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Comment: Or just get rid of it (Score 4, Insightful) 190 190

Ever since cutting the cord two years ago its amazing how much extra time I have per day and now more alive you feel not watching tv. Now I haven't gotten rid of it all yet, still have Netflix and we watch a few Star Trek episodes at night but the medium no longer controls out lives. Now internet had eaten up quite a bit of my life but that is one more thing I'm slowly removing also.

Comment: I use one (Score 3, Interesting) 289 289

and have it tied to my business account. One thing I discovered Facebook and Especially Google are usless for anything business related with out paying up the ass for likes. Only reason I got a G+ account that I update once in a while is that it lists me higher than the other local businesses in search.

Probably in the next few months I'll abandon both of them usage wise and just keep them for search indexing.

Comment: Re:and the beer is really good (Score 1) 528 528

The "supervised by parents" rule is about the same in Wisconsin, except that there's evidently no pre-defined age minimum.

The drinking age is still 21, but only because the federal government threatened to take away highway funding if Wisconsin refused to raise the minimum.

Then again, over 40% of Wisconsinites claim German ancestry.

(disclosure: I live in Wisconsin and have German ancestry. And don't particularly like beer, aside from a strawberry-rhubarb seasonal one. But I also don't drink to get drunk.)

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