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Comment Re:Is he saying keeping tracks of inventory (Score 2) 94

>but a stable legal market.

Like the stock market, stocks never change in price. Or gas prices at the pump, they stay stable for long periods of time, right?

You seem to be very confused how markets work. Some markets are real time priced markets and the price and inventory is expected to fluctuate moment to moment. Other markets are stabilized by huge amount of production and rarely fluctuate, such as the price of a candy bar at the local store. Weed is not a 'white' market, the feds still randomly bust suppliers, and at the federal level it is still illegal. Also customers have personal tastes, if everyone wants the strain *dank memes*, demand dictates that the price goes up, especially if supply is limited. Until you see a futures contracts for supply of marijuana there will be volatility in the market.

Comment Re:Spaghetti sort (Score 1) 82

To sort spaghetti by size, doing it by hand sounds very inefficient.

A sorting method where it slides down a plane with slats that increase in size until the entire length can fall into a slot, much like a method for sorting coins, sounds a way to solve both the length and order problem. Of course that will never scale 'faster' than the number of sorting elements you use.

Comment Re:science is inherently political. (Score 2) 127

Until you have unlimited energy, unlimited storage, and unlimited time, science is going to be political.

There are unlimited truths out there, you have to somehow decide what and where the available resources you have will be expended. One person may not want to die from old age, another wants to avoid dying of AIDS. Now you have a conflict for resources based on differing goals. How are you going to decide who gets the funding?

Comment Re:All things are political (Score 1) 127

>How on earth could observing world and recording said observations be POLITICAL?

First question.

How much time do you have? How much energy do you have to expend? How much can you observe?

Now, you should easily see that the answers to those questions are 'exceptionally limited'. To further observe the world you are going to need to convince others that they should share your same goals on what you want to observe. Once you have more than one person involved in a project, politics is involved.

You: But science is observation, bro.

Right, and getting any science done in a possibly limitless universe means filtering out massive amounts of information. That filter works at many levels. From limitations in tools that gather data, to inability to store it, data that is useful but doesn't lend itself to the goal at hand, etc. How those filters get applied, what subprojects are funded, where manpower is assigned is all political.

Comment Re:Not many morals in the federation really (Score 2) 485

I could go buy a boat now, but I don't. So everyone's wants are different. Post scarcity is still a somewhat loose term. Yes, everyone's needs can be met, but not everyone's wants. To become a captain, for example, you either go through the ranks in Star Fleet, or you somehow have the capital or connections to get a ship otherwise.

Comment Re:There are Ads and then there are Fucking Ads. (Score 1) 519

Bye free content, don't let the door hit you on the ass when you leave.

This is just like saying "I shouldn't leave my abusive spouse because they pay the car payment". Yea, we might (and probably not) be without free content, but the abuser will be gone.

Anyway, sites won't go away, they'll just adapt. The ads will become part of the content, or something that we've not even thought of yet.

Comment Re: Will Ad Blockers Kill the Digital Media Indust (Score 1) 519

> I really can't wait until everything is a pay service and everyone is complaining.

Won't happen. As storage, processor time, and bandwidth gets cheaper a site like ./ will cost almost nothing to run. Some business will figure they can run a social media site like this with embedded employees flogging their goods and be able to profit from it. Yea, maybe free video will die, maybe free images will, but text is so cheap to transmit and manage that what you're talking about just won't happen.

Comment Re:Adderall?... Complicted. (Score 1) 155

WTF does naturally even mean?

If you take two 'master race' parents (because epigenetics) bred them and then trained their child every day and only fed them a very good diet, and they were sponsored their life so didn't have to worry about making a living, would that be natural? By your definition, yes, it's just selective breeding for the purpose of sports. That's the kind of stuff that is happening already.

Comment Re:What about "legitimate" use? (Score 1) 155

>The whole point of a competition is to find people who are *naturally* extraordinary

Ha, in professional and olympic league sports that's not been true for quite some time. You see it in China where they take young kids and their entire life becomes training. They eat special diets, they take weird drug cocktails that influence their growth. Buy the time they compete they are not on anything you can test for, but they have been grown just for that purpose just like a plant. Ya, a lot of them fail out, and god only knows what happens with them after that point. The issue is now there is no 'even' playing field, the people that have the highest likelihood to get there are going to be the ones that were lucky/unlucky enough to be a trained robot from birth.

Comment Re:Uber should countersue (Score 1) 247

What a terrible analogy.

Sets say you go to the store to buy a chocolate bar, but when you get there they are all $20 each and you have to wait in line 30 minutes for one. So you go out and buy chocolate bars for $1 each and sell them for $5 and people only have to wait a minute or two to purchase them, the customers are very happy with this as they are getting what they wanted.

Now lets say the store that was selling the bars is now very pissed, because they have to pay the city $200,000 a year for the ability to sell chocolate bars and is now trying to sue you for violating the law.

Who is 'stealing', who is wrong?

Comment Re: No it is not (Score 1) 351

>What kinds of products do I need?

And unknown to you, what kind of products you think you need has probably been directly influenced by advertizing. That said, the advertising may not have had the exact effect the company wanted. Long time ago there was a "My that's a spicy meatball" commercial for Alka-Seltzer, the it was a failure for the company, but it drove sales in Italian food. That's how ads stick in your brain and influence what you do.

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