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Comment: Re:duh? (Score 1) 144

by PhilHibbs (#49179905) Attached to: Technology's Legacy: the 'Loser Edit' Awaits Us All

There was an old friend of Mohammed Emwazi ("Jyhadi John") saying that he was a really nice guy - sweet, gentle, intelligent, and everyone was horrified that anyone could say that of such a monster. Er, I'm sorry, but if that's what the guy actually thought about Emwazi at the time, then that's what he thought. You can't change that.

Comment: Re:Who are these people? (Score 1) 394

by PhilHibbs (#49137783) Attached to: Lawmakers Seek Information On Funding For Climate Change Critics

It's the natural tendency for people to interpret evidence in the way that supports their prejudice. Go to any football match (I'm thinking soccer as I'm a Brit, but I guess USian football is probably the same) and ask two supporters from different sides what they honestly thought of the merits of a referee's decision. 90% of the time they will agree with decisions that went their way and disagree with decisions that went the other way.

My mum watches a load of those "psychic detectives" TV programmes, and whenever I watch one with her, I steadfastly refuse to accept as credible anything I'm seeing. Why? Because I don't believe in psychic powers. All that evidence, all those police officers saying they would never have solved the case without the psychic's help, I disregard it out of hand. I don't know why it's invalid, I can't prove that any of them are lying and I don't have the statistics to hand about how often "psychics" turn out to be time-wasting frauds that get in the way of investigations, I don't care. I've made my mind up and I ignore any evidence that I am presented with. I guess I'm just as bad as AGW-deniers.

Comment: Re:oh please. I'm tired of this "diversity" bullsh (Score 1) 493

Considering that the environment in IT is actually more hostile to men than to women, the question is kind of moot.

I've not encountered that, but anyway the specific problem in IT is purely a numbers game. Even assuming mysogyny and mysandry are equally pervasive, if 50% of people are hostile to men and 50% are hostile to women, then in a department of mostly men, each man will feel threatened about half of the time but women will feel threatened all of the time, because there are fewer targets and so each one becomes the target of mysogyny far more often. The same can be said for any minority. When one group dominates, the minority suffer even if bias is evenly distributed.

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