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Comment: Re:At what point do we stop playing? (Score 1) 139

by Lost Race (#49332161) Attached to: Chinese CA Issues Certificates To Impersonate Google

The beauty of the Internet is that you can do your part all by yourself, without waiting for anyone else to get their shit together first. You don't need to start a movement, you don't need to tear anything down or build some international organization to oversee everything. Just do what you said -- stop using Google, stop trusting root CAs, roll your own encryption, use VPNs, etc.

If other people want to continue using commercial / government crap, well, that's their prerogative. If it's as bad as you say then they'll eventually see the light and the Internet will be a better place for them too.

Comment: Re:Such potential (Score 1) 520

by Lost Race (#49067573) Attached to: Nim Programming Language Gaining Traction
I would like to propose a moratorium on comments of the form, "I manage a team and would never hire you." They add nothing to the discussion and only lead to useless dick waving competitions. ("Oh yeah? Well, I'm president of a Fortune 137 company and *I* wouldn't hire *you*!" "Oh yeah? I'd never accept an offer from your crappy company and you couldn't afford me anyway! Neener neener!" "Oh yeah? [etc]")

Comment: Be Very Afraid? (Score 1) 1

by NotSanguine (#48665063) Attached to: be very afraid: X-ray view of old Sol

WTF are you blathering on about?

This is actually quite interesting without the "be very afraid" bit. Whatever that means. Some sort of attempt at humor perhaps? Channeling the History Channel?

Here. Chant this over and over. It will make you feel less afraid.
Hooray for the sun god!
He sure is a fun god!
Ra! Ra! Ra!

+ - An early gift: ODF support in Google Drive->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: Google's Chris DiBona told a London conference last week that ODF support was coming next year, but today the Google Drive team unexpectedly launched support for all three of the main variants — including long-absent Presentation files. You can now simply open ODT, ODS and ODP files in Drive with no fuss. It lacks support for comments and changes but at least it shows progress towards full support of the international document standard, something conspicuously missing for many years.
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Comment: Re: Hope it won't happen in USA, again ! (Score 2) 158

by NotSanguine (#48600807) Attached to: 9th Circuit Will Revisit "Innocence of Muslims" Takedown Order

While it's true that Sadam's military was full of essentially modern day Nazis, [...]

Saddam was not a nazi. He held a iron grip over muslim factions that can't help but to kill each other. And that is exactly what they did once Saddam was removed.

Saddam Hussein was not a model leader but he was a 'moderate' if such a thing can exist in the islamic word. He also was the only one able to control all these retarded Muslim and keep them from murdering each other. He also was the only one capable of protecting the iraqis minority of other religious faith.

All the claim that he killed babies or gas villages are lies. Not believe the CIA in the 1990s made you a tinfoil-hat'er, still believing them in 2014 make you a fool.

The truth is a bit more complex. The Sunnis weren't all that upset about getting rid of Saddam. What really ticked them off was when L. Paul Bremer disbanded the Iraqi army (sending a couple hundred thousand Sunnis out into the world with no job, no money and guns) and then fired every Sunni in the Iraqi civil service.

Only then did we start to see lots of internecine violence.

Then we brought in Nuri Al-Maliki who systematically discriminated against the Sunnis in all walks of life. Which just made things much, much worse.

It was about economic and political power. Once the U.S.bought off (with huge sums of money) the Shia and the Sunnis, the violence largely stopped. After the flow of money stopped when the U.S. left Iraq, the systematic discrimination by Al-Maliki's government pushed the Sunnis right into the arms of what would become ISIS.

Even that is an oversimplification, but there were failures on all sides, and everyone is a loser.

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