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Comment: Re:Can't wait to get this installed in my house (Score 1) 514 514

assuming electricity prices remain constant.

That's obviously a big assumption; but an even bigger one is that the price difference between day and night remains constant, which will definitely not be the case as soon as a significant part of electricity consumer start charging at night...

Comment: Re:Gamechanger (Score 1) 514 514

5 cents is low. Most time of use differentials are much higher. In my area, it is 14 cents. At that rate, it works out to $1.40 a day. This is $511 a year return on a $3500 investment... pretty good return.

Yes, but your scenario relies heavily on the price difference between peak and off-peak ; as soon as a significant part of the users start doing this, peaks will be smoothed, and the price difference will decrease.

Comment: Re:greedy liar (Score 1) 451 451

I fully agree with you. And a few other interesting use cases for self-driving vehicles :

- Kids can use it (for instance when you don't want to have to pick up your kids at their soccer training)

- Older persons can use it when they are not able to drive anymore

- When you get home at 3 AM half drunk

Comment: Re:A second language DOES change your world views (Score 1) 274 274

The fact that English has become the word's language has nothing to do with its ease of learning.

Care to explain why ?

You would certainly agree that a language that is hard to learn has fewer chances to be used all around the world ? Hence, being easier to learn surely helps (even if there may be other reasons).

Comment: Re:A second language DOES change your world views (Score 2) 274 274

It's just a pity that the world's de-facto common language (English) is so hard to learn well...

I disagree; English is relatively easy to learn, therefore it has become the world's de-facto common language.

Besides, any language (except maybe Esperanto ?) is hard to learn well...

Comment: Re:Reader (Score 1) 150 150

Too bad you didn't step up to the plate and become the maintainer, when Google offered to give the source code away to anyone who wanted to run their own "Google Reader" service.

It is not a problem of code, it is a problem of providing the service

I guess you maybe couldn't figure out a revenue model for the damn thing, either?

Feedly seems to have found it...

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