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Comment: sure, but not for the good (Score 0) 380

by samantha (#49762183) Attached to: How Java Changed Programming Forever

Java was designed to make it possible for an army of mediocre programmers to not mess up too badly and to actually produce something. That is according to Gosling himself. It is hell on earth for much better programmers. It also brought in or at least accentuated the cookie cutter coder drone model of software development and ideal teams so popular for much too long with many a software manager. They didn't want any "heroes" or any that were 10x to 100x more productive. So Java makes is nearly impossible to be that productive.

Now the "rebellion" builds clojure, scala, jruby etc. to drain this swamp.

Comment: My mind is not a billboard (Score 1) 616

by samantha (#49714155) Attached to: Editor-in-Chief of the Next Web: Adblockers Are Immoral

I have every right to control what it is exposed to as much as I can. I feel zero remorse to anyone whose ads I do not see. They have no right to force me to take some action (endure their ads). If they don't want offer their site on terms they can afford without coercion then that is hardly my problem. I actually am somewhat careful to stop types of ads such as the self playing AV ones and especially popup AV ads over the main content when at all possible. That is abuse.

Comment: Don't be a protectionist (Score 1) 249

We should be able to hire anyone we wish to fill jobs we have to offer from anywhere on earth they may currently live IFF they can fulfill the job requirements are are willing to abide by our laws. That is the only stance consistent with freedom and rationality. A potential hire is not better or more deserving of a job just by virtue of being an American. I have worked in software in Silicon Valley for 35 years and there are deep problem finding qualified software engineers. Companies I have been at have lost good talent due to visa snafus and quota and time limits.

So stop pretending that H1B visa holders are a threat to some supposed right you have to a job you do not otherwise qualify for. And don't bring out that they work a lot cheaper. In all cases I was involved in the visa holder was being paid the same as other workers in the position.

Comment: Re:Politics is tyranny (Score 2) 179

by b0r0din (#49644683) Attached to: Is Facebook Keeping You In a Political Bubble?

Yes, let's bring in a business leader to protect the environment (since he makes money from...), or a business leader to police the people, or a business person to jail people who do bad things like assault or steal or murder. We of course subcontracted the whole making laws thing out to a business person. They will totally not use their greed to game the system to their advantage, like all the business people in the history of the world who did so.

Libertarian principles of a totally capitalistic society: great in concept, hugely stupid in reality. Like when that guy who ran a prison system got caught after years of paying off a judge to make sentences for juveniles harsher.

Comment: Re:Politics is tyranny (Score 1) 179

by b0r0din (#49644661) Attached to: Is Facebook Keeping You In a Political Bubble?

Once again, a completely muddled understanding of what the word 'tyranny' means. It's literally impossible to have a conversation who views every decision made by a politician as a tyrannical one. Both sides are bad. All sides are bad.

This is the forum equivalent of screaming 'Help I'm being oppressed! I'm being oppressed.' And it's not constructive and defeatist and obviously since you're picking Slashdot to post this it is entirely counterproductive. Instead of doing something about it, simply whine about how no one sees all the horribleness you see every day.

Comment: Re:Politics is tyranny (Score 1) 179

by b0r0din (#49644635) Attached to: Is Facebook Keeping You In a Political Bubble?

So, what you're saying it, if you filter tyranny through enough people, it isn't tyranny anymore? In other words, the large companies that have been described as having tyrannical management don't have it so long as the CEO's iron-fisted rule goes through the VP, to an executive, to a senior manager, to a manager, and finally, to your team lead? Even if the same message is heard from the start to the finish of the conversation?

I'm saying it isn't tyranny, period. I'm saying you don't know what tyranny is, you've never lived under it, and your third grade understanding of it is tiresome.

The closest we have to tyranny in the US is racism, the drug war and the prison industrial system. People are actively fighting it, and it isn't endemic.

The second you assign every problem in the world to 'tyranny' is when you lose me. Hey but that's why you're anonymous, right, so you can simply spew troll sh*t all over a board.

Comment: Re:Politics is tyranny (Score 1) 179

by b0r0din (#49644433) Attached to: Is Facebook Keeping You In a Political Bubble?

I don't see a problem at all with having a conversation with someone. The problem is the belief that we need "leadership" to make rules our neighbors have to live by. I don't see that there's any comparison between those two things.

Well, until you become a completely self-sustaining individual your concept is incredibly short-sighted. I've read those self-sustaining books. Just find five acres and a cow, right? A nice stream near it. Grow your own sh*t, right? Well, are you doing this all alone? If not, you need someone to run it. That requires basic leadership and rules to live by.

OK let's say you run it all solo. How are you going to keep the cows in their pasture? Maybe a fence, right? Well you'll probably need some metal for that, where are you going to get that? You going to mine it all yourself, then smith it? Not a lot of time to do that when you're all day in the fields. What happens when you get sick? What about energy, where are you going to get your energy? What happens when you have too much corn, you just gonna dump it? What if you can't grow hay and have a bunch of additional corn?

Once you add a single independent person to your equation, now you live in a society. And societies have rules, and they have leaders. And in our society, we elect those leaders. In some societies, people obtain leadership through brute force. It's not pretty.

Comment: Re:Politics is tyranny (Score 1) 179

by b0r0din (#49644407) Attached to: Is Facebook Keeping You In a Political Bubble?

All this talk about domination and subjugation is not constructive. You are conflating government with politics with no subtlety. We have three branches, so at what point does an elected Congressman rule? (And please don't tell me Speaker, Boehner can barely keep his own party in check. Hell his second in command Cantor couldn't even keep his seat.) How about a judge? Judges can't make laws, only rule on existing ones. And those executives, the ones running things? They also cannot make laws.

As far as ruling goes, yes the executives we elect can do things, things we do not always agree about, but they are generally checked by other bodies. And the great thing about politics is that politicians, the people you and me vote for (or don't vote for) are ultimately elected by people. And those people have opinions. And those opinions can and do change. And when you share an unpopular opinion it can make you unpopular. Most politicians try not to share their unpopular opinions, at least the ones unpopular to their constituents.

Sandwiched in between all of this is the fact that legislatures are expected to help write laws and to get them passed. That's their job in the end. And this is when it becomes important to distinguish policies and politics from government.

George W. Bush was not a good president. Did he dominate me personally? No. Did he sign laws I disagreed with and do things I wouldn't do? Yes. But that's what happens when we live in a functioning government. He was a terrible president, yet the world didn't fall apart under him, the country survived. Roads continue to get paved, police and firemen still do their job, I can find things I need from markets, and I don't live every day in fear. Not so bad if you ask me.

Comment: Re:Politics is tyranny (Score 2) 179

by b0r0din (#49644223) Attached to: Is Facebook Keeping You In a Political Bubble?

Does Facebook make it harder for people with different political views to get along?

Politics is about making other people do what you think is right. It's just like forcing your religion on someone except that somehow if there's not a God involved it's considered to be morally acceptable. It's the worst form of blind faith in the face of evidence to the contrary, and it's used to justify tyranny.

I really disagree with this assertion that politics is all about dominance. In skipping directly to tyranny you fail to see the positive aspects of debate and personal influence - is it bad to try to make someone see something different? Are people incapable of changing their opinions with time and wisdom? Are you removing someone's choice by having a conversation with them?

A problem happens when both sides become intractable on issues. What you're really talking about is what we've got today, incredibly polarized politics, a political system rigged to extremes (largely due to gerrymandering), with few moderates and quite a few people trying to bash each other over the head about ideas.

The problem I struggle with is when I see that an idea is bad, and the data suggests it's bad, and yet it's somehow subject for debate. Economics and taxation is somewhat debatable (to a degree). What isn't? Well, global warming denial, creationism, anti-vaccination bullsh*t. People who think, in a world where water in certain places is becoming increasingly scarce, that we should potentially pollute the water supply without some rigorous studies.

I think a lot of people go to Facebook to see pictures of babies and cat pics and impersonally catch up with friends and maybe find something funny or like what someone's up to. I like Facebook for that reason, in other words it's a positive source for me. I don't go to Facebook to see a friend of mine talking about putting landmines in his yard because there were some recent breakins (yes that happened and no i dont think he was joking). I try really hard not to push my political agenda, especially as much of some of my friends. But when I find something politically offensive in its utter awfulness, something most people wouldn't hear about, or about a candidate I like that maybe not everyone knows about, I post it, to inform those around me.

It's not about dominating friends, it's about informing them. People can come to their own conclusions, everyone has their own life history, and they can disagree with me if they want. But I don't think it's evil to try to influence someone or ask questions about the reasons they feel one way or another. And I rarely push, except perhaps with my parents, because they are quite intelligent and yet my dad has listened to Rush Limbaugh for far too long and my mom is a single-issue voter.

Comment: idiotic (Score 1) 33

by samantha (#49433481) Attached to: Organic Molecules Found Circling Nearby Star

An "organic molecule" is no different from any other molecule nature brews up. It just happens to be one of the types of molecules found in living things on earth. So what? The same processes are at work throughout the universe to create basic elements and the conditions for various types of molecules to form from them are not earth-special or this solar system special. This has been known for a very very long time. This is completely not news.

Comment: better fix (Score 1) 296

by samantha (#49296207) Attached to: To Avoid NSA Interception, Cisco Will Ship To Decoy Addresses

A better fix is to capture and prosecute all persons who ever did this and throw the Computer crimes book at them putting the in prison for decades. Following up have Congress do a deep probe of all such criminal activity of the NSA and monitor it heavily to reduce any and all such future behavior. This is completely criminal and needs to be stopped and with great energy.

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