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+ - Google says NO to Cougars->

Submitted by PixieDust
PixieDust (971386) writes "The New York Times is running an article that indicates Google has banned Cougar sites (websites geared towards helping older women and younger men hook up) from its Content Network.


“It’s just wrong all around,” Ms. Opdenkelder (President of CougarLife.com) said. “It’s age and gender discrimination. It’s just about older, successful, independent, strong women who enjoy someone that’s younger. Some of the men sites, they are borderline prostitution, and Google has no problem having them advertise.” CougarLife said it was considering filing a discrimination complaint with a Canadian agency that oversees equality issues between private parties, and was looking into possible legal recourse in the United States.


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Comment: Re:Looking great (Score 1) 182

by PixieDust (#32226268) Attached to: Trailer For Blender Open Movie <em>Sintel</em> Ready

I've gotten a lot of pirated stuff over the years but I also buy the movies/music/games/software/etc. that I like and it being freely available makes no difference.

That sound you're hearing is a large contingent of black cars with dark tinted windows and government plates filled with suits getting ready to knock on your door.

+ - AT&T Funds right wing group against Net Neutra->

Submitted by unity100
unity100 (970058) writes "AT&T Funded the right wing lobby group Americans For Profit, launching a $1.4 Million ad campaign against network neutrality. Within hours, Fox News network and their anchors have also taken the issue as their own, attacked network neutrality throughout long broadcasts. This seems to be repeitition of a similar attack against network neutrality in 2005-2006, when close to $100 million was spent by telecom companies in ad campaigns against network neutrality. That period also awarded us with Sen. Ted 'Tubes' Stevens, appearing in many news shows to tell us how internet was actually 'a series of tubes'. Current budget is much smaller compared to back then, however there is still chance for it to pick up. Savetheinternet.com has more

On Tuesday morning, an AT&T-funded front group, Americans for Prosperity, announced a $1.4 million advertising blitz to try to convince Americans that the FCC is plotting to "take over the Internet."


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Comment: Re:We Want to (Score 4, Insightful) 731

by PixieDust (#32195676) Attached to: Adobe Calls Out Apple With Ads In NY Times, WSJ
LOL I can't stand Apple personally. But Flash? Adobe has destroyed something that was once a very cool thing. And they did it with shitty code and a development philosophy that completely ignored security concerns and opened one more door for attackers to use that requires no retardation ont he user's part.

All that's required is an adserver that doesn't do a very good job of screening ads that serves ads to a lot of sites and viola.

Instant system compromise.

+ - Qatari Diplomat sparks bomb scare with a cigarette->

Submitted by PixieDust
PixieDust (971386) writes "A Qatari diplomat sneaking a smoke in an airplane bathroom sparked a bomb scare Wednesday night on a flight from Washington to Denver, law enforcement officials said.

The plane was escorted by F-16s to DIA where it safely landed. The diplomat may well have full diplomatic immunity.

Guess he just REALLY REALLY wanted a cigarette."

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+ - Mom busted for "stealing" son's Facebook account->

Submitted by NeoBeans
NeoBeans (591740) writes "An Arkansas teen has filed a harassment complaint against his mother for getting in to his Facebook account and posting stories on his wall and engaging in communication with him and his friends which included embarrassing stories about the teen. What makes this story interesting is not the complaint itself, but how the teen characterizes his mother's actions...

In his handwritten complaint to prosecutors, Lane New asked that his mother have no contact with him and wrote, "Denise first hacked my Facebook and changed my password. She also changed the password to my e-mail so I could not change it. She posted things that involve slander and personal facts about my life." Denise New acknowledged changing both passwords to keep her son from getting access to his Facebook page. She denied hacking into the account.

However, it appears no real "hacking" was involved...

"He left it logged in on my computer," she said. "It's not like I stole his laptop."

Is this a case of a careless user getting what they deserve because they remained logged in on a machine others had access to, or is this a case of harassment?"
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Comment: Re:Of course... (Score 1) 284

by PixieDust (#30542496) Attached to: Girl Gamers More Hardcore Than Guys
I cut my teeth on MUDs. I played EQ for quite some time as an Enchanter and quit shortly after Gates of Discord was released because WoW was going to take its place. And now I play WoW. I'm also a bit of an elitist. Guys don't tell me how to play. Usually it's me telling them why they're wrong about (insert game mechanic here), the math behind it, and several links and/or websites detailing data that shows they are wrong and I am right. I've been in Vent before chit chatting during random PuGs (most recently farming rep in ICC) and talk of mage specs came up. I was on my Disc Priest at the time, and asked a mage in the raid if they had a certain talent. This sparked a big discussion about whether or not it was something good to spent points on. The vent admin (who wasn't even in the damn raid) booted me because he was tired of listening to me, and the general consensus was that I didn't know wtf I was talking about. About 3 people came up to me after the run was finished to talk about that and had me log my mage and explain why this particular talent was useful, and the approximate uptime of the buff during boss fights in raids. All 3 of them (male) promptly went to switch the specs on their mages to include that talent. The general attitude of "girls suck at games" is rampant. It's a stereotype, and one that I take particular enjoyment in absolutely demolishing. But then people take the same attitude with guild names too. If a guild name doesn't drip testosterone, then it must be a shitty guild. We've also destroyed that one. Though I still want to find a sponser or something, and form a guild called "Pretty Pink Ponies" or something, maybe a Hello Kitty reference, and try and compete for world firsts. No real good reason other than to see the look on the faces of men who realized they have just been completely, utterly, and thoroughly destroyed.... by a GIRL!

Comment: Re:I think you've already decided... (Score 1) 600

by PixieDust (#30279708) Attached to: Ethics of Releasing Non-Malicious Linux Malware?

The fact remains that in most sensible implementations, the user is unable to run arbitrary code outside his own directory. /blockquote. I do the same to Windows implementations. It really isn't difficult. I would consider doing that "sensible". So in most sensible Windows implementations, the user is unable to run arbitrary code outside zir own directory. Stalemate.

With your bare hands?!?