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Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: BETA BOOOOOOOO

+ - AltSlashdot is coming-> 3

Submitted by Okian Warrior
Okian Warrior writes: I've registered "". I intend to run a site much like Slashdot used to be — better articles, less decoration and less "in your face" functionality. I'm reviewing and getting comfortable with slashcode right now. I'm looking for volunteers to help with setup and running the site. If the site becomes profitable, I intend to hire from the pool of volunteers. If you've ever wanted to participate in a site like Slashdot, here's your chance! I'm particularly in need of people who can:
  • Set up and manage a high-traffic site (servers, load-balancers, data sites, &c)
  • Edit story submissions
  • HTML, CSS, and script creation/bugfix/repair

Contact me if interested John (at) AltSlashdot (dot) org
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+ - Fuck beta 1

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: The beta is bad. It's so bad. The comments are reduced in screen width about 50%. Subject lines are deemphasized, scores are minimized, etc.

The discussions are the reason to come to Slashdot, and the beta trivializes them entirely. It looks like the comment section on a generic news site.

The comments now look like an afterthought, whereas they used to be the primary focus of the site.

+ - Are there programmers who know nothing about PCs?

Submitted by Ryntis
Ryntis writes: I have a friend who has a BS in Computer Science, and is very very good at it, but doesnt know how to build his own computer. He goes so far as to ask me to help him install things. I always joke with my friends that he can write a hardware driver but can't install a PCI card.. Is there even one other person in the world (or slashdot community) who can program but knows nothing about hardware? I find this strange as I always saw one as a requirement for the other.

+ - Jotspot Acquired by Google

Submitted by
K2 writes: "Jotpsot has been aquired by Google Just got an email from Jotspotsaying their current appliance beta is not going forward because of the Google purchase. For those of us that use (and sometimes love) Jotspot, I think this is good news. Those few features that we'd love to have but Jot doesn't quite handle might now become a reality. For those of you who are scared Google is taking over the world, well, you're right."

+ - Being Peter Molyneux

Submitted by simoniker
simoniker writes: Gamasutra has a new interview with Lionhead's Peter Molyneux up, in which he discusses next-gen technology choices, his troubles with the press, and his overwhelming drive to succeed, as well as some new thoughts on Fable 2. On his press difficulties: "I've come to realize that the way I speak, the things I talk about are going to be interpreted. And that sometimes leads to misquotes, and that sometimes that can be frustrating, but for example — the talk I've given today, there's nothing for me to point to onscreen — I'm just giving you a braindump of my ideas. And half of that — half of the interest of that is the interpretation you put on it in your own mind... I'll be absolutely honest with you, sometimes in the past I've actually changed little bits of the game to match the misquote, however insane that sounds."

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