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Comment Re:Legacy robberies (Score 1) 268

The source code in the presentation is for an off-the-shelf (and quite popular) microcontroller set that is sold at Maker Fairs to hobbyist teens. The entire protocol and the weakness of said protocol is exposed in said source code.

Just because you cannot imagine how he did it doesn't mean that it's unimaginable that someone could do this. It simply means you're out of his league.


Submission + - Wii in-game friend lists won't be universal

John writes: "As reported on Tuesday, GameSpy are assisting Nintendo in implementing Wi-Fi driven features into future Wii games. Rather than provide one friend list applicable for all Wii online games though, as is the case with many of the other formats, Nintendo has decided to stick with the current set up: users still have to make their friends list for every game played. 106333"

Submission + - Details emerge on PSP FFT: Lion War multiplayer

njkid1 writes: "It was announced late last year that the upcoming Final Fantasy Tactics remake for the PSP would include new characters, new jobs, the addition of cel-shaded cutscenes, and an overhauled soundtrack. Perhaps most intruigingly, a multiplayer mode was also announced, but details have been sparse until today. AFC-HSUIT&ATTR=DIGG"
PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - PAL PS3 backwards compatibility update

An anonymous reader writes: Following statements by Sony about reduced backwards compatibility in the PAL version of the PS3, The Inquirer reports that Cynamite in Germany got their hands on an European PS3 model and tested its backwards compatibility with 12 of the most famous PS2 games. The results were that only one of those games worked properly, Eragon. Those tests were done with a PS3 containing version 1.5 of the PS3's firmware. Other sites are reporting that on launch day, Firmware version 1.6 will be released, which will allow about 1200 PS2 games to be played, accounting for about 50% of all PS2 games launched in Europe. This means that people who want to play older games will most likely have to update their Firmware right after buying their PS3. Sony will only release the definitive list of backwards compatible games on launch day, 23rd of March.

Submission + - Why do film critics trash video games?

Ben writes: Variety runs an opinion piece that questions why so many film critics who didn't like "300" compared it to a video game... as if that's obviously a bad thing??? "For today's movie critics, videogames are the new MTV musicvideo, a shorthand insult for any movie deemed too heavy on effects and visual panache at the expense of plot and coherence. Anyone who has spent much time playing videogames — a category in which, it seems safe to assume, few established film critics fall — knows the comparison is both artistically demeaning and substantively wrong."

Submission + - GameSpy support Wi-Fi on Wii

njkid1 writes: "Nintendo yesterday verified that GameSpy, a branch of IGN Entertainment offering online video game services and software, will power the WiFi multiplayer for Wii. This partnership brings with it the technology to include community attributes into games, such as friends lists, complex matchmaking abilities, and leaderboards. AFC-HSUIT&ATTR=DOTT"

Submission + - New - Free Magic: Gathering Game

Forge writes: "I wrote a new Java implementation of Magic: The Gathering. You can play with the rules against the computer. Currently there are 300+ cards and you can play in constructed, sealed, and draft mode. The program can automatically download all of the card pictures. You can download the main program and more documentation at

Some of the cards that are programmed are Wrath of God, Serra Angel, Juzam Djinn, Flametongue Kavu, Man-o'-War, and newer cards from Planar Chaos like Damnation, Serendib Efreet, Pyrohemia, Gaea's Anthem, Serra Sphinx, Pongify, Brute Force.

The GUI is basic but very usuable. It has been tested on Linux and Windows, and should work anywhere that has Java. The whole project is open source so you see and and fiddle with everything. And feedback is always welcome — Forge, mtgrares at yahoo com"

Nintendo, GameSpy Collaborate on Wii Service 64

It's with a sigh of relief that 1up is reporting on forward progress in the Wii's online service. GameSpy announced today that it is collaborating with Nintendo, using their middleware to allow players to meet up in online-enabled Wii titles. The first title to utilize the service will be Pokemon Battle Revolution, which releases on June 25th. The news is unfortunately not all good. "The technology will also be placed in the hands of third-party developers, although the announcement gives no indication how long companies have been working with the GameSpy middleware. Either way, it doesn't appear we'll be seeing online-enabled third-party releases until the fall, at the earliest." Here's hoping that this marks the beginning of moving beyond 'friend codes'.

Submission + - Why Newsweek shouldn't have a technology section

mewton writes: "Why does Newsweek even have a technology section? If your interested in the discussion of evolution and religion in Americal take a look at this poll in Newsweek's technology section online, Beyond Stones & Bones
The story is interesting enough but the discussion about it is infuriating, how can our education system be turning out such idiots? What are these religious idiots doing reading a technology article that they neither understand nor believe?"
PlayStation (Games)

Still A Rough Road Ahead for the PlayStation 3 304

TobyToadstool writes "Despite the good news out of GDC last week, it still seems like Sony's new console has some image management to do. CNET says that the PlayStation 3 is 'the most unwanted console in recent memory' and asks 'why is the PS3 so undesirable?' They specifically question the company's wisdom in emphasizing the power of the console. Their impression is that this invites developers to neglect gameplay, in favour of investing in graphics. Likewise, Gamespot is running a piece suggesting ten ways to make the PS3 worth buying. A lower price is just one of the suggestions with exclusives, and the need for online standardization, following close behind. Looks like Sony still has its work cut out."

Submission + - Mac OS X Update 10.4.9 Released

Parry writes: Ok, it's going to be a busy afternoon updating to 10.4.9 — Software update just popped up with the 10.4.9 Update listed. It's a 163Mb download over 10.4.8 and includes general operating system fixes, as well as specific fixes or compatibility updates for the following applications and technologies:
— RAW camera support
— Handling of large or malformed images that could cause crashes
— Image capture performance
— Mouse scrolling and keyboard shortcuts
— Font handling
— Playback quality, and bookmarks in DVD Player
— USB video conferencing cameras for use with iChat
— Bluetooth devices
— Browsing AFP servers
— Apple USB Modem
— Windows-created digital certificates
— Open and Print dialogs in applications that use Rosetta on Intel-based Macs
— Time zone and daylight saving for 2006 and 2007
— Security updates
All in all it does sound like a good number of improvements made it to this (perhaps final) update. has more information.
United States

Submission + - The Daylight Savings Change

sirgoran writes: Is it just me or did all of the time servers in the US fail to change over to the "New" Daylight Savings time last weekend? I've queried servers at US Universities and US Military time servers and none of the return the correct Time. They are all one hour behind. Anyone any any idea why or what the deal is?

Submission + - PS3 Cluster == Supercomputer

iocat writes: According to this story at Physorg, an engineer at NC State has created a supercomputing cluster of PS3s, linking together 8 of systems. Although the 512MB RAM capacity is a limitation, Professor Frank Mueller is quoted in the article as saying "Scientific computing is just number crunching, which the PS3s are very good at given the Cell processor and deploying them in a cluster..." The cluster cost him about US$5,000 to create. He estimates 10K clustered PS3s could be the most powerful computer on earth.

3D Martian Flyover Movies 69

Matthew Sparkes writes "NASA has created two virtual flyovers of the Mars rover landing sites using 3D imagery from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (New Scientist story here). The images were made using the most powerful camera ever sent to another planet, MRO's High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE). The three-dimensional information is obtained by taking pairs of images from slightly different vantage points as the spacecraft orbits the Red Planet."

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