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Comment Re:for those wondering about the deepthroating (Score 1) 688

> Linus rightly called out the idea as moronic and stupid.

How professional of him (and you). Here's the thing: people put _their_ time into a project _he_ runs, effectively do work for him he otherwise has to do himself. He doesn't have to kiss the contributors' feet, but acting like a 3 year old stating "That's stupid!" is on the other side of that spectrum.

Comment Re:Rule # 1 of Forum Posting (Score 1) 370

I've used my real name from the start as a free software developer, Debian developer, and professional scientist and professional software developer; I've also been involved in some heated discussions in my more youthful days, but that's never been escalated into anything outside being flamed by someone. There's a tradeoff here, and I don't think being anonymous/pseudoanonymous is sufficiently beneficial to warrant it; there's a certain loss of trust in doing so, and it hasn't been a problem for me in the last 18 years of free software- and software development-related activity.

I know what you mean, I'm on the internet since '89 and used my real name on e.g. usenet too but you have to realize that today is different than back in the days on usenet and forums and IRC channels where flamewars were kept inside and seldom bled out to other areas, left alone real-life. There are certain areas where I don't use my real name (e.g. in areas that are gaming related) and that's simply because they can be hostile like we know from usenet, but at the same time they DO bleed to outside areas and can affect other aspects of your life, i.e. bleed into your professional life. Back in the days that was uncommon (if you were in a flame war with some people on some IRC channel, chances are if they contacted your work your boss would likely answer "IR what?"), but today it's not. The tools are there, and more than before the concept of 'identity' is different: it's no longer only your passport and the information in it, it's also your combined profile online of all the sites you frequently visit and leave your opinion. So it's best to be careful, e.g. not to use a real name in places which have nothing to do with where you're using your real name.

Comment Correction (Score 1) 318

SOME are installed in the enterprise edition too :( cleansing them now. I can't express in words how fucking mad I am about this at this point. I have to run windows because my dev work runs on windows, but if that wasn't the case I'd be on another platform already.

Comment Drivers (Score 2) 378

Most of the time problems with suspend/hibernation are related to drivers which aren't properly initializing after the memory is restored. the thing with hardware is that the state of the hardware has to be restored after suspend/hibernation to the point that the driver expects as the state. So if a driver isn't capable of restoring that state, it will likely cause some sort of trouble.

Comment Re:It's fine... from the ISO. (Score 1) 485

If you do that, the first thing it does is ask for an activation key. Your windows activation key from your original Windows media is likely to not be accepted. My 8.0 key wasn't.

Had the same thing. I found out that you have to use the same SKU type for windows 10 as your original OS. So if you had windows 7 home, you can't upgrade using the windows 10 pro iso, you need to install windows 10 home. Also, not every key seems to work. All my MSDN keys failed, and also a windows 7 pro key from my laptop failed with windows 10 pro installation in a VM, as that key was apparently an 'upgrade' key. Sigh. It's such a mess. As if they suddenly realized that giving away the OS for free to many would cost them anything so they tried everything to limit the amount of installs.

Comment Re:I'm surprised they missed "Wi-Fi Sense." (Score 1) 485

It's also enabled by default if you don't customize your installation settings

No, that's not the case. What's enabled by default is that you automatically use a shared connection from a friend if you happen to be in range of that connection. The sharing part, i.e. the action the friend has to perform on their WiFi connection, is not enabled by default. So if you connect with your WiFi hub with Windows 10, you're not automatically sharing _that_ connection with your contacts.

This is a confusing topic though. Because it isn't all rosy and great indeed. If a person decides to share their WiFi connection (which is still a manual, non default action), and that person's contacts have all accepted the default settings, they all can log into the WiFi hub when they're in range. If they do come over with their Windows 10 devices, they then download the (encrypted) key to the WiFi hub. From then on they can use the WiFi hub on their own. It's unclear what happens when the contact is 'unfriended' or the connection is no longer shared: is the key then also removed (by whom?) pro-actively so they can no longer use the WiFi? Also, that MS is used as a hub to distribute keys among devices which are in close range of each other is not OK.

What's especially not OK are the apologists who dismiss criticism on Windows 10's invasive privacy (or should I say: anti-privacy) features as overreactions.

I use windows systems now for a very long time and windows 10 (I installed it in a VM for testing usage for my software) was the first windows OS which made me feel uncomfortable: I no longer felt in control of what the OS does and what will happen if I do a given action besides the action itself (e.g. what data is tracked and sent to MS...).


Submission + - A turing machine build with Lego (legoturingmachine.org)

Otis_INF writes: To honor Alan Turing, two researchers at the CWI built a simple LEGO Turing Machine, to show everyone how simple a computer actually is. Primary goals were to make every operation as visible as possible and to make it using just a single LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT set.

Comment The CAS is really about how stupid some people are (Score 1) 288

Really... how many of those angry people in the CAS did install Yellow Dog Linux and actively used it on a regular basis? With satisfaction?

I bet none. Due to the memory restrictions it was dog slow, also because the SPU's weren't utilized by many applications, making it a pretty slow performer. And that's what OtherOS gave you, a very restricted space in which you could install linux but it didn't gave you a great, powerful machine with Linux to use as a desktop machine.

that's the sillyness of this. Some people cry like a little baby that their life has no meaning anymore because, oh the horror, OtherOS has been removed from the _play_station!.... A group which is really stupid among those crybabies joined forces with a group of shark lawyers to sue sony to get some money. For what? all the damage that was inflicted upon them by the removal of this marvelous option called 'OtherOS'? Gimme a break.

If you want to run linux so badly, buy an ASRock with a BR drive, install linux and be happy. Oh, of course, everyone in that CAS was part of a supercomputer project, right? ...

Comment What are you whining about? (Score 1) 288

Sony's stuff has been actively hacked by a couple of people. The legal team of Sony gets the order to stop this so they do their job and Sony, if you like it or not, tries to protect what they think is theirs.

The hackers knew this could happen, and they thought it would blow over. Well, they made a miscalculation. Boohoo.

And please. all the whining about 'oh this is so bad!', no it isn't. It has nothing to do with you nor any other consumer who buys the product for what's it suppose to do, nor will this lawsuit affect your life in any way.

That you now will never purchase a sony product again... where have we heard that before? Oh that's right. The CoD boycott. Yeah that worked out fine, didn't it?

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