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Comment Re:Require military trigger pullers (Score 1) 65

One of those is that the person pulling the trigger be military so that you are ensured a direct chain of command

What they really should do is provide an "easy" way for their 'civillian' drone operators to just become military by signing a piece of paper that subjects these people to a chain of command, without other problematic caveats such as a 6 year or X year commitment, or caveats of an ability to be reassigned to any other random job as an interchangeable part, or caveats of a requirement to undergo physically excruciating trials.

They would likely find many more volunteer drone combat pilots; if these people didn't have to go through a huge unnecessary ordeal and be worried about being spontaneously re-assigned to physical labor or an in-the-line-of-fire job, or guard duty on someone's whim.

Comment Re:Depends if you want to support it (Score 1) 229

Unless you bought an optiplex 780 as pretty much every one of those has defective power supplies that fails due to bad caps just after that 3 year warranty is up. Sure you can re do all the caps if you are handy with a soldering iron, but a replacement powersupply is "custom" and you need to buy from dell at $140 for ~400w. Yes they did eventually improve their design on the new ones.

Comment Re:BUILD (Score 1) 229

"And what if a pre-assembled PC is cheaper than your custom built PC by $300-$400 provided certain minor things are inferior to your custom PC? "

Then I would assume that those "minor things" really add up to features worth $300-$400.

One can easily see processor prices, ram prices, to compare. If you pay cheaper assembled for the same components not assembled, they would be losing money!

  You are paying for pre-assembled name and perceived quality, and most importantly turn key convenience, on top of thier profit margins of course. There is no way it would be cheaper. I worked assembling PCs and CPUs are not *that* much cheaper in bulk. Maybe if you are dealing in tens of thousands of CPUs, but why would the company give up all that profit? You are paying for a service, no way its going to be cheaper.

Another way to think of it is like oil changes. Sure you can go down to the local garage and get an oil change for $30 bucks. However you get their cheapest margins filter, cheapest oil, and they get to look and see what problems are under your car and recommend solutions (@ their prices). Your car will probably still work when they are done and run fine. So many people choose this option. Doesn't mean its cheaper for the same components, because its usually not an apples to apples comparison @ their price points.

If you want to get the good oil, good filter, they will charge you more for that. Might as well do it yourself (buy oil, quality oil filters, or computer hardware, when its on sale). If you have the skills and care about quality of components, then its the only way to do things. Plus you get to look over the rest of the machine for other problems or targets of opportunity. As opposed to a technican doing that, who may or may not be correct in their diagnosis. May or may not be honest with you.

Comment Re:Or just make the diesels hybrids (Score 1) 179

Or possibly even pure electric depending on whether we can get the range. Milk floats - which have a fairly similar life - have been mainly electric for decades.

We either need batteries that can last all day, or that can be replaced quickly as part of the daily schedule, but those are technically achievable.

Comment Re:Laws Without Borders (Score 1) 66

Her motive for taking the job was very likely to steal medications from the elderly.

In the US now, there is an entire segment of the population who believes you should have no right to judge her based on her life history now.

You would be considered a "bigot", "racist", "xenophobe", "misogynist" for wishing to discriminate based on such factors as life history.

This is what's driving the right to be forgotten..... also, before too long, it will also be illegal to discriminate in hiring/retaining employees based on criminal conviction history, DUI, past driving record, etc.

Comment Headline misses a key detail. (Score 4, Informative) 100

The Slashdot headline missed a key detail covered in the article:

Beazley point out that the piracy lawsuit was filed November last year, several days before the December 1, 2014 date the insurance policy began.

It is a bit difficult to file an insurance claim against lawsuit costs when the lawsuit was instigated before the insurance took effect.

Since we love automobile analogies so much: It is like buying car insurance in December to insure against a crash that took place the month before. That's not going to help much.

Or buying a life insurance policy for your recently-deceased relative.

The date insurance coverage began is going to be a far bigger problem than details of what the policy covers.

Comment Re:Let them lease, but not screw with sales (Score 1) 243

because it's no longer possible to determine whether you have tampered with it

Sorry, NO. It is not legal to deny your customer warranty, because you can't determine they did not tamper with it.

If they claim they didn't touch it, then you actually have to be able to prove that specific device was abused by the consumer to deny warranty.

They can still claim damages against the CPU, even if they broke a sticker and opened the case.

The consumer has a legitimate right to inspect the unit, and the system not booting gives them a perfect excuse, by the way.

Comment Re:Let them lease, but not screw with sales (Score 1) 243

Wrong. Only failures as a direct result of any modification should be denied. See: Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act.

Yes, unfortunately Magnuson-Moss is not strong enough.

What we really need is a law that says if the manufacturer creates an electronic device that is not readily- accessible to repair shops for economically available fully-functional replacement of every physical component and electronic component or module, then the manufacturer is required to warrant the device against defects in the device and all non-serviceable components for no less than 5 years after sale, that transfers with change of ownership with no requirement of registration, and provide repair or replacement for equipment service for no less than 20 years after sale, at a cost no more than the cost of raw materials for replacement modules.

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