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Comment: cost benefit (Score 1) 233

by Pirulo (#45520507) Attached to: Is a Postdoc Worth it?
If you are asking /. you might not be convinced, or worse, not passionate about it.
What other thing you desire or better yet, you really need, can be attained with the same amount of money, time and sacrifice that you'd pour in a postdoc?
Most people do not realize there's better ways to invest in time, money and sacrifice.
Some need to pay for the education and be chased with deadlines to learn and/or get something done.
If you must go for formal education, I personally find more benefit in studying something new I don't have a remote clue about.

Comment: Install your own PBX (Score 1) 497

For a while (until the computer died) I used to run an Asterix server at home.
It let me do all sorts of call management, white-listing, black-listing, special automated menus, (you can even program an infinite looped one for them).
Call bridging, and petty much anything you'd like to do with an incoming call.
You'll need at least an old PC and one card to plug the phone line in.

Comment: business != MBA (Score 0) 167

by Pirulo (#45147847) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: As a Programmer/Geek, Should I Learn Business?
The model we have works fairly well for us. When we develop a product is either our product, or a product that somebody asked us to develop. If we find it worth it, we'll develop it charging money, and we'll keep a percentage of the company/product as well. We are learning business as we go and from a disparity of sources. But the bottom line is that good products have a marketing of their own as word of mouth is the best seller. I have a bias against college MBAs, you could just read the books and use your business as the field to apply.

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