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Comment Re:and the beer is really good (Score 1) 528

I love pils! Having a slow drawn Bitburger in a Gasthaus is wonderful. Bottled or canned not so good. Bought in USA? I can't drink German beer in America because it dies somewhere along the way. A brown bottled Heinekin bought in NL tastes a lot better than the green bottled stuff wherever you get it...

Comment These guys... (Score 4, Informative) 405

Yeah, I recently had two domains I was planning on letting expire get auto renewed for 5 years for a total of ~$380. I went to check and they were set for auto renewal (I don't remember requesting that.) When I went to turn auto renewal off it stated that I had to call. It was a big PITA but after 20-30 minutes talking to the nice guy in India (naturally) I had my money back and auto renewal turned off. They're hoping people are unattentive. Not too cool.

Comment Re:Thank goodness (Score 1) 999

Interesting. The text under that graph states: "The bars in this diagram reflect budgeted amounts, which exclude spending for the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan (about $750 billion from 2001-2008), which were funded via supplemental appropriations. Further, it appears that homeland security spending is not entirely included in the budgeted amounts described as defense spending per the budget historical tables; these amounts are spread in other "buckets.""

Comment Re:Better plots? (Score 1) 1029

[faced with a 20th century computer]
Scotty: Computer! Computer?
[He's handed a mouse, and he speaks into it]
Scotty: Hello, computer.
Dr. Nichols: Just use the keyboard.
Scotty: Keyboard. How quaint.

Also, I have 6 tabs open and this one displays: "Hollywood's Love of Anal..."

Comment Re:Corporate executives are smart. (Score 1) 541

I think you nailed it and I completely agree with you. Maybe a third party could do it (fix this mess, except the media won't support a 3d party) or things will end up getting ugly, eventually. The masses will only be placated by bread and circuses if they get their 'bread'.