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Comment Re: Vietnam (Score 2) 282

Aren't you just providing the details behind his assertion? The US was not willing to prosecute total war in order to win and it lost the will to fight a protracted guerrilla campaign. The British won their war in Malaysia using more overwhelming numbers and cutting off access to the villages by the guerrillas. It took about 10 years if I recall. It also takes a good 10 to 1 manpower advantage to pull this off. The US wasn't willing to make that commitment and the US population lost patience. News reports and general agitation by those opposing the war raised the public's consciousness about the war and how it was being prosecuted. (Interesting factoid, even though at the peak we had over 524000 service men and women in Vietnam, only 80,000 had direct combat roles. That' the same number the French had with only 140,000 + soldiers.) The French didn't have golf courses and pizza delivery by helicopter.

Comment The feature I want in a monitor is ... (Score 1) 89

a little rumba that comes out and vacuums up the crumbs from my desk and keyboard. If it also tossed my old napkins and put out new ones it would be perfect. Wait, what about a beer & wine cooler and a little arm that would serve me a fresh one or a refill? Innovation!

Comment How ironic Slashdotters (Score 1) 300

Except for a couple of defensive posts, it's interesting that few of the posters seem to recognize that they are part of the 13%. I'd wager that where 13% might be the share of the general population, here at /. the share - based on comments on all topics - seem to be about 70%. The year of the Linux desktop. Symbian was sooooo great. Gnome versus KDE. Zune. Apple is doomed. Google is such an innovator and friend of open source. Etc.

Comment Re:"esoteric and unnecessary" (Score 1) 196

AFTER Blackberry? Blackberry routes its messages through its own servers. It keeps copies. On a number of occasions they turned these messages over to governments when it was demanded. India was one of those countries if you want to look it up. Apple's work in this area includes 1) the encryption of data that Apple itself cannot break, 2) reducing the amount of information about you that Apple has as a result of your using their products (e.g. Apple Pay doesn't have your CC or see your transactions, 3) refusing to sell that information to third parties and 4) not allowing applications to collect data about you without your consent. Overall, that's better than Blackberry ever did. Yes, its take awhile to get this far, but they are moving in the right direction.

Comment Re: Criminal liability ... (Score 1) 82

I work for one. They aren't shams in that there is no profit for shareholders. Yes, the top execs compensate themselves very very well. I'm a top of the heap individual contributor and highly paid and our CEO still makes about 100 times I do - literally. You'd think they'd return some to the "owners" (members), but they only do that - premium adjustments - when competitive or regulatory pressures give them no choice.

Comment Re:Not just ineffective (EEO bullshit) (Score 1) 553

How is it "immoral"? First of all the law isn't against "thought" - stupid prejudice; it's about "deed" - actively discriminating against someone for reasons irrelevant to the job. We legislate against deeds all the time. Murder, for instance, is mostly illegal. You can think about murdering someone, but you can't take actions that might lead to that result, i.e. hiring a hitman, firing a gun at someone, stabbing someone in the neck with a pencil, etc.

Comment The airplane is a regression in train making (Score 3, Insightful) 415

As a train, the airplane is pitiful. It can't haul as much freight or as many passengers. It costs more. It needs to land and be refueled more frequently. And who needs an airplane anyway? Trains are safer as you are less likely to die in an accident. Trains may not be as fast, but what's the hurry? I like sitting in the car and seeing the country go by at ground level. You can't see a damn thing from an airplane and what you do see looks like little toys. Yep, only an idiot would build or buy an airplane because I like trains.

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