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by Optali (#47581599) Attached to: Amazon's eBook Math
As the OP writes this si not necessarily so: People do not buy books just because of the price. When I buy a (literary) book it's because I am interested in the content. If the price of the eBook is high I buy the hardcover copy instead (even if the price is higher). I may be interested in the ebook version for convenience. For tech ebooks I have a few free resources (legal) where I can find what I need and the rest is online. So, the price is not a feature I pay too much attention to when buying book.

Comment: Albright is correct, our EU governments are slow (Score 1) 573

by Optali (#47551429) Attached to: Satellite Images Show Russians Shelling Ukraine
And first of all thanks to our beloved "nationalist" superheroes, Geert Wilders, Farage and Le Pen. Thank you for A) Supporting Putin and serving as spear heads for all his lobbying needs and B) for debilitating the political and economical backbone of a potential European military response to Putin. Thank you very much. IF these were times of war this gentlemen and ladies would have been shot. There are some marginal voices claiming that we should increase our defence budget. Instead we are practising the favourite Rite of the Neo-Liberals and conservatives: Defunding anything that vaguely looks like being public with a zeal not even the Tea Baggers would dream of, as not even the Teabillies would dare to put a hand on their military forces. And you guys in the USA don't have such nice neighbours as we have here in good old Europe.

It is just a matter of time that Russia, Ukraine or any other of the ex-soviet states fucks it up utterly. And with a crackhead like Putin in the Kremlin it already seems to have begun.

And yes, there are talks about sanctions, but as this happens the Russian company who builds the BUK system has an offinc in Amsterdam meant to whitewash money and getting a free ride on taxes here in Holland. I still remember how a few months ago a bunch of shitheads were criticising the fact we Dutch were questioning the tax exemptions on international companies here in NL. While STarbucks and CO are only abusing us Dutch worker's pockets there are some other of our lovely "guests" that directly shoot us from the skies. So, thank you heer Rutte and all our lovely liberal and centre right governments for all this.

Comment: Energy saving is a liberal Scam! Roll the Coal! (Score 1) 307

Yeah, they all want to tax the hardworking and honest people, take their guns, prohibit to free carry and deny that there are UFO's! Defund them! Note taht I'm not saying that because I am an European and we fucking lead in that area. No, no, I am serious, these bad bad liberals are soooo bad, believe me. Vote for your closest Tea Party clow... sorry politician and pray for the second coming of Christmas (or whatever the Christians believe). Meanwhile we will continue making big business selling tech to the rest of the wor,,,, sorry I meant being forbidden to freely carry and to roll the coal in the middle of Amsterdam... Oh, I'm going to cry!!!

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Nope. Magento is not for eBay. It's a general-use ecommerce platform, currently the biggest one. I don't kid myself, I work with that stuff mate, I am currently working at a Payment Service Provider and we have our own plugins for the mayor ecommerce platforms (Magento, Opencart, Prestashop etc.) You don't even need a Payment Service Provider: If you can afford your own PCI-DSS certification you can request your own routes with VISA, Mastercard and/or Amex... or even just put your account details on a page and you can have your own webstore (absolutely not related to eBay) or set up an Intranet selling service or whatever you fancy, even abuse it as a blog with no payment service at all. And note that when I say Magento I also mean all the other ecommerce platforms. My favourite is Prestashop, I am currently getting myself used to Opencart, but Magento is the market leader if you are doing anything related with ecommerce (be it SEO, integration or working for a merchant) you won't be able to avoid it.

Comment: Re: Karma to burn so fuck you. (Score 1) 154

Nope, I was talking about the web shop ;) It's done by eBay, it's open source and if you pay for it you can have a ready-off-the-shelf solution. There are actually a lot of people making money with it creating, setting up and customizing web stores for online merchants and the same goes for Opencart or similar. Even the once so geek-centric Drupal with e-commerce plugin is now very popular and of course, people are making money with it, quite a lot actually. I actually can't name a single non-open source e-commerce platform.

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by Optali (#47490341) Attached to: Russia Prepares For Internet War Over Malaysian Jet
There is no way that the fucking Russians win a fuck. They have already fucked it up to such extend that they can do what they want. Even if it happens to be true and the aricraft was downed by an UFO filled with Nazis from Outer Space no fucking body will believe these bastards no matter how much bullshit they spew.

The Russians are always depicted as ruthless and intelligent, but they are showing that they are just a bunch of idiotic assholes with no fucking idea of diplomacy or how to by sneaky.

They already got what they needed, the Krim, raised the pensions of everybody to the Russian standards and everybody is happy, the Ukrainans could have lived with that, the EU didn't gave a flying fuck (but made believe we did), the gas pipelines were kept open and everybody was happy.

why the fuck do these idiots keep on waging war and supporting the separatists? They have nothing to win, there are no strategic bases, no oil, no nothing, just a bunch of retarded shitheads and whores.

But no, they had to continue supporting them and stretching the situation until it broke.

Sorry for all the swearing, four of the victims were from my town, Hilversum, and it utterly angers me. Stupidity always anger me, but this just brings me to the point of explosion.

Fuck you Putin.

Comment: Study showing that all the Dutch are Metalheads (Score 1) 710

by Optali (#47470905) Attached to: People Who Claim To Worry About Climate Change Don't Cut Energy Use
A study conducted by me among 250 Dutch guys and chicks clearly demonstrates that all the Dutch are metalheads, preferring Brutal Dead Metal to other genres and regularly mosh. All the Dutch are also assisting next July 27 to a concert featuring Obituary and a few other Dead Metal bands (brutal and OSDM). The favourite bands of all the Dutch are Bolt Thrower, Dead, Necros Christos and Nile. All the Ducth carry war vests with patches of their favourite bands.

I took my sample from my friends in the Facebook Group "Dead Metal Addicts"... it's as valid as the one in the article, isn't iit? The population is 250, the same as in the featured study.

BTW, when I was studying about samples in statitics intro... I can't recall how many were needed but for all I know If I had presented a dataset of 250 samples I would have been laughed at.

Nevermind. Anybody has the phone number of Mr Cameron? If he pays well I can make a study with 50 stoners from the coffe-shop around the corner demonstrating that gravity is a lie fabricated by the IPCC to tax the fuck out of the British Worker :), 15000 pounds and it's yours (I'm cheap)!!

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