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Comment Re:Sadly.. (Score 1) 352

Or did the kids who thought pcs were cool in 1998 are old farts who have jobs and newer kids want to make newer mobile apps for their phones and do not care about legacy pcs anymore?

Every kid (teenager) that I know has a PC/Laptop for in home use and they use their phones away from the PC. They haven’t abandoned the PC as a phone can only do so many things,

Comment Except when it comes to you asking them to remove (Score 1) 147

something. I had to spend hours trying to find a contact form where I could attach a screen shot of 1 star reviews on my FB business page that stated I sell weed at my store from several fake accounts Found some forms but they would not post finally found one. Got a reply a few days ago basically saying nothing and to block those people. Well that's great but still wont remove reviews that say I well weed I my store.

Since I already spend $750 advertising on FB I decided to keep my page for now and disable the reviews. Once my site is finished I'll be removing the FB for good same with Google+ Not sure what they did but the page I keep up to date synched with FB posts no longer shows on searches but a new one I didn't create is showing with no page updates.

Seriously social media is useless for small business. I'd get better results standing on a corner of a busy street giving out flyer.

Comment Who runs PC"s (Score 1) 478

Well there are two in my house and two laptops. Both desktops get constant use and one is used by me to do everything computer wise, run and play my game server, do graphics work, work on my shops websites, browse the internet you know the regular things you do. When I play my game and chat with others on iRC there's TONS of you 14+ year old to 60+ using PC's My kids who is 16 spends most of his time on his with two monitors playing games on one and having the internet on the other screen.

Me thinks that comment is someone trying to fight a the reality check that the pad market is saturated and for what people use them for they don't upgrade much.

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