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Comment: Oh man, Red Bull totally knows gaming (Score 1) 20

by PKFC (#48430993) Attached to: The Nintendo DS Turns 10

Two Tony Hawk games? THPS2 on GBA was crazy for its time to cram it into a handheld, but still, you wouldn't have ever preferred a portable to a handheld for that series.

GTA was vaguely neat in the sense that it was on a Nintendo system

How about Elite Beat Agents (or Ouendan)? Hotel Dusk Room 215? Phoenix Wright? Professor Layton? 999? BRAIN AGE! Gawd. Get a better list. :P

Comment: Re:Surprising to me (Score 1) 159

by PKFC (#45281909) Attached to: Car Hackers Mess With Speedometers, Odometers, Alarms and Locks

The only thing I've got is that I've had cars with an analog (2012 Camaro) and a digital (2008 Civic) speedometer that allow you to switch between mph and km/h making that an additional function they have. Didn't read TFA, but making it appear slower than actual? km/h to mph would do that.

Comment: Re:Why doesn't price drop after phone is paid off? (Score 1) 798

by PKFC (#42778035) Attached to: AT&T: Don't Want a Data Plan for That Smartphone? Too Bad.
What about porting your number? In theory, it works in Canada - I've never done it personally, but I was damn near thinking of doing that with an unlocked phone every month or two - except for the fact that Bell and Telus are the same network so it wouldn't matter. But no carrier here offers a discount to bringing your own phone afaik... And then there are the 3 year contracts up here... Blah..

Comment: Re:easy (Score 1) 171

by PKFC (#42693083) Attached to: Mystery of the Shrunken Proton

So if this new measurement is related to charge in the proton, could it be an impact of how close or perhaps more likely how fast the muon orbited the proton? As muons (and taus) are heavier than electrons, I would expect them to move slower around the proton which could cause a shift in how the quarks are positioned or interact within the proton. Mind you the muon is huge compared to the up or down quarks. And this is where my brain stops processing once I read that quantum chromodynamics is responsible for the majority of the mass-energy of the proton.. :P Oh well :P I tried!

Comment: Re:Final Fantasy fanboy (Score 1) 69

Hmm.. My 3DS is kaput for repairs atm (R button broke from Find Mii.... :P), but I was going to buy this game pretty blindly. Responding to your comment directly because I love FFXI's music.. But looking at their track list.. Yeah.. Not so good. Ronfaure is good, but the others are skippable. They should have had more of the unique songs from it and they have 5 discs minimum from the extra OSTs to choose from. Looking at my iTunes ratings for songs, best are - regional songs (eg. San D'Oria/Ronfaure), battle songs and a handful of songs from the later expansions: Wings of the Goddess, Aht Urghan.
Looks like they picked: Ronfaure (good), Vana'diel March 1/2 (Ugh), Awakening (poor song from the original OST.. should have been a battle theme easily especially since that's what it's supposed to be for that category.. it's actually a cut scene song) and the intro song is fair enough. Could have been some better choices, but Ronfaure is great.

I guess I'm at least in the right demographic for the game if nothing else. I've spent $40 on worse things too, but hopefully I do find enough enjoyment in this.

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