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Comment Re:Drone fear - Baker Beach (Score 1) 1167 1167

I've been a fan of photography for 17 years, and I've taken countless pictures on beaches (and quite a lot of other places!). The reaction all depends on how you approach both the subject and locations. I've seen photographer be roughly handled but it appears I've been doing it well since that never happened to me. Always respect the privacy of the people and they will respect you. Quite often people will even come and ask to have their picture taken, in which case I simply email a link to their private copy.

Sometimes you get a nice shot of a non-descript couple or something, in which case if I get the chance I'll go meet them and present the result, and ask if they want it (free of charge) and everyone has been happy so far.

I recently started playing with a quadcopter, and the result is the same, except that I have much more inquiries and people want me to video them and give them the youtube link. A lot of people where very happy to get to see the world from an higher point and I've received countless thanks for this already.

Also, keep in mind that most drones have a very wide field of view, so you are very small in the video when the drone is still pretty close. About the girl waving, it's entirely possible he was taking pictures of the house/property around, and when he noticed someone he flew out, since you must take all precautions not to fly too near to people.

I've also met other people flying their drones, either custom made, new products being developed or commercial ones and everyone I've met so far were nice people. I find it nice that people get together and talk because of this new subject rather than each of them taking selfies / ignoring everything around. Oh well, your mileage may vary :)

Comment Re:Vacuum tubes (Score 1) 154 154

Removing the CO2 is the main point; people won't be spending too much time in there, so there's plenty of oxygen, but the CO2 level would climb quickly. Chemical CO2 scrubber's have been costed at 1K$ per ton of CO2 removed. Since we exhale about 5% of CO2, at an average rate of 10 liters per minute and 1.96 g / liters of CO2, that means that on an hour trip (planned at 35 minutes), someone would exhale approximately 60g of CO2, or it would take 15K people to use up that cartridge. Thus, less than 7 cents per trip per passenger.

Comment Re:Sure ... (Score 1) 154 154

How long does a plane take to travel between both places ?

There's barely 560 km between both locations. An hyperloop device accelerating at the same speed a Tesla P85D does (lets say 33 km / h / s) would reach 600 km/h in 18 seconds. And a Tesla does't tend to splatter it's occupant on acceleration. If the environment is stable and safe and the vacuum is tight and the suspension is magnetic, it's easy to think about 2 minutes of acceleration, cruise and rotate the seats, 2 minutes of deceleration (which would feel like 2 minutes of acceleration)

Back of the hand calculations yields a speed of 3960 km/h reached after 66km (2 minutes in), 6 minutes 30 of cruise, and 2 minutes of deceleration. for a total of 10:30 without dangerous forces being used( provided the path is straight... yeah)

Comment Re:Never ? (Score 1) 152 152

Again, she doesn't need to have either abortions or use the pills not to have babies. Stopping a robot factory is the same as a woman deciding that she will no longer / never get pregnant because she's had enough / too many / never wanted one (or is simply not into man) and I have a hard time imagining that a woman deciding not to make her eggs viable would be considered a murderer anywhere in the world.

Thus, even if murderer can be applied to a larger subset of things if we remove the human requirements, it still would not apply to this case in my eyes.

Comment Re:Never ? (Score 0) 152 152

1: Murder is commited by the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another. In no way could it be applied to any of my examples.

2: A woman doesn't need to have an abortion anytime in her life, and she doesn't even need any pills for that. I have 3 examples close to my family where they just decided they would never even occur the chance to become pregant. That works

Comment Re:Fun hack of dubious value (Score 1) 105 105

If the alarm system is activated (no one at home) and the garage door open and the rfid of one of the cars aren't detected in a specific amount of time (detection confirmation by opening the lights for the next 5 minutes) the silent alarm is triggered. Why isn't that standard ?

Comment Re:Not a very good job... (Score 1) 100 100

Either the lens or doubler or even the camera is doing a crappy job. Perhaps the robotic arm, but I would not bet on that one. Look at the text on the building being built. It had been years since I had seen crappy results like this from a camera and long lens (and I use a run of the mill 500mm f6.5). Oh well, they could have at least tested their equipment before going for it!

With all the fancy scientists in the world, why can't they just once build a nuclear balm?