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Comment Re:Proof? (Score 1) 728

I have to call bullshit on that. 16% of France means 10 million people, while the same article claims there are only 5 million muslims there. I'm also pretty sure not all muslims support ISIS, and I'm even more sure that there aren't 5 million non-muslim ISIS supporters there.

Also, if the article is correct, we have failed as a species and are doomed.

Comment Re:THIS I'm OK with. (Score 1) 53

Technology is supposed to help horses, not replace horses. Technology in your carriage that helps your horse be a better horse is a good thing. I have been, and will remain of the opinion that attempting to replace horses, literally preventing them from actually drawing the carriage, is a bad thing.

I'm sure that Henry guy got lots of comments like this.

Comment Proposed solution is more sexist (Score 5, Informative) 388

Since TFS doesn't say, the old model says 21C is the best, while the "new" model says 24C is the best. The problem is, of course, that one can wear a sweater in colder temperatures, but it's difficult (or inappropriate) to cope with higher temperature.

As a young fat (by European standards, not American) male in a job with no format attire requirement, I usually wear a t-shirt and shorts in the summer, so there's not much left to take off. I'm still more comfortable at lower temperatures (22-23). I actually like wearing a hoodie, but I never do at the office because it's too hot there.

And no, opening a window (as suggested in TFA) is not a solution when there's 30 degrees outside.

Neutrinos have bad breadth.