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Journal Journal: "Why have you made me a Foe?"

Because your comments contain something that I object to. Not the content, I'm happy to read your differing opinions, but something in the structure of the comment. Most likely, your comments contain a "sig" that is not removed by the "Disable Sigs" checkbox. If you insist on overriding my preferences and adding a sig to the body of your comments, or you indulge in any other formatting tricks that spoil the slashdot experience, then you are my foe.

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Journal Journal: Which? on CD copying (story submission) 2

Computing Which?, an entirely independent UK consumer magazine, is running a report on Apple, Sony etc.'s confusing stance on copyright. "Rip, mix, burn", but "The products that we produce ... are licenced to use for material for which [the consumer] holds the copyright". The article advocates the explicit legalisation of personal CD copying. (Can anyone work out what the BPI are saying in the last paragraph?)

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