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+ - Microsoft wants Azure feedback? Open Source it.->

Submitted by
PHP Wolf
PHP Wolf writes "Microsoft is soliciting feedback regarding their Azure cloud platform. Simon Wardley, (http://www.gardeviance.org/about-me) noted cloud personality and researcher, has created this suggestion for Microsoft to open source Azure to "act as the common model without the providers suffering a loss of strategic control or tax." If they opened the door for the open source community's comments, then let's be heard."
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RIM Reaches Temporary Agreement With India 109

Posted by Soulskill
from the white-flag dept.
Canadian_Daemon writes with news that India has granted a 60-day reprieve for their threat to ban BlackBerry devices while the government evaluates RIM's proposal for "lawful access" to users' encrypted data. "The Ministry of Home Affairs said in a statement it would review the situation in 60 days after the Department of Telecommunications studies the feasibility of routing BlackBerry services through a server in India. India wants greater access to encrypted corporate e-mails and instant messaging, though it remains unclear precisely what concessions Research In Motion agreed to in order to avert the ban. About one million BlackBerry users would have been affected in India. 'RIM have made certain proposals for lawful access by law enforcement agencies and these would be operationalized immediately. The feasibility of the solutions offered would be assessed thereafter,' the ministry said."

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