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Comment: First Line of Defense (Score 3, Insightful) 31

by TubeSteak (#49150135) Attached to: Simple IT Security Tactics for Small Businesses (Video)

Don't use your fucking Point of Sale systems to browse the internet. Or check your E-mail. Or for anything other than inventory & payment.

This goes double for any computer that is used to access customer or patient records.

I see this all the time and it makes me cringe.
If you can't afford separate systems for you or your employees to dick around on,
then you sure as hell can't afford the fallout from getting pwned.

Comment: Burst Forth, Publish Your Policy Report! (Score 5, Insightful) 213

If you look at this list, the majority of these problems are man-made. Other than a super volcano and an asteroid impact, the solution seems pretty simple. We must abandon all technology and kill all but a small percentage of the population. And those that are left must live in isolated groups. That way there will not be a world wide disease outbreak.

Yep, that's the only option. There's nothing between doing nothing and that option. It's all we have. And if anyone starts to talk about mitigation strategies, planning ahead of time or devoting a single cent of taxpayer money toward preparing for it, we are just all going to have a meltdown and throw a tantrum with teabags on our hats. Thank god we have these strawman arguments for what these ivory tower Oxford elitists are telling us to do: eliminate the human race to protect the human race. I cannot believe they would actually come to that conclusion but there it is, right in the article. Those environmentalists will have us starving in mud huts by the end of the month if we just sit by and let this academic report go unabated and without criticism!

*tortured sigh*

Comment: Re:The U.S.A. is now a third world country (Score 1) 311

by TubeSteak (#49064247) Attached to: Nuclear Plant Taken Down In Anticipation of Snowstorm

Maybe taking advantage of the shutdown to do a bit of inspection and maintainance turned up something that took a while to fix.

Entergy's Pilgrim plant has been consistently ranked by the NRC as one of the worst in the country.

It's much more likely that Entergy took advantage of the shutdown to fix things they should have taken care of a long time ago, but refused to deal with, because the plant could be unprofitable in the near future and they're trying to milk as much profit out of it as possible. It'll all show up in some NRC filing(s) sooner or later.

Comment: Re:A precaution when done ahead of time. (Score 4, Informative) 311

by TubeSteak (#49064233) Attached to: Nuclear Plant Taken Down In Anticipation of Snowstorm

Pilgrim is a reliable station still going strong after many years.

Lol @ reliable. Pilgrim has been on the NRC's worst-ten shit list for a few years now.

The same day the storm hit, the NRC sent Pilgrim a letter.

Overall, the NRC has determined that your act ions have not provided the assurance level to fully meet all of the inspection objectives and have correspondingly determined that Pilgrim will remain in the Degraded Cornerstone of the Action Matrix by the assignment of two parallel White PI inspection findings. [Green, White, Yellow, Red, in increasing order of severity] [...] . Additionally, for one of the
root cause evaluations, inspectors determined that Entergy failed to investigate a deficient condition in accordance with corrective action program (CAP) requirements to ensure they fully understood all of the causes of one of the [four unplanned] scram events [that happened in 2013].

Reliable != multiple unplanned SCRAMs per year.

Anyways, on January 27, while the reactor was SCRAMing, these three things happened:

The High Pressure Coolant Injection System had to be secured due to failure of the gland seal motor.
The station diesel air compressor failed to start.
One of the four safety relief valves could not be operated manually from the control room.

Those safety relief valves are the ones that get used to vent pressure after the coolant injection system fails.

Pilgrim has problems. On top of all those problems, locals are spitting mad because the disaster plans fail to include scenarios like "giant blizzard shuts down all the roads and nobody can evacuate."

Comment: Re:You are wrong (Score 1) 288

If you are a smart nerd, you realize that you are dealing in anecdotal evidence and know the pitfalls of that. Your thought process seems to be : "I got beat up, therefore girls in general have it easier than I did." If that is truly your thought process, it tells a lot about whether or not you are a smart nerd or not. High school was a social meat grinder with no positive memories for me, and I still recognize the advantages I have had even through that horrible time.

Logically, you know those who were drawn to CS and actually made it into the program, but have negligible information about those who were drawn to CS and discouraged from it.

You really don't believe in a gender bias? Really? There is ample evidence for it. http://blogs.scientificamerica...
[ tldr: a study shows that the exact same resume gets statistically significant different responses when male or female names are attached to it ]

Of course sons are praised for being strong, and they are also praised for being smart. Even the dumb ones are praised for being smart the few times they do something not stupid.

Comment: Re:Lead girls to water bottles to stoke CS interes (Score 3, Insightful) 288

I am not saying that women can work harder than men can.
I'm saying that the work men do is often given more merit.
I'm also saying that women are more actively discouraged from tech than men are, and men are more actively encouraged to get into tech. Why you would think 'good' in the same thought as 'discouraged' is a mystery to me.

Historically sons are praised for being clever and daughters for being pretty. That is an enormous societal pressure right there.

Comment: Re:Lead girls to water bottles to stoke CS interes (Score 1) 288

Were you discouraged because of grades, or because of your gender?

She had _great_ grades in high school and was still discouraged. She did more than what was asked and worked solid and hard and did not let herself get distracted by drugs or booze.

I know as well as you do that there isn't a guaranteed correlation between grades and success. What correlation there is, however, is a whole lot less arbitrary than gender is.

While you were in high school getting discouraged, were you working your ass off for high school and working your ass off at a job only to go home and be expected to clean the house spotless every day? Did you pay that many dues? Did you have time to watch TV or drink or toke or anything like that?

Comment: Re:Lead girls to water bottles to stoke CS interes (Score 1) 288

She was trying to get out of there fast. She went to the first place she could afford to work her way through and pay for on her own.

"Constant discouragement from everyone" sounds a little fishy to me. Were you ever told by a guidance councilor to not bother?

Comment: Re:Lead girls to water bottles to stoke CS interes (Score 0, Flamebait) 288

So you consider yourself sabotaged? Actively discouraged? Are you one of those who thinks a mere 10 hours a day of hard work is something special? Did you know beforehand what you wanted to be? If you have a single interesting path, you will fight tooth and nail to keep it open. If there are 10 interesting paths, you will not fight as hard to keep a single one from closing.

You might not realize this, but there is a societal myth of the ignored loner male turning into some brilliant computer guy. It's possible that did not influence you, but it is more likely that it did.

Comment: Re:Lead girls to water bottles to stoke CS interes (Score 2) 288

Well, you didn't get your acceptance letter from Carnage Mellon University engineering program tossed in the trash without being told until later, didya? Happened to my wife.

I would bet that you've never ever been discouraged from tech one bit. But now you are an expert of how to behave when discouraged? Yeahno.

+ - Something Resembling "The Wheel of Time" Aired Last Night on FXX->

Submitted by eldavojohn
eldavojohn (898314) writes "If you didn't partake in the DDOS attack on Dragonmount as fans tried to figure out just what the %&#% was going on last night, you should probably prepare yourself for Billy Zane filled disappointment and watch a curious pilot covering the prologue of "Eye of the World" by Robert Jordan that apparently aired around 01:30 AM Eastern time on FXX. The reviews of said pilot are unkind and appear to contain question marks all the way down starting with Jordan's Widow disavowing its authorization. The world of film and TV development is a confusing one but it appears that NBC initially bought options to turn it into a mini series which were then optioned by Universal/Red Eagle Entertainment in conjunction with Red Eagle Games to do a coordinated release. Red Eagle games announced a combined effort with Jet Set games and around 2012 began releasing information on an "Aiel War" project to target mobile gaming platforms. But that appeared to die with its failed kickstarter attempt. It is suspected that Red Eagle Entertainment is behind the odd FXX airing last night. Was this an eleventh hour "use it or lose it" move by Red Eagle Entertainment without Universal's knowledge? In any case, it was a secretive, odd, low-budget, disappointing start to The Wheel of Time in film."
Link to Original Source

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