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Comment: Re:And what good would it do? (Score 1) 447

by Reziac (#49388829) Attached to: Why the Final Moments Inside a Cockpit Are Heard But Not Seen

Too little or too much iodine can fuck up your thyroid (only because it uses iodine directly), but otherwise it's not real sensitive to lifestyle or diet... however it can influence what you want to do and eat (low thyroid causes sugar craving and lack of motivation/energy to do anything). TSH levels fluctuate depending on iron, selenium, and sugar intake, but there's no strong evidence that any of these will cause more than transient deficiency; indeed, low thyroid is a known cause of poor iron absorption, so it's rather the reverse -- eat well and you still won't get good use of it. At least one gene has been identified that causes poor T4-to-T3 conversion, IOW the DNA that controls the required enzyme is defective. Anyway, if you try treating hypothyroid with diet and exercise you won't get far. I can point at myself as a good example -- I'm more active than most folks (I've done physical work my whole life) and I eat almost entirely home-cooked, nutrient-dense food, but that doesn't do a thing for my Hashimoto's.

Comment: Re:The worst thing about April Fools Day... (Score 1) 34

by plover (#49388499) Attached to: Wastelanders Decry Lack of Change In Punishment Wheel

The funniest thing is that every story is filled with comments from whingers who don't realize they're being trolled by Slashdot. The editors are no doubt sitting in a conference room, keeping score on all of the comments. Maybe they've even turned it into a drinking game where they drink every time someone types 'stop', and have to chug for each goatse.


Comment: Re:Christian Theocracy (Score 0) 1125

by roman_mir (#49388263) Attached to: Apple's Tim Cook Calls Out "Religious Freedom" Laws As Discriminatory

So a person has no rights. A "right" is only a restriction on the government, and not tied to a person.

- that's not what I said. A right is everything that you can do without government abusing you. USA founders said exactly that, some where more insistent than others that the Constitution is the exact literal enumeration of powers allocated to the government, the powers that allow government to step over the rights of an individual under specific conditions. Government is violence by definition, that is all it is and for the governed to accept the government they have to see good reason for it and the way the USA Founders saw it, government had to have very specific powers given to it to deal with cases where people would be denied their rights.

A person in jail is a person, whose right to freedom is denied by government oppression, that oppression has to be enumerated as one of the powers allocated to the government. Government has to prove that it can oppress the right of that individual to freedom.

A person murdered by another person or a person hurt somehow by a company (which is really just another person or a group of people) is an individual situation, where criminal code may apply in order to establish guilt or innocence and to hand out oppression of rights again to those, who basically broke the criminal code rules.

So you can see that rights are related to individual or business and government, while criminal code is related to dealing between individuals or companies.

Government officials can break the law as well of-course, then it also has to be punished according to the criminal code, but government as a system cannot be punished by any criminal code, there is nobody personally to punish, so because government is a system it has to adhere to rules defined in the Constitution, rules as to how the government can oppress/abuse individuals, who have all the rights until the government can use its authority to deny that right.

Comment: Re:Geoblocking (Score 1) 57

by fyngyrz (#49387727) Attached to: EU Commission Divided Over Nation-Specific Content Blocking

Sorry, I thought I had been clear.

I wasn't talking about regional control of distribution by publishers, I was talking about arbitrary interference with materials intended for the end user, where the end user is interfered with by bad actors, most notably, government busybodies.

I own a literary agency and deal with copyright and regional issues a great deal more often, and in more ways, than most people. But that isn't what I was talking about, as it seems like a non-issue to me -- as long as we have nations and varying costs of distribution, we'll have some effective form of regional controls. So I had gone off on what I thought was an obvious tangent. Apparently not.

Comment: Re:Christian Theocracy (Score 0) 1125

by roman_mir (#49386377) Attached to: Apple's Tim Cook Calls Out "Religious Freedom" Laws As Discriminatory

The right means exactly that: government cannot oppress you and abuse you (and murdering you is a form of oppression and abuse), there is no concept of a 'right' between 2 individuals or businesses and there cannot be, because out of 2 individuals or businesses none of them have any legal authority to dictate to another and/or to use any form of violence. We have to have rights when we are dealing with a government, because government has legal authority to use violence (unfortunately), so to counterbalance that legal authority to violence we have to have rules that prevent governments from just using that violence however they like.

As to violence between 2 individuals or companies, that has nothing to do with rights, that has to do with criminal law as it is understood within that locality. You could have a completely private criminal justice system and still deal with violence that way. People did give up their right to deal with criminal code to governments in most cases, but because the governments are (supposed to be) bound by the rules that are established as individual rights, governments also cannot just pretend to deal with criminal cases without abiding by those rules.

These are completely different issues, a right is about an individual or a company (which I also see as an individual) dealing with the violent government authority and criminal code is about individual and private matters, where individuals are interested in preventing crime committed by other individuals.

Comment: Re:See nothing that says this is x86 (Score 1) 112

by plover (#49385331) Attached to: Microsoft Announces Surface 3 Tablet

That's a premature pronouncement, too. My Windows tablet is also now my laptop, just smaller and lighter. Not as light as my iPad, but the iPad has been relegated to a desk drawer because it's essentially useless compared to carrying around a tablet with a fully functioning OS.

If Apple were to install OSX on the iPad family of devices, that would indeed change the game again. But that would mean cutting into their insanely lucrative monopoly with their App Store model, so that's not likely to happen.

Comment: Re:Grossly Over-o's Here (Score 1) 120

by fyngyrz (#49384087) Attached to: Amazon Launches 'Home Services' For Repair, Installation, and Other Work

If you know of grammar errors or other writing problems / errors on my page(s), I will be delighted to fix them, and also to learn how to do better. Because doing the best one can is important. Better to strive to paint like an actual painter than to be satisfied with finger-painting like an addled child. So fire away. :)

Comment: Geoblocking (Score 2) 57

by fyngyrz (#49379307) Attached to: EU Commission Divided Over Nation-Specific Content Blocking

"Geoblocking" is just a tech-specific euphemism for "muzzling content we don't want you to see."

As such, it is entirely disrespectful, specifically in that it attempts to deny people the ability to make their own choices. It is a direct manifestation of "we know better than you what you should be able to see, read, listen to, and use."

This is about personal agency. Part of that WRT to network access is -- should be -- the choice to implement boundaries of your own using the appropriate tools. Of which there are many, ranging from user-friendly whitelists and blacklists to keeping your hosts file updated (highly recommended, btw... great for killing advertisers, too.) And of course, there's always "I'll just click away from here", an actual sane adult choice.

The one upside is that in some cases, this kind of top-down systemic oppression will just make people learn about secure proxies faster.

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