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Comment Vs? (Score 1) 186

Why vs? Neither of them is worth crap for actually improving code. Room and incentives to refactor and simplify plus unit tests (of functionality and not deeply dependent on exact implementation) does a lot more good.

Comment then it ain't an Open Web (Score 1) 208

You would think this would be freaking obvious. And who gets to decide what is evil enough to be banned from the Web? On what grounds is the determination made? This leads to something much worse than the actual danger ISIS poses. It leads to putting the power to stroke out sections of the global brain, to limit the connectivity of humanity and puts that power in the hands of a few. No thanks. This once again is letting terrorists win.

Comment If they want war (Score 1) 345

Then they will have one. I take the Fourth Amendment seriously. It is not remotely allowed for government to go through my electronic effects at will including my communications. Forget about it. I and many others will fight this by any and all means necessary. We also not use any products of collaborators and/or consider them declared enemies.

Comment who cares? (Score 1) 395

What the majority say they are ok with says much about what they do and do not understand and especially about how well they have been conditioned. It says nothing at all about whether such things are ethical. The majority of people in the colonies if polled would certainly have said they were ok with continued English rule. So what?

Comment it deserves a bad reputation (Score 0) 344

I am no nuclear physics but what I do know about that area makes it seem exceedingly unlikely that cold fusion would ever work much less work well enough to be a viable power source. Assuming I haven't totally misconstrued what I have read on on the subject, an actual nuclear physicist saying this works would require at the least some very extraordinary proof and likely some new theory work as well.

I doubt very much there is any silencing of scientist saying what they really think on the subject, unlike say global warming where a dissenting voice can have some very nasty consequences unfortunately.

As a matter of fact I find it odd to find a post claiming chilling of science on something that is out on the fringe like this without mentioning the very large elephant in the room.

But generally scientist, especially more theoretical science, make their name on stuff that is outside or a reach from the generally accepted. But they do so with due care.

Comment Re:That's ok (Score 1) 223

Generally only the worst of software jobs are outsourced. They tried it on a more massive scale and got hordes of very mediocre Java programmers in India which turned out to not be so much worth the hassle. I am not saying there aren't plenty of really good software people in other countries because there are. But I don't think any of our employment woes, to the extent they are real, are primarily due to outsourcing except for relatively less skilled labor and manufacturing.

Comment Idiots! (Score 1) 414

Musk and others like him are the only real breath of fresh air and hope that we finally do something more with space than send a few probes and telescopes up in a very very long time. That Musk would like to live on Mars eventually doesn't in the least say he is "abandoning Earth". Although personally I would be happy to get the hell away for the sniveling jerks that resent anyone that has a bit more or does a bit more than they do.

Also Musk just happens to be Chairman of the most one of the most effective solar companies on the planet and of course made electric cars a going viable reality and of course is developing better battery tech. This hardly sounds like he is "abandoning the planet".

Comment Huh? (Score 1) 13

The human form sucks eggs for many tasks in space. Legs? Useless. An octopus has better multi-function design and a lot more grippers and manipulators. We need many many types of space robots if we are going to have any real space faring capable. Structure crawling builders and repairs, free flying bots, asteroid, moon crawling and mining bots, to name only a few. The only reason humanoid bots are generally useful in space is to use tools made for humans or compatible with human use. For many cases this is not necessary or the best and most efficient design.

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