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Comment Nonsense (Score 2) 133

They are not even close to sufficient in weight bearing capacity for an earth space elevator. Nothing we have is within 3 orders of magnitude of being sufficient. Not even in the smallest testable quantities. Now, we can build a space elevator on the moon. But not from earth.

Comment FUD at least sort of. (Score 4, Interesting) 199

From the piece: "With that said, when Nest Cam is turned off, it completely stops transmitting video to the cloud, meaning it no longer observes its surroundings." .
So whether its camera is all the way off or in warm standby isn't very relevant to privacy if no information is being sent out. For instance if I wanted a unit to act only as a movement tracker this would be a good thing to have a camera for but no sending information out. Now the question is why does it need to send video from in my home to the cloud at all? Why can't I just store video locally if I am interested in that or see out of its camera live? I am not sure I understand the use cases of this device.

Comment well, sort of in reverse order.. (Score 1) 47

If you had put it out in open source on github and then posted this you would instantly get the attention of at least a few people. :) Put in general if you open source something you thing may be generally useful or in an important area and use some social media to get the word out about why you think it is important or asking for assistance then that is likely to be more effective than just putting it on github and hoping someone notices. When you do put it on github please in the readme say why you think it is important, what you think could be better and asking for feedback. For specific areas you think can/should be better you can post code snippets or plunkr etc to stackoverflow.

Comment Re:This Is Very Important (Score 1) 80

Then why bother to draw attention to themselves by declaring outright that they will do it? Or is the point to make it after the fact legal? Or is it more of a trial balloon as to their progress in selling the BIG LIE that anything and everything the government does is for our own good to "keep us safe".

Comment Bull (Score 2) 445

If it really is a meritocracy based program, say on IQ scores or some other marker of brighter than your average bear students, then unless the measures of brightness are not applied evenly or the measures themselves are somehow racist the complaint has no basis. It is not at all correct to claim that because fewer Caucasian than Asian folks on average have a particular GPA or because some Jewish sub-population has on average a 15 points greater IQ that the measure itself is racist. There is nothing in reality that says all particular groups should have a proportionally exactly the same incidence of gifted students. So to simply count percentages of different groups present and claim racism and bias if they aren't perfect by the general population is absurd.

Comment some people.. (Score 1) 208

Some people are to stupid and much tor fragile to be let out of the house. What is next? Telling people it is illegal to end a friendship online? Whoever thinks such is reasonable really needs to get a life. And yes, I will unfriend any among my social networks who I find out think that this is reasonable. Life is too short to put up with nitwits.

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