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Comment: Something this reminds me off (Score 1) 50 50

Back in the 80s I built a persistent OO systems with sophisticated ACL. We implemented it by finagling the message dispatch mechanism to make select methods on guarded classes error out instead of doing what they normally did. That was on Objective C so it was fairly easy to get to the dispatch table. Some equivalent of that plus a filter on what objects were returned pretty well did it.

Comment: duh & huh? (Score 1) 391 391

It is a mill. It builds things according to instructions it understands. So what?

3D printers a danger to civilization? At one time the same sorts of worrywarts said that the printing press was a danger to civilization. Many today say the internet is a danger to civilization. Please do not let these nattering nabobs win. We want and need the ability to create objects from designs to be free and open. Trying to limit it is like trying to limit a compiler to only compile programs you like. It is counter-progress nonsense.

That I can print or mill a gun, hatchet, tomahawk or whatever does not in the least mean I am going to be murdering people. The stats on liberalized gun ownership show that each time violent crime drops.

Comment: that commercial software was not where it is at (Score 1) 583 583

I wish I had understood myself better and that the cool stuff I wanted to do and explore was more in academia and/or starting my own company than being an employee. If I could turn back the clock in my era I would have got a CS PhD so I had the choice of academia and research labs. And I would want my young self to really really get that working on things you really give a damn about in the way you think best is way way more important than a steady paycheck.

Comment: what did you expect? (Score 5, Insightful) 74 74

The same people that say it is OK that the NSA weakens security paradigms and that take seriously government demands for backdoors in all crypto systems and that OKs spying on everyone is not about to do a complete 180 and actually do anything to build up security. The corporations can do little for better security while the government is busy weakening and limiting all security tools. So simply making more demands on companies is useless.

Comment: sure, but not for the good (Score -1, Troll) 382 382

Java was designed to make it possible for an army of mediocre programmers to not mess up too badly and to actually produce something. That is according to Gosling himself. It is hell on earth for much better programmers. It also brought in or at least accentuated the cookie cutter coder drone model of software development and ideal teams so popular for much too long with many a software manager. They didn't want any "heroes" or any that were 10x to 100x more productive. So Java makes is nearly impossible to be that productive.

Now the "rebellion" builds clojure, scala, jruby etc. to drain this swamp.

Comment: My mind is not a billboard (Score 1) 618 618

I have every right to control what it is exposed to as much as I can. I feel zero remorse to anyone whose ads I do not see. They have no right to force me to take some action (endure their ads). If they don't want offer their site on terms they can afford without coercion then that is hardly my problem. I actually am somewhat careful to stop types of ads such as the self playing AV ones and especially popup AV ads over the main content when at all possible. That is abuse.

Comment: Don't be a protectionist (Score 1) 249 249

We should be able to hire anyone we wish to fill jobs we have to offer from anywhere on earth they may currently live IFF they can fulfill the job requirements are are willing to abide by our laws. That is the only stance consistent with freedom and rationality. A potential hire is not better or more deserving of a job just by virtue of being an American. I have worked in software in Silicon Valley for 35 years and there are deep problem finding qualified software engineers. Companies I have been at have lost good talent due to visa snafus and quota and time limits.

So stop pretending that H1B visa holders are a threat to some supposed right you have to a job you do not otherwise qualify for. And don't bring out that they work a lot cheaper. In all cases I was involved in the visa holder was being paid the same as other workers in the position.

Comment: idiotic (Score 1) 33 33

An "organic molecule" is no different from any other molecule nature brews up. It just happens to be one of the types of molecules found in living things on earth. So what? The same processes are at work throughout the universe to create basic elements and the conditions for various types of molecules to form from them are not earth-special or this solar system special. This has been known for a very very long time. This is completely not news.

Comment: better fix (Score 1) 296 296

A better fix is to capture and prosecute all persons who ever did this and throw the Computer crimes book at them putting the in prison for decades. Following up have Congress do a deep probe of all such criminal activity of the NSA and monitor it heavily to reduce any and all such future behavior. This is completely criminal and needs to be stopped and with great energy.

Comment: Forget freedom, do what everyone else does (Score 0) 1089 1089

Why is this fool President? Make it mandatory and I for sure will not vote. Enough is enough. You MUST vote for tweedledee or for tweedledum, comrade! That way they can claim a mandate from the People for whatever oppression they next foist upon you.

Getting the job done is no excuse for not following the rules. Corollary: Following the rules will not get the job done.