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Comment a few important details you should know (Score 1) 340

First - there's no reason you have to spend two grand. I went to Home Depot and spent a total of $5.99 for a 12x36 painted shelf board. When I want to stand, I put that on top of a box on my desk, and put my mouse and keyboard on that. Advantage: not only is it cheap, but your setup is portable to any desk that has a monitor arm.

Second - and this is the really important bit - be careful to stand correctly and don't stand too much in the beginning. Build up to it.

What can go wrong? I have personally experienced these two -

1. Don't stand on an uneven surface (like, the padding under the carpet has separated). Less that a half an inch can give you sciatica, which is horrible.
2. DON'T LOCK YOUR KNEES. If you feel yourself getting tired, sit down. You need to keep a micro-bend in your knees, otherwise it's a small but significant hyperextention, which will lead to pain.

Starting out, a kitchen timer might help. Sit for a while, stand for a while. Good luck.

Comment Yes I know they didn't invent jack... (Score 1) 171

but I submitted the story because I knew the comments would be gold. Like, "taste the rainbow".

I'm kind of surprised at how liberally my submission was altered, though. I see a lot of boneheaded mistakes in the summaries here, now I wonder how many come from the editors.

Submission + - students win prize for color-changing condoms that detect STIs 2

PJ6 writes: From the so-what-does-plaid-mean department: three students attending the Isaac Newton Academy in the UK won the Healthcare Category of the Teen Tech Awards, for their idea to use antibodies to create color-changing condoms to recognize STIs. They say the material, which is still in the concept stage, will turn green for chlamydia, yellow for herpes, purple for HPV, and blue for syphilis.

No comment yet from Subaru.

Comment Stimulants aren't an advantage for programming. (Score 1) 407

I've always seen my highest productivity when I feel rested, relaxed, and creative. I love Saturday mornings. Knowledge work is not manual labor where you get things done faster just by putting your back into it longer and harder. Programming is the easiest part of the whole mess we call software development. If it's not, you're doing something wrong. Being able to stop and back up and reassess when you start to put in excessive effort is by far the best, and sometimes the hardest thing to do, and you're not going to do that on Adderall.

Comment Re:It's on youtube (Score 1) 356

Here is the link.

BBC Full Documentary- 'India's Daughter' on Nirbhaya Delhi Gang Rap | Jyoti singh | HD | Banned


I got through 10 seconds, then page the refreshed and it was blocked from my region (US) on copyright grounds.

Really, what's the point of that?

Comment Re:cant lie (Score 1) 234

when we all found out who was taking over the FCC, I was terrified. Former cable lobbyist, now in charge of the group intended to regulate the same people. But it really looks like wheeler may be the right man for the job

Don't tell me you think he voted his conscience. He can be bought, and one side bought him off harder than the other.

Thus spake the master programmer: "Time for you to leave." -- Geoffrey James, "The Tao of Programming"