When I saw /. pop up on Facebook, I started to read (and repost) a story here and there. After 9/11, I discovered that other some IT people I had worked with at the World Trade Center were Republicans. I would find that I could have a dialogue with them for a while, and then they would regurgitate the latest "Fox and Friends" lie - BENGHAZI! - and I would have to let them go. I guess it astounds me that tech-savvy people have views like "less government," which they share with tea-baggers carrying misspelled signs like Keep Your Hands off my Medicar.

Comment: Re: then why did some states succeed? (Score 1) 400

by PoconoPCDoctor (#45314127) Attached to: What Went Wrong?
What planet do you live on? Republicans NEVER rubber stamp any bill proposed by a Democrats. And if anybody's mess needed cleaning up, it's is always the two wars on the credit card Republicans that fit this description. Amazing how you fit so much misinformation or lack of understanding in two sentences.

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by PoconoPCDoctor (#45314087) Attached to: What Went Wrong?
Wow. Not equipped. I seem to recall a website called that came from behind to give Senator a Obama the presidency in 2008 and 2012. Maybe this should have been expanded to The campaign web site was admittedly less complex - it just had to record names, addresses, contributions, etc. but it did handle millions of small donations without crashing. Full disclosure, knocked on doors in Iowa in 2008, delegate to the DNC in Charlotte, NC in 2012, but damn! I would have thought that most /. users were a bit more liberal that what I am reading here. The AC's I can understand, but the rest? So you would prefer who - Rand "Wikipedia plagiarized" Paul? Yikes. Interested to hear intelligent feedback. That excludes conspiracy theories, ok?

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