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Comment Scroll Lock/FreeBSD and Sun Keyboards (Score 1) 683 683

I do! The FreeBSD terminal uses a Scroll Lock tap to freeze the screen so that you can go back and read those make or gcc messages or warnings you just missed with the arrow keys. Another press of Scroll Lock returns you back to your prompt (or output, if you are still processing). LED is also usful to tell you what status you are in. Works great ...

Until you put your server on a KVM that uses Scroll Lock to select the current server or skip to the next server. So, do those Mac keyboards not have Scroll Lock, Break, and Print Screen? Other than those users using Greenshot or Gadwin ScreenPrint, how could they be using those keys...

Ah, I remember now - those are F13, F14, and F15. Except that the F-keys are hidden under other items like brightness up/down, volume up/down, screen mirror/extend and so on. So, why didn't researcher note those?

As for SUN keyboard layouts (USB variant plugged into Windows 7) - I like the Control Key placement(where caps lock is now). Escape is acceptable (replaces tilde & grace accent key). But that Backspace key! What were they smoking!
Sun Hardware Designer 1: "Most of Sun terminal app users use Ctrl-H and DEL anyway, so lets make the Backspace key the size of every other key, and put it UNDER the BackSlash key. So when a Windows user users our keyboard, every time he goes for BackSlash, he'll hit Backspace instead!"
Sun Hardware Designer 2: "That's great boss, my idea is to switch the position of the Super and Alt keys. Lets also shrink that BackSlash down and put a tilde/grave key there, too!"
Sun Hardware Designer 1: "Splendid, we'll keep people locked into using our servers forever because our design is so superior!"

Tongue firmly in cheek there, for those not getting it. I do like Caps Lock swtiched with Ctrl, though. That's very nice, and really is superior. I just wish those other keys weren't moved about. For those wondering what generation, there's a tiny Sun Sparc 4m that this is supposed to go with. The USB mouse doesn't work with Windows - maybe it needs a reflective pad?, but the keyboard works great.

Comment Re:CSA never won a war (Score 1) 818 818

I agree with your point about history being written by the victors, but I wouldn't call the War of 1812 a win for the US. The capitol was burned and sacked, and the British ships of the line could easily handle any ships that early America could field. The British let it go because their economy was reeling after batting the US in the west and Napoleon's armies in the east.

Comment Re:Those evil enemy oppressors (Score -1) 818 818

You might be trolling, but I'll bite. The Civil War was not fought primarily over slavery. That's revisionist history. Don't get angry, that's the way was taught to me in high school as well, with Honest Abe liberating the slaves. It wasn't until college that I found out that there was a lot more to it than that. Slavery was an important issue, yes, but if it was the primary reason, I suspect the Emancipation Proclamation would have been issued in 1861, not 1863. The Civil War was primarily fought for state's rights, and also cultural, economic, financial reasons. Not to mention abolitionists that demonized everyone that lived in the south, not just the plantation slave owners
  • The North was industrialized, while the South was primarily an agrarian society.
  • The North was also receiving a great deal of infrastructure from taxes (e.g. railroads, roads, bridges) compared to the South. The North had 80% of the railroads, compared to the south's 20%. Those 80% were standardized, where in the South there were 3 competing track styles.
  • The North put high tariffs cheap imports from overseas to protect its new textile industry, which put a financial burden on the South. It's estimated the cost of finished goods rose 50% practically overnight in the South, because they had to pay the North's prices (and shipping)
  • The North was only letting new states in as 'free' states, to curtail the power of the South. See California, Kansas
  • Northern and Southern politicians did not get along at all, not unlike Republicans and Democrats of today. At least they aren't coming to blows... yet

This is a free speech issue. If the Confederate Battle Flag is now a symbol of racism and must be banned, what about the gray soldier's uniform? Do we ban that, too? How about the General Lee, it's got a big flag on the roof? How about the Civil War computer games, ban those, too? Let's go a bit further with this: What about the Swastika? How about the NAZI flag? Stormtrooper uniforms? The German SS ones, not the Star Wars ones. Do I own or want to own any of these items? No. But if a museum wants to display these items, I think it should be allowed to, so long as we are not glorifying the murder of innocent lives. As for the Civil War, I'd argue that we need not to forget it, or we might end up repeating it.

Comment Re:Sounds like a plan! (Score 1) 1067 1067

Oh man, why did you have to post 4GL (or ABL or whatever they call it today) into this topic!

Okay, I'll bite. I prefer FIND LAST table OF otherTable WHERE aDate = ? NO-LOCK NO-ERROR in a FOR EACH loop with lots of BUFFERs to the same table, myself. It means I have to wrap each table access in IF AVAILABLE statements (shortened to IF AVAIL table THEN DO:). Thanks for the tip, though.

Comment Re:PuTTY is Passe (Score 1) 216 216

I respectfully disagree. There's no way the terminal in MobaXterm is PuTTY. It behaves differently, and doesn't have the configuration knobs that PuTTY has. I believe it is using mintty, like Cygwin uses.

I think that he parses the registry for the PuTTY settings, and loads them (15 or so connections for the free version, all for the paid version). If he uses any PuTTY code, it is just to marshall that hunk of registry data into clickable links that mintty can understand. Look for SimonTatham in your registry.

Comment Re:Cygwin appreciation society! (Score 1) 216 216

I'd like to comment about MobaXterm: It is a Lazarus (or more likely Delphi) application with the source code freely available under the GPL v3 license. However, it uses some closed source items as part of its build environment, so it will not compile from the available source. It cobbles together pieces of MinGW and the MinGW Xserver into a nice product. Worth installing, if you cannot have a true Linux terminal. Link

That said, security-wise, be careful with MobaXterm. Per Nessus it runs on its host with its X11 server wide open. Nessus will even happily grab a screen shot of what was going on on your screen the moment it scans it.
I think he has the remote Xserver screen grab turned on for the Windows 7+ peek feature, so you can have some idea of the window you want to open. Problem is, that feature doesn't fully work yet. If you have multiple overlapping windows, you get what's on top - that it. So if you have something fullscreen with covering something else behind it, you'll get a peek of the part of the fullscreen window, and not the window you really want.

That said, it's the best inexpensive shareware/nagware terminal/X11 server around, short of using 100% Linux. On the full commercial side, Hummingbird's Reflection product may technically be better, but when it costs $500 to $1000 per seat per version - no thanks. $70 to $100/year is more reasonable than that (price is based on Euro, so Dollar price varies)

Comment Re:NYT doesn't report news but does try to create (Score 1) 532 532

I don't think that code 9542XA is specific enough. Does it cover when you are in the spacecraft, or when the spacecraft falls on your house?

What if it's an alien spacecraft? I bet insurance classifies that as an 'act of God' and won't cover it. Doesn't matter if you wander into a spacecraft piloted by Pee Wee Herman or the darn thing just falls on you for no reason at all .

I wondering if there's a code for if a house falls on you. Oh, there is, but it's a bit generic.

Comment Re:I See it made it to DRM-free (Score 1) 99 99

Even if there is registry crap, can't 2 registry exports and diff take care of that? Just run the diff'd registry hunk and you should be golden.

The only other thing to watch out for is those shared libraries, like VC, VC++, MFC42, DirectX 9.0c (June / July / etc...) and so on that are added by the installer, and maybe compatibility settings, such as when the game requires admin. Might be a good idea to backup what the MS DirectX WebInstaller installs, just to be on the safe side.

Comment Re:Android 5.1 fucked up my Nexus 5's camera. (Score 1) 179 179

This also happened to Samsung S3 phones on CyanogenMod. CM11 M12 (KitKat 4.4.4). They say the nightlies will fix it, but work on the milestones has stopped completely because everyone is working on L. GPS is utterly ruined, too, but according to developers, it didn't work on the stock ROM, either.

Comment Re:Not Brick (Score 2) 179 179

Not always. Sometimes when a flash happens, the manufacturer blows some e-Fuses to prevent the device from being downgraded. I've heard of it happening on some Samsung phones, specifically one of the JellyBean versions (4.1 to 4.2 or 4.2 to 4.3). From what I recall it was the 4.1 bootloader that could no longer be used, and you had to know the exact baseband you were on to get a proper bootloader to restore your phone with Odin. From what I recall, Odin is an internal Samsung program for repairing phones and tabs in a bootloop. Is there something akin to Odin for Nexus devices?

Phone flashers generally know to:
  1. 1) backup phone before upgrade
  2. 2) flash phone - generally from recovery on SD card, also sometimes from USB when SD slots are unavailable
  3. 3) boot to recovery and wipe cache and system/dalvik

I don't fully understand the OTA upgrade, but you'd think the thing would do the last two bits above itself.

Can anyone confirm if the Nexus OTA upgrade blows some eFuses to prevent downgrade?

Comment Re:How well forethought of dice (Score 1) 119 119

No, it does, you just have to use the <pre> tags, like so...
This is preformatted text
Well, that stinks. Let me try the <tt> tags, then:
This is preformatted text with tt & /tt tags.
Phooey. It ate all my extra spaces. I suppose you could use &nbsp; non-breaking spaces....

Nope. I guess trolls abused these features too much in the distant past, so I sort of understand that.
I'm still confused about the lack of Unicode, though. I though Perl could handle it?

Function reject.