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Comment: Re:Energy is not conserved in General Relativity (Score 1) 231

by PJ6 (#48878641) Attached to: The Paradoxes That Threaten To Tear Modern Cosmology Apart

As a simple example, imagine a photon traveling through an expanding universe in a region with no other matter or energy (dark or otherwise). The expansion of space stretches the wavelength of the photon (cosmological redshift, which is distinct from Doppler redshift), causing it to lose energy. The photon loses energy with nothing around it gaining. Energy is lost because spacetime itself is changing, so Noether's theorem doesn't apply.

I wonder if we could add a scale-invariant component, and make the lost energy just a property of measuring it in a non-inflating reference frame.

Or, I should say, I wonder what contradictions that would lead to.

Comment: Re:Stop it. There is nothing wrong with VB.NET. (Score 1) 648

by PJ6 (#48858639) Attached to: Justified: Visual Basic Over Python For an Intro To Programming
I think it's poor form to respond to AC's, but you were reasonably polite if a little snide.

If you took the time to read the post, you would see that I didn't say I use VB.

Java itself isn't much different from C# so it's not the syntax that's the problem. Its developer community has the worst case cargo-cult engineering and misuse of GoF design patterns I have ever seen.

Overengineering is unnecessary complexity, and that is IMO is the worst sin you can commit in design. Cleaning up that special class of wreckage is much worse than rewriting simple newbie ineptitude. And at least the newbies can be corrected. The others can take months to come around, and it's always kicking and screaming.

Comment: Stop it. There is nothing wrong with VB.NET. (Score 3, Insightful) 648

by PJ6 (#48856649) Attached to: Justified: Visual Basic Over Python For an Intro To Programming
For all intents and purposes it is equivalent to C#, which is an excellent language.

I might actually prefer VB to C# because it doesn't have all those damn curly braces and semicolons - VB is much faster to type and the automatic indentation is better. The only dealbreakers for me were the awkward anonymous method syntax and industry stigma.

You want to talk about programmers being ruined, look at what the experienced do with Java.

Comment: Re:You Must Be New Here (Score 1) 66

by PJ6 (#48839467) Attached to: 'Be My Eyes' App Crowdsources Help For the Blind
I'm an insensitive clod, I hadn't thought of literotica.

I quote from CaptQuark:

It takes some extra work to produce a visually appealing page that a screen reader can easily read and navigate after the style sheets are ignored by Jaws. It requires careful planning to design a page with multiple columns (menu column on the left, main content in the middle, additional information on the right) and organizing it so a screen reader can skip to the main content without listening to menu choice after menu choice on every page but still looks appealing to sighted users after the style sheets are applied.

This is an example of what you are not supposed to do. Windows 8 makes an easy example, convolving the needs of different UI paradigms is poor design. Proper application ADA support uses two interfaces, one for the sighted, and another for the blind, designed specifically for use by a text reader. Vi and Emacs do not require such bifurcation, but these are exceptions that prove the point; nobody in their right mind would release these applications to the general public and call them user-friendly.

Customers with ADA requirements never want to pay for including a blind tester, or doing the application architecture properly for text readers. I can and do use W3C guidelines, but I'm no expert and know I'm probably doing it poorly since there's nobody to push back to tell me what I've done right or wrong. I've seen bids double and triple when the ADA requirement is a hard one that will be independently tested. Including good support for the blind in applications is expensive, which is why I thought it might be nice to look at alternatives.

Comment: Really? I was just thinking they should leave out (Score 1) 45

by PJ6 (#48838959) Attached to: Google Search Will Be Your Next Brain
any attempt at artificial intelligence from search, so I don't have to keep using quotes and "verbatim" to tell it that yes, I really WAS looking for exactly what I typed, and not all this useless junk. IMO Google's search results have been getting significantly worse over the last couple of years. Sure, all that research is nice, but please give us the option to not use it.

Comment: I've always thought it would be cheaper (Score 2) 66

by PJ6 (#48835507) Attached to: 'Be My Eyes' App Crowdsources Help For the Blind
to provide all blind people with a full-time personal assistant for computer use, than to stick with software ADA requirements.

I'm talking about real applications, not your shitty website. But those, too.

Ever done real ADA testing with a reader? Holy shit. I'd much prefer sighted human help to that. It's not like I'd be looking at porn since I can't see.

Comment: I just love hearing the results of this layout (Score 1) 420

by PJ6 (#48704661) Attached to: The Open Office Is Destroying the Workplace
getting a call from a headhunter. She'll say something and it will be completely unintelligible because some asshole next to her will be screaming his head off on the phone, or doing "team building" exercises. And at that point I'll politely tell her, "Sorry, but I only work with professional organizations. Please don't call back, I've blacklisted you."

Not that I was interested to begin with.

Comment: Re:WAR! What in the hell is it good for? (Score 2) 290

by PJ6 (#48704601) Attached to: War Tech the US, Russia, China and India All Want: Hypersonic Weapons

The Russians have quite a few Mach 3.0 missiles of which they sold a couple to India and to a lesser degree China

So does that mean they sold China one or zero? That doesn't make any sense. Now you're going to have to cite your sources or I call BS.

Comment: problems with the paper (Score 1) 142

by PJ6 (#48684749) Attached to: New Paper Claims Neutrino Is Likely a Faster-Than-Light Particle
I know. Sorry, I read the paper.

I'm not a physicist, either. Maybe someone can clear these questions up for me.

The paper cites neutrinoless double beta decay as one of its six observations, but from my understanding this phenomena has not yet been observed, and experiments that have claimed to observe it have not been "disputed", but unambiguously discredited.

Also - from my understanding - previous theoretical work stipulated that the FTL component would only be found in internal reference frames via quantum interactions, and the neutrino itself would not and need not travel FTL.

Comment: Rorschach tests for machines (Score 1) 130

by PJ6 (#48652963) Attached to: Research Highlights How AI Sees and How It Knows What It's Looking At
Far from showing weakness, this study seems to demonstrate a creatively brilliant algorithm. These are very, very strong results. I am deeply impressed.

Text recognition in white noise can be fixed with virtual saccades.

Aside from adding "human" sensibilities (do we only want it to only recognize objects in real, photo-realistic settings, and not drawings / art?), I would say it's good to go.

Comment: "Carry a laser down the road that I must travel" (Score 1) 244

by PJ6 (#48593681) Attached to: Excuse Me While I Kiss This Guy: The Science of Misheard Song Lyrics
Just discovered this yesterday - the real lyric is: "Kýrie, eléison, down the road that I must travel".

What the hell does Kýrie, eléison mean? It's, "Lord, have mercy" in Greek.

And all these years, I liked the song because it had a frickin' laser in it.

We need more songs with lasers.

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