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Comment Re:Talk about drawing a fine line... (Score 1) 110

Well, looking at the ads I've had for this year incoming black friday, I could only spot a few 1080p tvs through the tons of lowly priced 4K tvs. Also, the 2560x1440 monitor you are referring to is a 13 inches monitor .. who wants to play on such a small screen ? Most of my friends have left their 24" 1080p monitors and went the 40"+ TV route as their new monitors. Here's a list of great monitors if you don't want a tv or want something smaller:

And they are all priced lower than a 19" crt used to cost in '98 or so, if you take into account the inflation, they are sold for about half of what we paid in that time!

Comment Re:Talk about drawing a fine line... (Score 2) 110

Yeah, for 50$ more which is usually much less than 5% of your computer price (I include peripherals like monitors when I evaluate the effectiveness of an upgrade) you are getting 25%+ better performance with the GTX970... (shadow of mordor, low resolution of 2560x1440) Why would you want that card exactly?

Even if you would only take that video card value in mind while evaluating, 300/250 still equals only 20% more.. Price point should have been less than 200$ to be in a different range alltogether for it to be somewhat interesting. Oh well, maybe someday AMD will bring something interesting again :)

Comment Re:Cultural? (Score 2) 479


    About 275M cars in north america. I was calculating based on the report that the average affected VW was polluting over 40 times more than the maximum allowed for a car to be allowed in Canada I have seen reported in the news (and allegedly the US regulations are more stringent). Thus, those 11M VW in the world are emitting the equivalent of 440M of cars that would be at the limit. Notice I only reflected on the cars of NA, not trucks or other sources.

Comment Re:Cultural? (Score 1) 479

Considering I would expect a lot of people to do that and that only those cars are polluting more than the total of the other cars in circulation in north america, if I was working at any related government agency I would not renew the road worthiness of the cars and requires them to be certified repaired/upgraded before allowing them to be driven again.

Comment Re: Outdoor (Score 1) 466

I didn't claim a year long average of 200kwh/day, only a winter average of this value ( dec. 21 to march 21). The worst time is usually around mid january to mid february but it can vary quite a lot depending on the years. Also, to have that 'low' 200kwh/day, I switch to a high efficiency wood stove when the province consumption grows to be close or higher than our production. It cost about a third to heat with wood but it's not as clean as hydroelectricity, but when they switch to buy from afar I don't mind the limited side effects of wood burning. But then, I'm not that near to a city - for which wood stoves are very bad when it's very cold.

Anyway, I'll be revisiting the heating source for my property, and I'm thinking about going to a heat pump + propane for the main loop (I'll still keep the stove though). Average daily consumption in the summer is less than 60kw / day (out of which I expect 30+ kw are computers & monitors) so I expect that I could reduce the electricity bill by 9000 kw / year, but I haven't been able to get straight numbers on what to expect to pay for the propane so it's still hard to establish if and when I would pay back the investment.

Comment Re: Outdoor (Score 1) 466

My floor heating system in the basement is 5kw, my distributed hot air is 27kw, and I have 6kw of extra heating element (convectair). Worst days (-30C down to -45C) the 27kw will be used 20h+ and the other elements will pick up the slack. Thats a baseline of 540kwh for a day. Luckily they aren't that common...

Comment Re:Outdoor (Score 1) 466

Wow.. In the winter, with the (extremely) cold days that we get I use over 200kWh per day, most of it at night (yes, the shining sun does reduce the load in the day by quite a wide margin with high quality windows). But then the sun is only up for 8 hours and some, and beside it takes an hour out on both sunrise and sunset before it manages to hit the house and lose it early. Not even talking about the bad angle of the sun, it means we would need way too much solar panel to be able to provide for a days worth of energy, and a lot of capacity to store it. And that's not even taking into account that we have a lot of days where we don't get to see the sun at all because of the extremely deep cover.

Lets say we want to be able to provide 3 days of energy without functionning panels (or a bit longer with some energy in), that takes a minimum of 600kwh, or about 95 tesla powerwall units with a 90% efficiency inverter. Where you trolling or do you really think this small battery is a revolution ? Speaking of revolution, I would rather have a large sized flywheel dug somewhere nearby.

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