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Comment he was selling IP to China (Score 1) 399

I don't know what all the outrage is all about. This is a good example of the DHS and a few other three-letter agencies performing their primary duty - prevent (and perpetrate) industrial espionage. Why do you think warrantless wiretapping the whole country is so important? It has nothing do do with terrorism, that doesn't even pass the giggle test. It's about serving US business interests.

Comment Re:gwb43.com (Score 1) 348

The Dems complained about Bush bypassing the intent to keep things on record. The Democrats made a big deal about using government computers in the name of transparency. Rules were made for the State Department to use sanctioned computers. People were fired during Clinton's term as head of the State Department for not following this policy. The new rules and being a hypocrite in not following them herself is the issue.

Complained? Who needs to complain? I thought it was a matter of law - as in, you break it, you go to jail. Or is the rule of law just for the rest of us?

Comment "mobilitis" (Score 1) 250

I have this beautiful vision of console gamers playing bad ports of mobile games, tearing their hair out over shitty interfaces, poor graphics, and the fact that their TVs are not, in fact, touchscreens. And the mobile players calling them 'elitists' for saying that a controller is more precise than smudging your fingers everywhere.

Comment Re:Do we *need* it to feel 'real'? (Score 1) 90

Movies and games on TV do not look like we are looking through a window, yet it's still very nice.

The reason I say that is that the requirements are pretty steep, and getting too much into the requirements might be 'perfect being the enemy of the good'.

The rather demanding VR requirements everyone's talking about are bare minimum, not perfection.

90FPS, head tracking response in the thousandths of a second... if you care to dig deeper (or grab a friend with a DK2), you'll find that the spec is there for a reason.

Comment "little tactical value" (Score 1) 143

From the article:

Without Sgt. Culin’s battlefield hack, and his inspiration by a hillbilly named Roberts whom history otherwise forgets, the invasion of Europe might have taken a very different course.

Others say, not so much.

Military historian Steven Zaloga claims that the devices "were not as widely used as the legend would suggest", nor were they as effective as is often believed.[13] But Max Hastings and Chester Wilmot credit the invention with restoring battlefield maneuverability to the Allied force.[6][19] Martin Blumenson states that while the device restored mobility in hedgerow country, it "was of little tactical value in the breakout, except possibly as a morale factor to the troops, since the tanks advanced on the roads, not cross-country."[20]

Comment Re:No surprise... (Score 1) 317

>Read The China Study [amazon.com], and learn about the negative impact too much animal protein (>10% total calories) has on health.

F.F.S. read the china study source data and see that the strongest univariate correlation is between wheat and cancer. Hint: The cancer isn't causing the wheat. Observe that the inference drawn between animal protein and 'health' (which is several different endpoints) are achieved by stringing together univariate associations and so are statistically bogus.

Engage brain before reading populist books by scientists with a non scientific agenda.

Maybe I'll reconsider the validity of the book. That will take time and research.

And we're all adults here, why don't you engage your manners before posting. Seriously.

Comment Re:No surprise... (Score 1) 317

>Vegan diets are ALL ABOUT low protein, low fat, high carb. It is NOT a healthy way to live (if you fail to watch your amino and mineral balance, you can have really bad things happen, such as blindness.) The fact is that protein and fat raise blood leptin better than carbohydrates do, which makes you feel more full on less overall calories. The only reason some vegans may appear healthier is because usually they don't consume too much sugar (a simple carb) often found in breads and snacks that are made in part by egg and/or dairy products. However neither egg nor dairy products are inherently bad, it's just the high amount of carbs found in these that are.

It's a bit of an inference nightmare when the Vegans come out of the woodwork talking about how skinny they are. The vegan data is from a strongly self selected group. Many people (most? who knows?) simply can't handle a vegan diet. They feel bad quickly. There are those who are well adapted to a vegan diet. They have high carb tolerance, they can go for years. Some outliers manage to do it for a lifetime. Must most people cannot because they get sick.

Eggs are good food. If the egg board wants to bait the vegans, then they are fighting the good fight.

Read The China Study, and learn about the negative impact too much animal protein (>10% total calories) has on health.

The findings come from - by far - the biggest and best study of its kind. Denying it would be on par with denying evolution. Yes - it's that big, and that definitive.

Seriously, just take a look. If you're scientifically inclined at all, you'll find it very hard to ignore.

Comment a few important details you should know (Score 1) 340

First - there's no reason you have to spend two grand. I went to Home Depot and spent a total of $5.99 for a 12x36 painted shelf board. When I want to stand, I put that on top of a box on my desk, and put my mouse and keyboard on that. Advantage: not only is it cheap, but your setup is portable to any desk that has a monitor arm.

Second - and this is the really important bit - be careful to stand correctly and don't stand too much in the beginning. Build up to it.

What can go wrong? I have personally experienced these two -

1. Don't stand on an uneven surface (like, the padding under the carpet has separated). Less that a half an inch can give you sciatica, which is horrible.
2. DON'T LOCK YOUR KNEES. If you feel yourself getting tired, sit down. You need to keep a micro-bend in your knees, otherwise it's a small but significant hyperextention, which will lead to pain.

Starting out, a kitchen timer might help. Sit for a while, stand for a while. Good luck.

Submission + - students win prize for color-changing condoms that detect STIs 2

PJ6 writes: From the so-what-does-plaid-mean department: three students attending the Isaac Newton Academy in the UK won the Healthcare Category of the Teen Tech Awards, for their idea to use antibodies to create color-changing condoms to recognize STIs. They say the material, which is still in the concept stage, will turn green for chlamydia, yellow for herpes, purple for HPV, and blue for syphilis.

No comment yet from Subaru.

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