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Comment Please offer non-volatile pagination. (Score 1) 1833

First up, I have never, ever seen your "mobile" site... it's blank. Always. Both on my phone and on my main machines. I've had to change my phone's browser UserAgent just to get the links I open to stop redirecting to "m.slashdot" even though I have an "always desktop mode" plugin.

Anyway, I read Slashdot mostly on my phone when I'm out and bored. I try to review every summary that I haven't seen yet, and open a new tab for each article I want to read as I go. Sometimes I get interrupted, and when I come back, slashdot auto-reloads and annoys the hell out of me by making me lose my place. Sometimes, it will auto-reload while I'm in the middle of reading a summary and every time I wonder why the hell anyone would want such an annoying feature.

This is, however, a symptom of the underlying problem that your pagination always changes every time an article is added. I would like the option to browse with URLs that use constant pagination. The simplest would be by day.

Comment It's about power, not about being offended. (Score 1) 668

This comes up again and again. A group of people grab a cause that falls under the umbrella of political correctness to bludgeon everyone else over the head with it.

Sort of like religious people declaring that you can't be moral if you don't have god in your life - it's just a cultural power play. It has nothing to do with what's right and what's wrong.

Comment Re:Thought Ownership (Score 1) 204

As for patents, they should just be completely obliterated. I have never seen a patent where I said, if we didn't grant this patent, we would never have got this thing invented. The inventor would have been too scared.

While I generally agree with the sentiment of your post, you probably forgot about drug development, which can take billions of dollars.

Without patents, some drugs / therapies would simply never be developed. At least, not without a more robust way of doing it with state funds.

Comment Intermediate Language (Score 1) 287

I believe Google has been working on this for a while. Supposedly they use English as a 'pivot language', but the right way to do it is just like rendering to IL a la .NET.

Search engines are the obvious first application, but that's just the beginning. Law is absolutely begging for IL - a way to define it that is precise, universal, and lends itself to rigorous analysis. And, dare I say, unit tests.

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