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Comment I don't want to hold your beer (Score 1) 187

Googlers generally apply those words to how we serve our users.

Really? Like charging them for a service that you won't fix the bugs in? (base)
Really? Like forcing everyone to remove their copyright info from images so you can use those images to benefit competitors who pay you more (base, again)
Really? Like never adding the most basic, 1990s-old commonly used features to GMail?
Really? Like classing websites according to your anti-sex moralistic bullshit and then locking those people out of earning a living?

It appears to me that not only do you (Google, Google employees) not apply "those words", you have no bloody idea what they mean.

You can go back to making your money-driven search results now. Cuz, hey, THAT is "serving your users" (up on a platter, that is.)

Comment Re:Millennials and "codes of conduct". (Score 3, Insightful) 187

To many Millennials, a "code of conduct" isn't something to help keep social interaction civil. It's actually a weapon that they use against those whom they dislike.

Power corrupts. It's always been true, and it's still true. That's why a focus on personal and consensual choice, "your right to swing stops at my face", and liberty in general is needed to keep the error rate down to a dull roar -- just about every committee or action of a legislature is an act of exerting power. Far too often, that power is inappropriately construed, far too often that power is inappropriately applied. Classing is another wielding of power that consistently proves to be used as a means of harm and revenge. I can think of numerous examples in the technical realm, from ridiculous and irrelevant "certifications" to college degree requirements regardless of your knowledge and experience, to portions of the GPL.

As for millennials, this didn't start with them, not even close. As a 60-year old fellow, I could go on for pages with accurate stories about social codes of conduct that were (and in many cases still are) used as attempts to bludgeon people into compliance with everything from superstition (by which I primarily mean various aspects of religion), to the red scare, to the 'Murica mindset, to the ridiculously exaggerated "sex trafficking" nonsense, to drug use and the drug war, slut shaming, gangsterism, terrorism, and so on. Seems to me that you're probably just finding the millennials more annoying because for whatever reason, their behavior has clashed with your outlook -- which is not to say anyone is right or wrong, just that there's an up-front conflict.

Comment I dunno (Score 1) 166

It's like the premium charged for snotty foods at upscale supermarkets. People will lay it.

Well.... cucumbers and corn on the cob, perhaps, but good luck getting someone to lay a pineapple or a live lobster. This is by no means a universal solution for snotty food purchases.

Comment Re:Obligatory Jeff Goldblum... (Score 2) 443

The difference there is that your driving record could be based on verifiable facts taken from the public record. "You had an accident in 2013 where at trial you were found 50% at fault." "In 2012 you pled guilty to driving 75 on a 55 road when you paid your traffic ticket." This is purely random digits, assigned out of spite, fear, hate, love, admiration, or whatever. Worse, it might be digits that are bought and paid for by the account owner (hire a sock puppet army to boost your score) or as a result of an attack (hire a sock puppet army to slag someone because they cheated on your sister, or because they dress funny, or simply because you're a sociopathic troll.)

Comment Re:Short sighted and wrong. (Score 1) 315

The merchants here change readers every three years or so.

That's because the terminals are required to be more and more secure to protect the mag stripe data, and their older terminals were out of compliance with the standards. This has been a massive exercise in kicking the can down the road.

With chip cards, the game changes fundamentally when security moves into the chip. But until the whole ecosystem of cards, mag stripes, and web entry of account numbers gets fully converted to EMV, the data passed out of the chip can still be stolen and abused at some of the weakest links. Hopefully the "liability shift" will convince these weakest links they need to convert to chip readers before they get stung with crippling losses because they allowed their systems to be used for fraud.

Comment Re:Is the NYT Racist? (Score 0) 225

Trump will not solve the problem but not for a second for the reasons that you believe. The problem with Trump is that he promises easy solutions to everybody and that is pie in the sky.

However there is nothing 'unregulated' about accumulation of wealth and power, unless you consider all the government intervention into the free market economy being 'unregulated'.

The only sane economy is economy based on actual free market capitalism, anarcho capitalism, unregulated (as in no government intervention) free market. We do not have that, we have gigantic, out of control governments, deciding price of everything, taxing every form of income and wealth, licensing every form of business activity, preventing savings from being accrued with extremely high inflation generated by government and pseudo-government structures.

I see both, Trump and Sanders being potential HITLER (here we go) characters. Except that I don't think Trump actually believes the crap that he is espousing, which makes Sanders much more dangerous. Collectivism (socialism, communism, Stalinism, Leninism, Marxism, Nazism) murdered hundreds of millions of free individuals, destroyed countless amounts of wealth. How many more hundreds of millions, how much more of the economic potential has to be destroyed?

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