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by Optali (#48184623) Attached to: Robot SmackDowns Wants To Bring Robot Death Matches To an Arena Near You


What's the fun?

Why isn't everybody doing virtual boxing? I mean, mate, WTF? Why would I be hitting a virtual heavy bag 30 minute a day?

I want the REAL thing, and if I could I would like to be in one the these getting real bruises, getting really exhausted, smelling the smell of metal (I loved the scent of grease on metal)....

FUCK!!! I can't wait !!!! I want this shit right now!!

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by Optali (#48176593) Attached to: White House Wants Ideas For "Bootstrapping a Solar System Civilization"

A good starting point would be to offer the IS people an Islamic Caliphate in some of the heavenly bodies of our solar system... and not in just any of these heavenly body but it in most important one!! As a sign of our love and appreciation we could offer them a Caliphate in de Sun.

And why wait? we should start right now!


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Allow me to tell you, mr. Eyewithness Reports, that I have lived in one of the towns were Dora Mittelbau was placed (check it out in Google). I have seen Bergen Belsen and there are still MILLIONS of Germans who's fathers and mothers have either been in one of the camps or known about them. And do you now how these who "Knew about them" gained knowledge of these places? Easy: They were forced to BURY the death after the liberation.

If this is not enough, there are FILMS and PHOTOGRAPHIES, some made by the Nazis, who as good Germans where very meticulous in everything. But wait. there is more: Documentation, tons, and tons of documents, from the memoirs of the Wannsee Conference to the minute logistics of the trains schedules...

In your utter idiocy you forget that it was not only the Germans who were involved, but that you will find victims (and excecutors) in all EUROPE, specially in Russia .

To make matters worse, the Nazis not only killed their enemies, but they also forced "common" people from what was supposed to be their allied countries into slavery: Here in Holland the Dutch still remember how 9 of every 10 men in working conditions were deported to Germany were many died just as the Jews in the camps... and these were "friendly" inhabitants of a country known to have offered little to no resistance. Among these Dutch who remember is my wife, who's grandpa was among the deported. I myself have known people with the KZ tattoos during my childhood (nope, it was not hip then and they weren't jews).

So make me a favour with your "only eye-witness" and go search for Sasquatch or burn crosses somewhere and shut up this butthole of yours that you call mouth.

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I am native German speaker and I love my language (I speak Dutch too, but German and Spanish are both my mother languages)

But, we have 4 declinations and 8 verb tenses. Yes, there are many other languages with this many declinations (Icelandic), but we decline almost everything except the punctuation marks and to make matters worse we have two types of declination, the strong and the weak. Most of the people I know who have a Good command of German struggle with this concept and have a very difficult time placing the articles (three genres, four declinations, two cases). For the natives this is obvious and innate and misplacement sounds pretty hilarious.

And this is not all: Our language is agglutinant, so that we can make up extremely large words AND we put sometimes extra letters in between (Fugenzeichen). We have our weird ß (not a beta!) that we use in certain words for purely grammatical reasons. Our phonetic is not difficult except a few sounds like the ch in "ich" who are impossible for most non-Germans (add "r" rolled in different ways who seems to produce real nightmare to English speakers). And we place commas almost in every part of the sentences: Sometimes you can't tell nomal text from a CSV... LOL (I'm joking but it's almost this bad)

And last but not least there is another extremely funny characteristic of German: We use separable verbs. While this is common in many Germanic languages, our closest relatives like Dutch prefer to keep things at bay and the phrases are normally build in such a way that the phrases don't run out of control. Unlike in German, were it is absolutely normal to put the first part of a separable verb at the beginning of a phrase (in second place after the subject, normally) and then go on for a whole paragraph worth of text until you get the final part of the verb at the end of the phrase (which can easily be a quarter of a page, and no, I'm not joking). The problem is that you will only know the meaning of the whole phrase once you have read / heard the dreaded final part. We natives have a feeling for that and we can infer the final part out of the context and we are used to read whole blocks of texts in one go... but for non-natives this is a serious issue that makes reading slower and this is specially important when you are trying to figure out what a scientific texts says.

But why am I telling you all this? Somebody explained this already better than me: Mark Twain nailed it in his Essay "The Awful German Language" ( and despite his funny tone he does a very good job at explaining how my mother tongue works.

Take English on the other hand: I agree it has it's drawbacks, for instance the chaotic phonetic which makes it difficult to know the spelling of a word you don't know even for a native. But the advantages are way more than the drawbacks. It is much more tolerant to faults so that mildly wrong written text can still be understood while in German it could destroy the whole readability of a phrase.

Not for nothing English is also the language of the Arts... and don't take this wrong: It is not because of the cultural hegemony of the USA during the first part of the XX century: Had English not been fantastically suited for poetry and rhymes it would not have triumphed.

As a final note I would however make you aware that German is the Second most spoke language in Europe, as both, mother tongue and second language: Besides of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxemburg and Lichtenstein there are German speaking minorities in Italy, Belgium and some East European countries trumping over French not only in the number of native speakers but also in he number of non native who learn or use German for various purposes.

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When you say "free," I'm assuming you mean legal.

There are a couple of (rural, sparsely populated) counties where prostitution is legal. If there are a hundred legal prostitutes in all the brothels in Nevada at any one time, I'd be very surprised.


Damn! Another broken dream. What do I tell the guys now after spending a lot of cash in condoms and pimp suites? Maybe trading them for bongs and visit Colorado instead?

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I AM a Local.

And I worked in the Schiphol area for two years and in Amsterdam for nearly six.

Just this very morning they caught a guy in Utrecht and it gets nasty as there is Police (yes, cops) waiting for you at the station. Last week there were some 5 Brits, all caught en-masse. Asthey didn't understand the controller they were caught absolutely by surprise when they met the huge security guys in my home town's station (Hilversum).

Thus: you are either very lucky or what you are telling was a long time ago. I don't say it's not true, but I wouldn't create false expectations. Controls are every time more frequent because now they are easier to do as more personal can be employed in the trains directly... and as the service is utter crap and people are pissed off as hell they seem to want to take preemptive measures.

Anyway: We ride for free as the companies pay our commuting tickets... these does either include all your rides if the company is big or you get the rest with 40% discount for you and up to two other persons, so that it's dead cheap. But complaining about the NS and the weather are out national sports. LOL

I get controlled at least half of the days of the week and some days three or more times (twice per train).

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I would tax any car owner just for breathing.
They use up city space, parking space and waste a lot of money and resources... and car's aren't even really theirs, but paid by credit (except a very small bunch). This country is too small for people using an SUV just to move a single kilometer. Hmmm. I'm thinking that maybe this Uberpop isn't so bad at all if htey manage to create enough chaos XD

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